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If you, like millions of other members of society, are looking at your home and wondering what sort of hidden germs are lurking there, you’re in good company. Keeping your home in order is one thing, but keeping it truly clean? That is a whole other ball game! We think that having a truly clean home is essential, especially when it comes to the bathroom. So here, we are going to talk about toilet brushes. That’s right! 

Not everyone enjoys talking dirty, and if this is, you then simply move on to our top 7 of the best toilet brush reviewed list. But for those of you who want to know more and really want to know how to keep that bathroom clean, listen in! We are going to tell you which areas to look out for when cleaning your bathroom and then help you find the best toilet bowl brush to perform the job. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following toilet brushes:

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Hygiene in Your Bathroom – It’s Important!

You might think that if it looks clean and smells clean that it probably is clean, but boy is that a mistake! Germs and bacteria are so microscopic that they need a seriously strong microscope just to find them. These germs can hide anywhere undetected and can multiply at an alarming rate. Because of this, they need to be tackled and quickly! By keeping your bathroom germ free, you are allowing your body to stay healthy and save yourself from catching illnesses or diseases that are associated with dirty water. 

Areas to Watch Out For

Your bathroom could be hiding germs and bacteria in every crevice and corner, but here are the 5 most common areas to look out for where the germs might be growing and turning lethal. 

The Toilet

It’s pretty obvious that you will find germs in your toilet, but you’d be surprised to know that they can hide in all sorts of places that most people miss when cleaning their toilet. Let’s, for the purpose of this article, assume that you are an A star at housework and that you clean your toilet thoroughly each day. Many people miss some key areas such as the handle of your toilet, around the back of the bowl, and underneath the rim. These are where germs are most likely to breed and spread, causing you harm without you even knowing. If you are looking for the best toilet bowl brush to help you tackle these germs, look below at our reviews. 

The Faucets

Did you know that despite your water being filtered several times before it reaches your faucet, it can still harbor bacteria? You could be washing in this water, which means that you are transferring the bacteria over your skin. So, where are they most likely to be hiding? Well, there are two places in your faucet. The first is in the pipes of your faucet. Obviously, this isn’t an easy fix when it comes to cleaning, so we recommend that if you have an old bathroom, you need to replace the faucets with new ones. 

The second place that you’ll find germs is by the water outlet. Limescale and debris often builds up here, and this then means it creates a great breeding ground for germs. Make sure that you clean your water outlet as often as you clean your sink, and you should minimize the problem. 

The Shower Head

Similarly to your faucets, the shower head will harbor germs and build up, which you need to remove on a regular basis. In most cases, you can do this by brushing over the nozzles and dislodging any debris. But you should also soak your shower head in a cleaner once a month to make sure you kill off any germs. If you have had your shower for some time, then it might be worth changing the shower hose. This is a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially if the hose isn’t emptied properly after every use. 

The Waste

Many people will pour cleaning fluids down their drain in an attempt to clean the pipes and remove any germs, but what about your waste? The waste pop up or plug for the drain also needs cleaning and is often one of the items that people miss when cleaning their bathrooms. Simply take the waste apart every month or so and give it a good soak in a reputable disinfectant. 

Inside Your Pipes

Okay, it isn’t easy to see inside your pipes, nor is it straightforward to clean them out. However, bacteria can grow inside your pipes because there are lots of corners and crevices for them to hide and multiply in. There are only two ways in which you can deal with this effectively. One is to replace all the pipes, and the other is to try and have your water filtered and cleared of debris and contaminants before it enters your home. 

When to Replace Your Bathroom

If you have had your bathroom for a long time, or if you inherited it from the previous owners, you might want to think about changing your bathroom. The reason we say this is not just to get rid of any old germs that are lurking in unlikely places, but because technology has moved on greatly in the last decade. We now have toilets that are specifically gazed with anti-bacterial materials. We now have waste outlets that are lined with copper (which kills germs instantly). Replacing your bathroom and your faucets is a sure-fire way to allow you to start with a clean slate and a clean bathroom. 

Top 7 of the Best Toilet Brush Reviewed

OXO Hideaway Toilet Brush

If you are looking for a new toilet brush that is both hygienic and discreet, then the OXO is one to look at. The hideaway feature means that you don’t see (or smell) the brush itself because it is conveniently hidden in the lower cubby. There is a hinged opening that automatically opens as you pull the handle from the top and then closes back shut when you are done. This means that there is no touching of the brush at all, and it can hang to dry while it is in the cubby. 

The handle is tapered, so it is easy to hold and the whole unit standard at 43cm tall, which is ideal to pop discreetly next to your toilet and still be able to access it when you need to. The sturdy and shaped bristles mean that you can use this brush to get right underneath the rim and clean all the nooks and crevices that might be harboring germs. The OXO is available in four different colors, which are black, biscuit, grey, and white. Overall, this is a brilliant brush for those that want a simple design but don’t want a cheap brush. 

  • Automatic door opening
  • Angled bristles
  • Tapered handle
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Not able to soak the brush in the cubby

Simple Human Toilet Brush

You can tell that the people at Simple Human really have thought long and hard about the design of this toilet brush. They have created a brush that is specifically designed and angled perfectly to clean under the rim of your toilet bowl and get rid of any germs or nasty bugs. These bristles look similar to a scrubbing brush and are angled at such that you can reach everywhere. The handle is sleek stainless steel and white-tipped handle that is both comfortable and practical to use. 

The canister is also well designed with a small magnetic bracket that holds the brush in place. In fact, you can carry the brush AND canister around together thanks to this magnet, and this means there is no dripping between the toilet and the canister. But the best part about the Simple Human toilet brush? You can actually replace the heads on the brushes when they wear out. There is no need to buy an entirely new brush system. If you like the Simple Human Toilet Brush’s sound, then they do sell a brush and plunger combo too. 

  • Well thought out design
  • Magnetic holder
  • Crescent-shaped brush
  • 5-year warranty
  • Not suitable for clearing blockages

Mekeet Toilet Brush

If those bristles are causing you problems, then you might like to take a look at the Mekeet Brush. This toilet brush has a rubber head rather than your traditional nylon bristles. It is a full 360-degree brush head so you can reach every area of your toilet bowl. The rubber bristles don’t scratch and damage the toilet bowl like many other toilet brushes, which means your toilet will be cleaner for longer. Many people don’t know that your toilet is actually glazed inside to help and waste glide off it. When this glaze is scrubbed at over a prolonged period, it starts to wear off, and this means that waste can cling on to the edge of the bowl. 

The canister that comes with the Mekeet toilet brush is a suspended drip-style canister. This means that your brush isn’t likely to harbor germs as much as it air dries. Best of all, the Mekeet is a great little unit that can be tucked away behind your toilet so that guests don’t notice it. 

  • Rubber bristles
  • Sleek design
  • Drip dry canister
  • Not very effective on a stubborn mess

Simple Human Plunger and Brush Combo

Liked the look of the Simple Human Toilet Brush? Good news, they have a plunger available in the same design! Featuring all the great design perks that the toilet brush has, the plunger also has a magnetic clip that holds both the weight of the plunger in place AND the weight of the canister when lifted into the air. You can easily transport your plunger to wherever it needs to go (say from the bathroom to the kitchen) and not drip the whole way there. 

This toilet brush and plunger combo are in a sleek black design, but you can buy it in white too. The stainless steel handle won’t deteriorate over time and break, unlike your traditional wooden plunger handle. The rubber plunger is designed to work really well in both toilets and sinks, so even if you never suffer from blocked toilets, you can still use this plunger in your kitchen or bathroom sinks too. The compact design is a great little added bonus for this already brilliantly designed product. You can have it beside your toilet or put it away in a cupboard, and it won’t take up much space at all. 

  • Magnetic canister
  • Hang dry feature
  • Non-drip feature
  • Sleek in black
  • The handle isn’t rust resistant

Homemaxs Toilet Brush

If you are after something that is a bit more traditional in appearance, then you might want to take a look at the Homemaxs Toilet Brush. These venetian bronze brushes have nylon bristles and a long handle, which helps you to get into every crevice in your toilet bowl. It has a long tubular canister that it can hang dry in when not in use. The large disk around the handle helps to keep it upright and away from the base of the canister. In total, this toilet brush standard at 39cm, with the canister being 22cm tall. 

The Homemaxs toilet brush has black bristles, which many people find to be much more beneficial than the standard white brushes. This is because the black brushes are less susceptible to stains. With the black brushes, you can feel condiment that it will stay black for its lifetime, which isn’t something you can say about a white brush! As well as being a classic style, this toilet brush really does perform well in the bowl too. 

  • Classic design
  • Tall canister
  • Long handle
  • Black bristles
  • Basic in design

mDesign Modern Square Toilet Brush

If the classic function is up to your street, but you still want a bit of a sleek look in your bathroom, then the mDesign Modern Square toilet brush is a winner for you. This brush has a square canister that is available in a range of colors. These colors are black, white, cream, charcoal, and light pink. They really will fit into any bathroom, no matter what your color scheme is! Despite the canisters coming in a range of colors, the brush itself is all black. Again, this is really useful for avoiding stained brush bristles and hiding any discoloring you might otherwise get with a white brush. 

The square design of the mDesign means that it can tuck right into a corner of a bathroom, so no matter whether you have a large or small bathroom, you know you’ll be able to find room for this toilet brush. The hand is long and tapered, making it really comfortable when you are working your brush hard. Made from sturdy BPA free plastic, this toilet brush is a must-have for any bathroom. 

  • Square finish
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Long handle
  • Stylish design
  • Compact
  • None!

IXO Toilet Brush

Fancy something a bit curvier? The IXO Toilet Brush is a great little unit that provides you with a long-handled toilet brush and a funky sphere like canister for the brush to sit in. This stainless steel canister is so easy to clean and will help to keep your brush in the perfect position while it dies off inside the canister. The brush itself has black bristles which helps with stains, and the stainless steel design of the canister will make your guests look twice before realizing it’s a toilet brush. 

The brush is larger than average, which makes it perfect for both cleanings and for dislodging blockages. It sits nicely in the canister with a little stopper at the top, which prevents any germs from escaping out of the top. Standing at around 40cm tall, it can easily fit behind your toilet and can be pulled out only when needed. 

  • Quirky design
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Larger than the average brush
  • Bristles will damage the inside of your toilet if used too frequently or too vigorously


So now you know how to clean your bathroom thoroughly, AND you have some suggestions on which toilet brush to buy, what are you waiting for? Check through our top 7 of the best toilet brush reviewed products today and see which one is right for your bathroom. As for us? We think that the best fit for our bathroom is the Simple Human Plunger and Brush Combo

We really like the design element and the fact that it uses a magnet to fix it into the canister. Alternatively, if we were looking for a brush for our guest bathroom, then it would have to be the IXO Toilet Brush, simply because of the quirky spherelike canister. We hope you find the right toilet brush for you so that you, too, can have a healthy and clean bathroom. 

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