Outstanding Flush Performance With 6 Of The Best Toilet Flapper Reviews

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Do you know what is inside your toilet? No, not in the bowl! We are talking about your toilet’s inner workings, such as the water tank, the flush system, or the waste pipe flange. Knowing all there is to know about toilets might not win you any friends or get you that killer job, but it will certainly help next time your toilet breaks! 

So if you want to learn more about the inside of your toilet and want to know your best toilet flapper from your worst wax ring, then you might want to read through our top 6 of the best toilet flapper reviews. As well as giving you the lowdown on which flapper will suit your system best, we will also give you a few facts about your toilet so that should you ever face a leak, you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge you need. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following toilet flappers:

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Your Toilet Explained


The cistern is also known as the water tank and is where your water is stored before you flush the toilet. It can hold anywhere from one gallon of water to 4 gallons of water and is filled using the water inlet line, which comes from your wall. The connection to the tank usually has an emergency stop valve attached, but if not, you can use the water stop valve, which is situated in your kitchen or under your home. 

It is really important that you keep your cistern in good condition and inspect it often. Water debris or limescale build-up can cause all sorts of problems in your tank, so you should ensure that it is descaled every year or so. You also need to check your flush system is working properly, but more on that later. 


The bowl is where waste is deposited and then flushed away using the water that has been stored in the tank. The bowl is a unique design that has a bowl section with a rim around the top edge. This rim has lots of little holes where the water comes out and swirls around the bowl to remove waste. There are many different variations of these bowls, and a lot of technology and planning will have gone into the positioning of the siphon jets that hide under the rim. 

As well as having the siphon jets, most bowls are glazed in order to reduce friction between the bowl edge and the water. This increases pressure as the water swirls round and also stops waste from sticking to the sides of the bowl. Some glazes even have cleaning properties and will kill any germs that might otherwise grow and develop into a very unhygienic problem. 

Flush System

You will find the flush system inside the water tank and is usually made up of several components. Along with a flush arm, water level float, and flush jet, you’ll also find a flapper which is situated at the base of the tank. This flapper allows the water to be pushed through to the bowl and is an integral part of the flushing system. The flush system within a toilet is continuously used throughout the day and, as such, will suffer from some wear and tear. Its’ really important that you check over your flush system on a regular basis and maintain it properly. 

When Toilets Go Wrong

With so many different toilet components, it’s no surprise when they start to show signs of wear and tear. It is really unlikely that your toilet will develop a crack and subsequent leak without a real impact, but it is quite common to develop a leak from one of the many elements within your toilet. Places such as where the water tank meets the bowl, where the water goes into the tank or where the waste comes out, can all be points of problems, and these problems need to be detected and dealt with before they flood your entire bathroom. 

How to Fix Your Leaky Toilet

Locate the leak

If you have developed a leak from your toilet, then the first thing you need to do is to find where the leak is coming from. As we said above, unless your toilet has had an impact, the chances are that you haven’t sprung a crack. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t leak from other places. The most common areas are where the water comes in and where the water goes out. 

Start by looking at your inlet pipe and check it is adequately secured. If it isn’t, turn off the water and add some Teflon tape to the inside of the pipe. This will create a better seal when it is reapplied. 

Another place to look for common leaks is between the tank and the bowl. It may be that your flapper has perished and needs replacing. Again, turn the water off and empty the tank. Then check the flapper to see if it has cracks or is showing signs of age. If so, you will need to replace this. 

Check your internals

Another area where you might develop a problem with your toilet is the flush system. This system is used on a near-constant basis and, as such, will wear over time. Always try to ensure that your flush arm is sturdy; check your chains are on properly and always look for signs of age. The components within your flush system are readily available at any good hardware store or online, so you can replace them when you see fit. 

The final place to check when you have a problem with your toilet is the waste pipe. Your waste pipe can sometimes get blocked or have immense pressure put on it from the powerful flush. This can sometimes dislodge the wax ring that seals the waste pipe to the outlet. You need to check this wax ring regularly to make sure it is not misaligned or needs replacing. 

Top 6 Of the Best Toilet Flapper Reviews

Toto Genuine Replacement Flapper

 If you have a leak in your toilet bowl and are worried that your flapper needs replacing, you will probably want to replace it with a genuine part. The Toto Genuine Replacement Flapper is designed to fit any Toto toilet that has a 3-inch flush valve. You may need to measure this if you don’t have the user manual to hand. You can also find a full list of part numbers on the Toto website that you can cross-reference with your existing flapper to see if they are compatible. 

The flapper is made from durable plastic and will act as the seal between your water tank and your bowl. These 3-inch marvels won’t perish or break up unlike their older rubber counterparts, and this means that you won’t need to replace them as often. The flappers come with a one year warranty and a full set of instructions on how to install it properly. Remember to check this carefully otherwise, you will end up with a leaky toilet again. 

  • Toto genuine part
  • Compatible with most Toto toilets
  • Made from durable plastic
  • 3 inches wide
  • More expensive than non-branded equivalents

American Standard Universal Flapper and Chain Kit

If you are looking for a replacement for your American Standard toilet, then this is the one for you. This flapper will fit any 2-inch wide flush valve, which is most of the American Standard toilet models. This system not only replaces the flapper but also provides you with a handy chain and float that will help you to locate the flapper should you need to pull it manually. 

The flapper is made from hard plastic, which will form a tight deal between the water tank and the bowl. The kit also includes the hooks and clips that you need to install it along with a convenient guide on how to fit it properly so that it doesn’t leak further. 

  • Fits most American Standard toilets
  • 2 inches wide
  • Comes with a chain and float
  • Comes with additional hardware
  • Plastic is not the best quality
  • No manufacturer’s warranty

Korky Toilet Tank Flapper

By far, the best budget flapper we have on our review list, the Korky Toilet Tank Flapper is fantastic value and a great universal product. The flapper is made from flexible rubber, which creates a better seal compared to the harder plastic alternatives. This, in turn, makes it really suitable for a wide range of toilet tanks because it is so flexible. Made in America and proud to carry the Korky name, you’ll find that the majority of flappers are made by them. 

This flapper is very easy to install, and while it doesn’t come with any additional parts, you can reuse the hardware from your existing flapper. Along with the flapper, Korky does a wide range of parts for your toilet, which will help you to keep it well maintained. For the best results, try replacing all of your toilet parts with Korky brands so that they work well in unison. 

  • American made
  • Made from flexible rubber
  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for most toilets
  • Basic design
  • Rubber can perish over time

Kohler Genuine Flapper

If you have a Kohler toilet, then it would be best to purchase and install genuine parts where possible. The Kohler genuine flapper will fit most two-piece toilets and will work with most 2-inch wide flush valves and any tank that uses around 1.6 gallons of water per flush as the flush capacity. This blue flapper comes with a float and a chain, which makes installation a breeze. 

Kohler is renowned for its high quality, and it engineers its flappers just as it engineers the rest of the toilets, with precision and care. In fact, Kohler are so confident about their products lasting longer than non-genuine parts that they give them a longer warranty! 

  • Kohler genuine part
  • Fits most 2 piece toilets
  • Made from sturdy plastic
  • Comes with chain and float
  • Installation guide not clear
  • Expensive in comparison to non-branded alternatives

Fluid Master Universal Flapper

Now the Fluid Master is one of the more expensive flappers on the market, but that is for a very good reason. You see, the Fluid Master is designed slightly differently to the other flappers on the market. This flapper has two pieces, one solid frame that is connected to the flush chain and a silicone seal bung that prevents the water from escaping. This silicone bung is the key to the ultimate flapper and creates the perfect seal within the flush valve. 

The Fluid Master is completely universal and will fit any toilet that has a flapper system. It comes with a kink-free chain and has a 10-year warranty thanks to the silicone being so durable and resilient. Even after 10 years, we doubt you will see any wear and tear on this flapper and will probably only need to replace the chain. 

  • Two-piece construction
  • Silicone bung for perfect sealing
  • Universal design
  • Silicone will need wiping down every 6 months or so to avoid limescale build-up

Kohler Genuine Flapper for Larger Toilet Tanks

As Kohler still make large capacity tank options for their toilets, they also still make the larger sized flappers. These are best suited to anyone with a tank that holds 3 gallons or more, which is usually a two-piece toilet setup. The flapper itself covers a 3 ¼ inch flush valve and is thicker than the earlier Kohler flapper. 

Compatible with many toilets, you can see a full list of model numbers that work well with this flapper on the Kohler website. We believe in replacing genuine parts in branded toilets, so to ensure that you are installing genuine parts, you should always look for the Kohler genuine part logo. 

  • Durable rubber design
  • 3 ½ inch wide
  • Genuine part
  • Heavier for larger tank capacity
  • Expensive
  • No warranty


And that concludes our Top 6 of the best toilet flapper reviews. But which one do we think is the best toilet flapper? Setting aside the guidance that we recommend fitting genuine parts into your toilet, we really love the Fluid Master Universal Flapper design. The silicone bung will last a lifetime and will give a perfect seal every single time. If you find your flapper is failing on your existing toilet, why not see which one of the flappers from our list will work with your toilet model and grab a pack of two to keep in the cupboard today? 

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