Top 6 Of The Best Toto Toilets Reviews – Buying Guide

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TOTO MW6142034CUFG#01 WASHLET+ Carlyle II 1G One-Piece Elongated 1.0 GPF Toilet and WASHLET C100 Bidet Seat, Cotton White
TOTO MW6142034CUFG#01 WASHLET+ Carlyle II 1G One-Piece Elongated 1.0 GPF Toilet and WASHLET C100 Bidet Seat, Cotton White
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
Toto MS854114ELG#01 Eco UltraMax Cotton One Piece Elongated Toilet with E-Max Flush System and SanaGloss
Toto MS854114ELG#01 Eco UltraMax Cotton One Piece Elongated Toilet with E-Max Flush System and SanaGloss

Want to change out your old toilet for a new one?

You might be wondering what type of toilet to go for, how much to spend, or even where to buy one from.

Buying a new toilet is no easy task; installing one can be even trickier!

It gets easier from here!

We are going to help you choose the right toilet for you by running through 6 of the best Toto toilets reviews. 

We will cover which one is a good value for money, which one will suit a modern look, and which one will be the easiest to fit.

But before you make your final decision…

We’ll also go over what should you be looking for in a toilet.

Table of Contents

Top 6 of the Best Toto Toilets Reviews – 2021

Here, we have selected 6 of the top Toto Toilets and will discuss the different features each of them has.

Then, we will compare the pros and cons to determine which is the best value for money.


… we will give you our top pick from the list! 

1. TOTO Carlyle Washlet One Piece Toilet with Bidet Seat

You are looking for a toilet that goes above and beyond your expectations? The TOTO Carlyle One Piece Toilet with Bidet Seat is going to blow your mind! Not only is it a fully functioning toilet that removes all waste, but this toilet also has a bidet seat function—more on that in a moment. For now, let’s focus on the toilet itself. This stylish one-piece system doesn’t have a water tank. Instead, it uses water straight from the mains, thereby reducing the amount it stores and consumes. This makes the design even sleeker and is also lighter (for those who are thinking about installing it onto upper floors). 

The flush system uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, and the glazed bowl means that there is less friction when the water washes around and can, therefore, clean better. The TornadoFlush system works differently from your standard toilet as it swirls the water around the bowl rather than down it, and this makes for better cleaning and higher pressure to push any waste away. Because this system is an all-in-one piece, it means that all the pipes are encased within it. This makes outer cleaning easier and reduces the likelihood of leaks. 

So onto the best part of the TOTO Carlyle, and that is the bidet seat! This seat doesn’t just offer additional cleaning (oscillating and pulsing, just so you know), but it also provides a heated seat, night light, automatic open and close function, air deodorizer, AND warm air dryer! It really does give the ultimate in both cleaning and comfort, making it a great addition to any bathroom and, in our opinion, the best TOTO toilet for technology. 

  • Water-Saving system (saving on average 20% of your usual consumption)
  • Sleek, tankless design
  • Tornado flush technology
  • Bidet Seat with a multitude of functions
  • Protrudes out further than others
  • Not as easy to install as some toilets

2. TOTO UltraMax Toilet

If you are looking for a more standard-style toilet, then you might want to consider the TOTO UltraMax Toilet. It is still as effective as the TOTO UltraMax, except it doesn’t have the addition of the bidet toilet, which, let’s face it, doesn’t suit everyone. This toilet is more of a classic design, although it does come in 5 different colors so you can easily match it up with the rest of your bathroom suite. The colors are Bone, Linen, Cotton White, Black, and Beige. 

Still utilizing the Tornado flush technology, the TOTO UltraMax uses only 1.6 gallons per flush of water. IT is worth noting that this toilet is a single flush system which some people might prefer. The CEFIONTECT glaze within the bowl helps to reduce any germs and increase the flow of the water as it swirls around. As with all of the TOTO toilets, this one comes complete with a soft close seat, which is easy to clean and simple in design. 

Another thing to mention with this toilet is that it has a left-handed flush. This can put some people off, but in certain circumstances, it can be beneficial for people designing their bathrooms in tight spaces. This toilet is easy to install and is designed to last for a long time thanks to the high-tech molding process and the attention to detail that goes into each part. 

  • Classic design
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Tornado flush technology
  • CEFIONTECT glaze to prevent germs
  • Single flush
  • Universal height which can put some people off
  • Left-hand flushing system

3. TOTO Eco UltraMax Toilet

The TOTO Eco UltraMax is simply a more water-efficient version of the UltraMax Toilet. While the UltraMax uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, the Eco version only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush. In some states, regulations say that you can only use specific water-efficient toilets, which is why the Eco version was created. In addition to only using 1.28 gallons per flush, it also has a wider flush valve at 3 inches wide. This provides more pressure and helps the water wash away waste more easily. 

The Eco UltraMax also has a SanaGloss coating, which is an especially ionized glaze that keeps the bowl cleaner and increases the flow of the water around the bowl. As with the UltraMax, this toilet has a left-handed flush, which can be useful if you are fitting a toilet into a tight space or a difficult corner. All-round this toilet is the best TOTO toilet for your eco credentials, and if you like the idea of the UltraMax but you can’t fit the standard 1.6 gallons per flush model. 

  • Water-saving model
  • Sleek design
  • Suitable for certain States
  • Tornado flush technology
  • Some don’t find this toilet powerful enough
  • Installation can be tricky

4. TOTO Promenade Two Piece Toilet

If you want a toilet that is going to fit into your period home, then TOTO has the perfect one for you. The Promenade is a period-style toilet but still has the functions of a modern, water-saving toilet. Using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, this toilet won’t hike up your water bills. Despite the older appearance, this toilet is jam-packed with new technology, including the ever-popular Tornado flush system. This system helps to push the water around in a swirling pattern rather than straight down, and this helps to clean the bowl more efficiently. 

In addition to the technology within the bowl, you’ll also find the CEFIONTECT coating, which prevents germs from clinging on and multiplying. The elongated bowl and inbuilt waste systems are all molded into the lower part of the toilet, which makes installation much easier. The best part about this toilet is that as well as being a period design, it is also available in 4 different colors including Cotton White, Bone, Linen, and Beige. 

  • Period design
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Modern technology within a period of design
  • Period handle
  • The two-piece system takes more time to install
  • Larger than the average toilet (measure your space before purchasing)

5. TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet

The TOTO Drake is a two-piece system that contains all of the technology and benefits of the other TOTO toilets, except it is a more simplistic and modern design. Many people are looking to bring their bathrooms into the modern era, and sometimes all it takes is a newer design of toilet to do that. Add that to the fact that you can benefit from the water-saving technology, and you have yourself the ideal product.

The TOTO Drake uses only 1.28 gallons per flush and uses siphon jets to push the water around the bowl for easy cleaning. The Drake also benefits from a 125% wider flush valve, which creates more pressure with less water to create an effective cleaning system. Best of all, the Drake comes in a variety of colors, including Beige, Bone, Cotton White, Black, and Linen. 

  • Water-Saving flush
  • Single flush system
  • Simple design
  • No toilet seat included
  • Difficult to clean outside

6. TOTO Vespin Two Piece Toilet

This two-piece toilet is yet another great toilet from TOTO. The Vespin is similar to the other toilets in the stylish design and sturdy construction, but this one uses Double Cycle technology as the flush. This doesn’t affect the water consumption, which is still at 1.28 gallons per flush. The bowl is uniquely designed in the way that it has a wider set base, which you can install easily but is also easier to clean as there are fewer crevices. 

The SanaGloss glaze inside the toilet helps to reduce any germs build-up and means that waste can be flushed away more easily. This toilet is universal in height and has an elongated round front bowl. In some cases, the seat doesn’t come with this toilet, so it is worth double-checking before you purchase. 

  • Water-saving system
  • Stylish design
  • SanaGloss glazed bowl
  • Outer design easy to clean
  • Doesn’t always come with seat (check before purchasing)
  • Only comes in one color

What to Look for In A New Toilet

Which System?

There are different types of toilet systems, and you need to ensure you get the right one.

From a single flush to a portable toilet, buying the wrong system will not only mean it won’t fit, but it will also be a costly mistake.

Most new homes and renovations will suit a dual flush system.

Why’s that?

This system uses different amounts of water to flush the system and therefore save yourself some money. 

There are other types of toilet systems, such as single flush, portable, and independently plumbed systems.

Depending on your current setup, you will want to choose a toilet that is similar to your existing one. This will make installation easier as the pipes and fittings will be in roughly the same place. 

Portable or Fixed?

As stated above, it is really important that you try to match what you already have in terms of replacing your system.

You will want to match up the pipes as best as you can, but if this isn’t possible, then you can buy extension and replacement waste pipes, which will help you switch the position or angle of your toilet.

Some newer toilets are set closer to the wall than old toilets, and if this is the case in your bathroom, then you might need to trim down the existing waste pipe. 

If you are looking for a portable toilet, then you need to consider how frequently it is going to be used.

Some portable toilets have a weight limit and require a certain amount of access space (to remove the waste tank), so you should consider this before buying.


… you can find portable toilets that have internal water tanks and electric flushes too, these features are a bit more expensive, but they might be worth the investment. 


Have you got a strict budget in mind? Or are you going to go all out on your new bathroom?

Some toilets can cost upwards of $10,000 (they do have some pretty amazing features), so is the sky really your limit?

If you want to keep some sort of control over your budget, then you might want to look at the average price of your ideal toilet.

It can sometimes be cheaper to buy a toilet separate from the rest of the suite, especially if you are looking for a specific style or function. 

If you are looking for a water-saving toilet, then think about how much this will save you in the long run.

It might be worth spending a little bit more on a water-saving toilet if the savings will offset the extra cost.


… think about how much you are saving by fitting it yourself.

The cost of a plumber can be really high, so by doing the installation yourself, you could be saving a fortune. 

Easy to Install?

As we have said, you are going to want to look for a toilet that is easy to install.

Plumbers could take a day to fit a new toilet, and this will easily rack up the dollars.

By learning how to do it yourself, you will be able to save yourself a big expense.

There are lots of video tutorials to help you online such as this one:

There is some great information that will come with the toilet itself.

Be sure to read through this properly and make sure you are confident in your abilities before you start work. 

If you don’t feel confident in your DIY skills, then, of course, hiring a professional to perform the task is the next logical step.

There are some toilets that will need a professional to install them no matter how confident you feel about the task.

For example:

An independently plumbed toilet will need both a plumber and an electrician to fit it, which is a high cost to fork out. As long as you allocate funds for these costs, your budget shouldn’t be affected too badly. 

Style of Room

The style of your new bathroom was probably the first thing you thought about. It is for most people!

Having a stylish new bathroom is pretty high up on everyone’s wish list.

But did you know?

Some styles are more expensive than others? If you have a period home and want to install a bathroom that is fitting for the home, then you will find that the bathroom suites are actually more expensive.

This is because it isn’t as popular as newer, modern designs, and therefore, fewer factories are producing that style. 

If you want a design that is both stylish and good value, then a modern look will fit both your requirements.

There are hundreds of different stores and outlets that sell this style of bathroom suite, from hard-edged sinks to oval-shaped bathtubs.

You’ll find that by shopping online, you will be able to view and choose from a much wider range of styles and also a wider range of prices. 

Conclusion: Best Toto Toilets Reviews

So, as you can see, TOTO have a great range of toilets to suit every need.

Whether you are looking for something that will fit perfectly into your period home or you are looking for something that will fit perfectly into that tiny en-suite, they have a toilet for you.

All of TOTO’s toilets are coated and glazed inside to ensure that there is no risk of germs clinging on and multiplying.

They are also fitted with specially designed flushing systems that help to use both water and pressure to swirl the bowl clean.

Overall, TOTO toilets are great for anyone who wants to put hygiene and design at the forefront of their bathroom suites. 

As for our favorite?

Being the clean (and gadget) freaks that we are, we would have to choose the TOTO Carlyle Washlet One Piece Toilet With Bidet Seat.

Not only does it provide another level of cleanliness, but it has a night light so your whole family can benefit from it!

While it might be a bit on the pricey side, it is worth every penny. Whichever toilet you choose from our list, we believe that installing a TOTO toilet into your bathroom is a great choice.

Browse through the different options TOTO has to offer today and see which one suits you!