Top 4 Of The Best Woodbridge Toilet Reviews

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WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Toilet, White - Best Modern Features Toilet
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Toilet, White - Best Modern Features Toilet
WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Deluxe Square Design | White B0920
WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Deluxe Square Design | White B0920
WOODBRIDGE Cotton White T-0019 Toilet
WOODBRIDGE Cotton White T-0019 Toilet

What is the one item that you feel you use the most in the house?

Is it your mobile phone’s charger? Is it the refrigerator? Out of those things, which do you think you couldn’t live without?

If you asked us the same question, it would be the toilet!

We really don’t think we could live without a toilet, although we might just be able to manage with a portapotty!

Hence, we’ve come up with the Top 4 Woodbridge Toilet Reviews. 

These reviews are going to help you compare from the range and see which of the toilets will work best in your home.

And a big plus…

… we are also going to discuss some of the different elements you need to consider when designing your own bathroom.

From the design of your room to the consideration of water-saving appliances, we will cover it all. 

Table of Contents

Top 4 of the Best Woodbridge Toilet Reviews in 2023

1. Woodbridge Smart Bidet Toilet

Now it’s no secret that we LOVE smart toilets. Give us a bit of gadgetry, and it’s like Christmas has come early! So it’s not surprising that the Woodbridge Smart Bidet Toilet is right up our alley. This toilet is one of the best on the market for functions, with automatic opening, heated seats, AND personal washing functions. If this toilet was any smarter, it would be doing the ironing for you too! This toilet doesn’t have a water tank but instead uses the water inlet to decide how much water it needs for any given function. With an automatic flush, it simply draws how much water it needs from the inlet rather than the tank. 

The additional features include an automatic opening/closing seat, automatic flushing, deodorizing, water pressure adjustment, water temperature adjustment, air drying, 4 different types of washing options, and a heated seat. It even has an illuminating light for those late-night trips to the toilet. As well as all of this, it is also a really sturdy toilet, which eliminates waste with ease! 

  • Smart toilet system
  • Tankless function
  • Wash options
  • Heated seat
  • Air drying function
  • Night light
  • Needs an electrical socket as well as water and waste hook-ups
  • Difficult to operate

2. Woodbridge Dual Flush Square Design Toilet

If smart toilets aren’t your thing, but you still want a modern look for your bathroom, then the Woodbridge Square Design Toilet might suit your needs. This sharp looking toilet is not only stunning to look at but is actually very functional as well. It has a siphon flushing system and a high gloss glazed bowl, which means that as the waster is pushed around the bowl, it creates a strong vortex that pushes the waste away. 

The Woodbridge Square Design has a comfortable seat height rather than a standard one which sits at 16 ½ inches. The bowl itself is still square and fits a square toilet seat, but don’t worry, the toilet seat comes with it! This seat has soft close hinges, which gives a little touch of luxury and is also very easy to clean. Because of the shape of the toilet, it is very easy to clean the bowl and prevent germs from building up. Simply wipe down with some antibacterial spray every so often. 

  • Square design
  • Square bowl
  • Siphon flush system
  • Soft-close toilet seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Floor fixings are tailored so make sure you measure your space first

3. Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

Another great from the Woodbridge manufacturers, the Elongated toilet, provides not just an appealing toilet to look at, but it also gives you a water-efficient system which will save you gallons of water per week. This toilet has been designed so that the trap way is hidden, something that actually benefits those who like to keep on top their cleaning regime as there are no nooks or crevices for germs to hide. The comfort height seating position (16 ½ inches) combined with the elongated bowl means you have the ultimate in comfort, and the soft closing toilet seat means you won’t have any surprising bangs afterward! 

The fully glazed bowl and the siphon flush system means that there will be no blockages or waste hanging around in the bowl after flushing. But the best bit about the Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated Toilet is that everything comes in the one handy package. You will find the toilet seat, the supply lines, the wax ring, the floor bolts, and a full set of instructions as well, so no matter how much of a DIY novice you are; you will be able to install this toilet! 

  • Round design
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Super quiet flush
  • Hidden trap way
  • Short water tank means you will need to double measure your water inlet before purchasing
  • The toilet seat can be flimsy

4. Woodbridge Modern Toilet

This elongated version of the Woodbridge is a bit smoother in finish and has a sleek round bowl rather combined with a square designed water tank. These two contrasting designs make for a very modern but soft look that adds comfort to the mix too. The elongated bowl is more comfortable for some to sit on. The addition of the comfort height that is 16 ½ inches from the floor is also a great benefit to anyone who feels uncomfortable for long periods of time on the toilet. 

The Woodbridge has a super quiet flush, something that Woodbridge pride themselves on. If you find that your toilet is becoming noisy or is suffering from any other problems that aren’t caused by general wear and tear, then they will cover any work under their 5-year warranty. The Woodbridge Elongated Toilet is Water Sense Certified, so you can feel comfortable in the fact that you are both saving money on your water bills and saving the planet by using less water too. 

  • Stylish design
  • Square water tank
  • Elongated bowl
  • Super quiet flush
  • Flush buttons can be tricky

Need A New Toilet?

If you are in need of a new toilet, then it might be because yours is old and outdated.

Just imagine…

… how often you or a member of your household uses your toilet and how many times it would be flushed each day.

Times this number over many years, and you can see that it’s no surprise if your toilet has succumbed to some wear and tear over the years.

Seals can perish away; pressure cracks can develop, and plenty of leaks could spring.

Sure you might be able to replace some of the parts or play detective and hunt for leaks and solutions, but it might just cause a headache in the long run.

This is why it’s important to upgrade your toilet. 

Bathroom Renovations: Where to Focus

If you are thinking about renovating your entire bathroom, then you might want to focus on the key elements below.

1. Budget

When deciding on how much money to spend on a new bathroom, not only is it important to think about how much you want to spend but also how you are going to allocate that money out.

Usually, for a bathroom, you need to spend at least 50% on the bathroom appliances such as the toilet, sink, and bathtub.

You can then divide the other 50% up however you wish, and this will depend on whether you are choosing tiles, using your existing faucets, etc. 

2. Design

The design of your bathroom is important not just to its appeal but also to its functionality.

There is no point in spending a fortune on a cutting-edge shower faucet that your teenager can’t work (let’s face it. They don’t need any more excuse to avoid the shower).


Think about the general layout and whether that really works for you.

DO you knock your knees on the bathtub when you’re sitting on the toilet? Do you find the sink is too low down?

All of these things can be changed in your new design scheme. 

3. Function

As with most new things, we always want them to look good and give a great impression.

But if the items in your bathroom don’t function properly, then you are wasting your time.

Those beautiful waterfall faucets look fantastic, but do they have the functionality your children need to brush their teeth?

The same goes for that gorgeous tiled floor.

Sure, it looks fantastic, but is it safe for your elderly parent to use?

Just remember that as well as looking good, the items you buy must be fit for purpose as well. 

Things to Consider in Your Bathroom 


It is really important that we all do our bit for the environment and save as much water as we can.

This is why installing water-saving elements into your bathroom is a great opportunity to improve your eco credentials (not to mention lowering your water bill).

Many faucets and toilets are Water Sense Certified.

This is a certification process they have to comply with that is set out by the EPA. It ensures that products use as little water as possible but still work effectively.

By installing Water Sense Certified products, you will be saving the planet and your wallet! 


When you are working on a tight budget, it can be really tempting to scrimp on certain products.

Buying a cheaper product doesn’t always mean that you are saving money, though. In fact, the cheaper the product, the cheaper the materials used to make it, and the less likely it is for your item to last.

Instead, try to invest where possible into quality items that will last longer and won’t need replacing in a few months’ time.

Cheap faucets, in particular, tend to be made from plastic or cheap metals, which can warp and break.

Spend where you can on a higher quality product, and it will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. 

Waste and Water Pipe Locations

People often forget that they need to locate their items near the water and waste outlets and, as such, don’t measure properly.

This means you end up with a sink that doesn’t fit, a toilet that sticks out too far, or a faucet that won’t hook up to the water inlet.

What you want to do instead:

Do your research and measure out where your pipes are. Make sure your new items fit nicely in the space, and if need be, purchase some extenders so that you can get the design you want. 

Water Pressure and Quality

If you live in a low water pressure area, then you are going to need to install a specific kind of faucet and toilet.

Low water pressure can mean that a standard faucet will just dribble out water, and a standard toilet won’t flush away the waste properly.

Special low-pressure faucets have aerators hidden inside, which add air into the water stream to create more pressure.

Low water pressure toilets have special piston style flush systems that help increase the pressure and move waste away quicker. 

By considering these items BEFORE you make a purchase, you will save yourself the anguish of having to live with low water pressure and the frustration that comes with it. 

Conclusion: best Woodbridge Toilet Reviews

All of these toilets are fantastic. In fact, Woodbridge are one of the few toilet manufacturers that provide excellent quality time and time again.

No wonder!

They are so confident about their products that they provide a 5-year warranty to cover any problems you might encounter.

The additional hardware that you might need to replace over time is easy to get hold of and won’t cost a fortune either.

Overall, Woodbridge is a really solid brand. 

But which of these top 4 Woodbridge toilet reviews would we choose for our homes?

Well, it will come as no surprise that we LOVE the Woodbridge Smart Bidet Toilet.

Who wouldn’t want to be washed, dried, and warmed while using the toilet?!

But if you don’t have the world’s biggest budget to spend on your toilet, then how about the Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated Toilet. It is water efficient, looks great, and is covered by Woodbridge’s fantastic warranty.

What more could you want?!