Introducing High Efficiency With Toto Drake II Review

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If you are looking to upgrade your toilet soon, then you will probably be searching for the ideal one for you.

To get a better sense of which toilet would work best for your bathroom we’ve put together a guide for you!

But do you know what sort of features you are looking for?

Do you want a water-saving toilet? Or maybe a compact one?

Here, we are going to run through a Toto Drake II Review, which will give you all the info you need to see if this toilet is right for you. 

From the features to the functions, we will cover it all and help you decide if the Toto Drake is right for you.


If you aren’t sure whether this toilet suits all of your requirements, then we have a list of suitable alternatives that might fit the bill too. 

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Reasons To Move On From Your Old Toilet

What is the reason for you needing to replace your toilet?

In most cases, there are two main reasons for replacing your toilet. The first is that you are renovating your bathroom.

Having a new makeover for your home is a great way to put your own stamp on your property, and one way to do this is to replace your bathroom.

If this is the reason you are replacing your toilet, then you might want to think about how the toilet coordinates with the other items in your bathroom, such as the sink and the bathtub. 

Another reason why you are replacing your toilet might be because your existing toilet is too old and it has started running.

Toilets have really come on in terms of technology over the last 10 years.

They now use a lot less water than older-style toilets and have a lot more technology built into them.

Ensuring that your water consumption is low is really important, as this commodity won’t last forever.

Replacing your older, water-guzzling toilet for a newer, water-efficient one will save you money on your water bills and will freshen up your bathroom at the same time.  

Toto Drake II in Brief

The Toto Drake II toilet is a two-piece unit that has many features that you simply won’t find in an older style toilet. Utilizing the water efficiency technology, the Drake only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This makes a big difference in your water bills and saves you around 20% over a years’ worth of use. This compact toilet might be small in stature with a slighter shorter than usual water tank, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an effective flush. In fact, the Toto Drake II has a double cyclone flush system. 

Available in 4 different colors (bone, colonial white, cotton white, and Sedona beige), this toilet will suit all sorts of room schemes and also comes with coordinating bathtubs and sinks to help you tie the room scheme together. The classic lines mean that it will fit in nicely with both a modern room design and a more classical look as well. Overall, this two-piece is a great fit for both family bathrooms and powder rooms alike. 

Toto Drake II Features Explained 

Two-Piece UnitThe Toto Drake is a two-piece unit, which means that it comes with the water tank and the bowl as individual items. Some say that this makes the unit trickier to install, but in actual fact, it means that you are able to tailor the installation to suit your space requirements. You can easily line up your floor bolts and wall mountings separately and therefore line your bowl and tank up together perfectly.

Super Quiet Flush

The super quiet flush system is a fantastic feature and one that every family will be grateful for in the middle of the night! 

Double Cyclone Flush

The double cyclone flush uses more jets beneath the rim of the bowl to provide a stronger gush of water that, in turn, flushes your waste away with more power. These jets are precisely positioned to ensure maximum pressure across the bowl and create the perfect cyclone of water to deal with whatever is in the bowl. 

Water-Saving Flush

The 1.28 gallons of water flush capacity complies with the EPA water-saving constraints, and this means that the Toto Drake II is suitable for all States. It will save you approximately 20% of your water usage for every flush, which will, in turn, reduce your water bills by 20% as well. The amount of water that is provided to create the double cyclone flush is vital, and as such, it is important to ensure that your toilet is connected to the water inlet properly. 

Wide Trapway

The Toto Drake II has a 2 1/8 inch trapway, which is larger than most. While this might not seem like a great deal bigger than those which are normally only 2 inches, it does, however, make for a much wider capacity to allow waste to be pushed through. This will, in turn, prevent any blockages and will mean that you won’t have to get your hands dirty cleaning the trapway out any time soon. 

Sanagloss Glazed Bowl

The Sanagloss glazed bowl is very important for three reasons. The first is that it has a special antibacterial formula that stops any germs from growing on the bowl. Even microscopic bacteria can’t hide away from the Sana gloss glaze. This makes it easier for cleaning and also helps to keep any odors at bay as well. 

The second reason this glaze is so important is that it acts as a barrier that prevents waste from sticking on to the side of the bowl. If this waste was to stick to the bowl, it would start to smell and would cause all sorts of germ havens for bacteria to thrive on. The third reason is that the super high gloss coating creates less friction than a standard ceramic bowl, and as such, the water can move across the bowl more freely, and it won’t hinder the system’s pressure.  

Here’s What Other Toto Drake II Customers Think 

When it comes to opinions on products, we believe that the best people to hear from are those who have already bought the product and used it. With this in mind, we decided to see customer Toto Drake II Reviews and find out exactly what they thought. 

One customer said, “I really like Toto toilets. I have bought a few over the years… Based on past experience, without hesitation, I bought another for a bathroom remodel”. 

Another customer who has purchased the Toto Drake II says, “Performance and efficiency on the Toto Drake II are excellent in every regard”. 

Alternatives to The Toto Drake II 

If you aren’t sure that the Toto Drake II is for you, then don’t panic! We have listed a few alternatives for you that might help you. 

1. Toto Drake Original Dual Flush System

This older model of the Toto Drake II might not be as new, but it still packs a punch in terms of technology. Using a dual flush system, you can decide how much water to use per flush so that you are never wasting water. The 360-degree tornado flush system eliminates any waste that is clinging on inside the bowl and removes all the waste swiftly and powerfully through the wide trapway. The design is smaller than a standard toilet, which helps to install it into smaller bathrooms and spaces. 

2. Toto Drake II Water Saving Toilet with CEFIONTECT

This Toto Drake model is very similar to the Toto Drake II, but it only has a 1 gallon per flush usage. This smaller capacity means that it is more suited to States which have very strict water guidelines. The tornado flush is something that you won’t find in the standard Drake II, and the CEFIONTECT glaze is a different formulation from the glaze found in the standard Drake II. The seat height of this toilet is a universal height that works really well with a soft close toilet seat (which can be bought separately at an extra cost from Toto directly). 

3. Toto Drake II Elongated Toilet

This model features the addition of an elongated seat which is more comfortable for many. The 1 gallon per flush capacity is still the same, and the CEFIONTECT glaze is the same as the toilet listed above. However, this toilet offers all the best bits of the toilets listed in our Toto Drake II reviews as well as providing a lower level of water consumption. 

Conclusion: Toto Drake II Reviews

Now that you have a better understanding of the Toto Drake II toilet system, we hope that you are now able to see just how beneficial it would be to have one in your bathroom.

From the universal seat height to the Sanagloss glaze keeping those germs at bay, it really does have all of the features and functions you need in a toilet.


If you aren’t completely happy with your toilet, Toto offers a great warranty and a renowned reputation for its high-quality toilets

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