Top 5 Of The Best Vigo Faucets Review – Buying Guide

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Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom or upgrading your faucets? To help you with this we’ve put together an ultimate guide on choosing the right bathroom faucet. Maybe you’re fed up with the rest of your house looking fabulous while the bathroom lets it down. Luckily, there are some really simple ways that you can renovate your bathroom on a budget and without taking too much time.

Still, got queries? We hear from you! And we want to help answer them for you. We are going to run through some bathroom makeover questions that you might have on your mind right now. From the budget to the bathtub, we hope we’ll have the answer for you. Here are some frequently asked questions and some super simple solutions. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following Vigo faucets:

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Bathroom Makeover? Your Questions Answered

“How much will it cost me?”

Lots of us will be on a tight budget, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that $1000 is much better spent on a holiday than a toilet! We don’t think that you should have to spend a fortune to get a great looking bathroom, and there are ways that you can tighten your belts—for example, shopping around for the right product and the right price. Stores will have a wide range of faucets and bathroom suites for you to look at. However, these same items can be found for much cheaper online. Shop around and see how much you could save. 

Another great way to save money is to do most (or all) of the work yourself. Installing a bathroom isn’t as tricky as you might think, and by doing the work yourself, you will be saving thousands of dollars on tradespeople, not to mention the time you will save too. 

“I have no skills.”

God bless the internet! You don’t NEED to have skills any more thanks to the wonder of the world wide web. Instead, the only ability you need is to be able to follow instructions! There is a whole wealth of information available to you online, and you’ll find plenty of professionals who want to share their skills with you. Combine that with the fact that all the parts you buy for your bathroom will have installation instructions and you can achieve anything! 

“I live in a hard water area.”

For many homes, hard water can be a real problem. If you aren’t able to afford an eye wateringly expensive water filter for your home, then you need to think of another way to prevent it from clogging up your faucets and drying your skin out. Thankfully there are lots of faucets available that contain filters and will prevent this from happening. When purchasing a faucet, be sure to check for one with a filter. 

“Where do I start?”

So, this question isn’t so easy to answer. This all depends on what you intend to do in your bathroom. If you are going to renovate the whole room completely, we recommend gutting everything, leaving the toilet last. When you start to install items into your bathroom, start with the toilet and then the basin and bathtub. You can then work everything else around this. This is the simplest way to renovate a bathroom and means you can get all of the technical work done before you can start putting the nicer, finishing touches on. 

“How long will it take?”

Again, this depends on whether you are renovating the whole room or just making a few changes. If you are renovating the whole room, including new flooring and skimming the walls, you should allow it for a week. Generally, a new coat of paint will take a day; new tiles will take a day or two. Installing a toilet will take a few hours, and changing your faucets will take an hour at the most. If you are short on time, then you might want to take one task each weekend. That way, it won’t cause too much disruption and will help you to manage your renovation around your lifestyle. 

“What changes can I make in a day?”

As we have said, you can do a lot of jobs in a day. This includes giving your walls a coat of paint, installing a new toilet, changing your faucets, and upgrading your shower. You can achieve even more if you try to stay organized and get everything prepared the day before. That way, you won’t waste time looking for parts or wandering around stores buying faucets. 

Top 5 Vigo Faucets 

Here, we have reviewed some of the top 5 Vigo faucets which you could install into your bathroom today! Take a look at the reviews below and see which one jumps out to you. 

Vigo Paloma Single Hole Faucet

If you are looking for a faucet that will work well with your single hole setup, then the Vigo Paloma will go very nicely into your modern bathroom. Consisting of a single unit, this faucet is designed in a way that the water “falls” from the spout rather than a hard stream like most faucets. This is called a waterfall effect, and it looks stunning when in full action. The water itself is controlled with the mixer inside the faucet, and this allows you to control the pressure and the temperature of the water. The ceramic disks inside this mixer are specifically designed to be long-lasting and withstand up to 500,000 uses. 

The Paloma comes in 3 different colors, including chrome, nickel, and matte black, so that it will suit all color schemes. This faucet is Water Sense certified and only uses 1.2 gallons of water per minute. The corrosion-resistant coating and the quality design of this faucet mean that it will last a lifetime, well, until you get bored of it!

  • Single-hole faucet
  • Mixer system
  • Waterfall features
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Not ideal for bathtubs
  • Additional supply lines required

Vigo Niko Deck Mounted Faucet

Similar to the Paloma, the Vigo Niko is also a waterfall design faucet. With the water cascading over the spout, it is a great way to add some luxury into your bathroom. The difference between the Niko and the Paloma is that the Niko is taller and therefore designed to be paired with a deck mounted sink. These sinks come in varying sizes, so make sure you measure your sink before you purchase your faucets, that way you won’t end up with a faucet that won’t reach over the edge! 

This faucet comes in Matte Black, Chrome, Nickel, Matte White, and is Water Sense Certified. This means that it only uses 1.3 gallons of water per minute and still provides you with a high-pressure water spray. The lever on the top of the faucet controls both the water’s pressure and the water temperature as well. All of the internal components are made from high-quality materials and are covered by the Vigo Lifetime Warranty. 

  • Deck mounted
  • High-quality build design
  • Waterfall feature
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Only suitable for single hole setup
  • Additional supply lines may need to be purchased
  • Doesn’t include waste

Vigo Penela Single Handle Faucet

The Penela is again a single mounted faucet that is controlled by a single handle on the top of the faucet. This handle allows you to control the temperature and the pressure of the water. The one thing that makes this faucet unique is the elongated waterspout. Longer than average, this spout protrudes over 5 inches from the unit and therefore suits lots of different styles of the sink. The Penela comes in antique rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome. You can also purchase this faucet with a deck plate, which enables you to cover up any holes if you are not using a single hole sink. 

The internals of this faucet is really high quality, and the ceramic valve cartridge promises to last a lifetime. The aerated system inserts air into the water stream, which in turn increases the water pressure, without consuming more water. In fact, this Water Sense Certified faucet only uses 1.2 gallons of water per minute, so you won’t need to worry about running up a big water bill! Overall, this faucet is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to live with! 

  • Single-hole setup
  • One handle control
  • Comes with waste AND deck plate
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Style isn’t to everyone’s liking

Vigo Bova Single Hole Faucet

If you are after a faucet that looks smart but doesn’t break the bank, then the Vigo Bova is a good faucet for your bathroom. Suitable for both a sink and a bathtub, this single-handled design will look smart in any bathroom. Available in polished chrome, the high gloss finish is designed to withstand years of wear and tear and is ultimately rust and corrosion-proof. The aerator within the faucet helps add air into the stream of water, which in turn gives it a smoother stream. 

This faucet uses only 1.2 gallons of water per minute, but it feels like much more thanks to the aerator. The water outlet contains a mesh cover that helps to add air and remove any debris from your water, making it cleaner and crisper. All of this is covered under a lifetime warranty, so you don’t need to worry about spending out more on a replacement anytime soon. Overall, the Bova is a great faucet that will suit both modern and classic bathrooms. 

  • Dual usage suitable for bathtubs and sinks
  • Single handled design
  • High gloss finish
  • Water saving
  • The in-built filter can get clogged over time
  • Supply lines not included

Vigo Noma Single Hole Faucet

As you can probably tell by now, the Vigo range is renowned for its high quality and longevity. The Vigo Noma is no different. In fact, the Noma is one of the most popular faucets in their whole range. Still only a single hole unit, this faucet comes with a deck plate, which means that you can cover up any other holes and can make it compatible with any hole setup you have on your sink or bathtub. Available in Brushed Nickel, this faucet has a 7 layer plated finish, which protects it against all the wear and tear that a faucet is likely to face. Made from a brass interior, it means that the inside isn’t going to suffer from any damage either. 

Inside the ceramic disk, the valve is designed to withstand over 500,000 uses, and the aerator ensures that your water stays at the right pressure. The single-handled design allows you to control the temperature and the water pressure and is large enough for others with limited mobility to use it. This faucet is Water Sense Certified, so it won’t run your water bills up and comes with everything you need to install the faucet, including the supply lines and the waste outlet. The Noma is a great faucet that is made better by its unique design. The spout is angled upwards, which gives a different and more pressured water spray. 

  • Brushed Nickel finish
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Single-hole setup
  • Single handle control
  • Tricky to install
  • Sealant needed


These are the top 5 Vigo Faucets available right now that will suit your single hole setup. Don’t forget that if you have a different setup, you can purchase a deck plate to help make the faucet look tidier. These best bathroom faucets reviews should help you to decide which is best for you, but which one would we choose? 

For us, we LOVE the look of the Vigo Niko Deck Mounted Faucet, especially in Matte Black. This faucet works so well with a deck-mounted sink and will look stunning in your bathroom or your cloakroom. The best part about all of the Vigo faucets is the lifetime warranty. It really does show that they have every confidence in their product and are designed with quality in mind. 

If you are looking for your perfect faucet, then there are a few things you should remember. Firstly, check that your sink is compatible (or that you can buy a deck plate), secondly look for quality and thirdly ensure that the installation guide is easy to read!!! Good luck! 

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