10 Best Shower Valves in 2021 – Solution for Your Plumbing Issues

Looking to get your shower water flow going? Our reviews of the top 10 best shower valves in 2021 will help improve the water pressure and flow in your bathroom, and make temperature fluctuations a thing of the past!
Best Shower Valve

You’re here because you need a new shower valve, right?

You’ve come to the right place!

My friends and I had an interesting time installing these upgrades and repairs in our homes. Then we realized…

How many people out there have this kind of problem?

All the leaking, scalding or freezing water, and other shower issues – for sure, they annoy you as much as they do us.

So we decided…

Our experiences might save you some time and money. Hence, this article, where we will give you:

  • The best shower valves we could find out there on the market for 2021;
  • All the qualities that led to us adding them to our cream of the crop list;
  • Any particular problems we had with these valves – we always aim to give our full review (good and not so good about each product) – and how we managed to get around them;
  • The metrics we based our decisions on;
  • Important things to know when choosing a shower valve; and
  • So much more!

In the real world…

We have different preferences and priorities. But don’t worry!

On this list, you’ll see the best durable valve body, the one with the coolest and modern features, the most affordable one, etc.

So pull the lever down!

And let the water flow… 

Best Shower Valves

Table of Contents

Top 10 of the Best Shower Valves – 2021 Reviews 

You might think…

A house can’t have enough bathrooms to accommodate all these shower valves. Well, you’re right.

But our whole SmartlyDwelling team doesn’t live in a single home. 

We just love going around each other’s (and clients’) houses to help with renovations, repairs, and upgrades.

Full disclosure – it’s usually more a case of us ‘playing’ with a new toy that we’ve come across in our own homes – than actually needing the upgrade!

Luckily for you and me, we found the best valves – the ones which we believe will last you for the long haul…

And here, we’ve listed them for you to choose from. 

Now scroll down, read on, and hopefully, we’ll help you on your quest to find the best valve to fit your needs. 

Best Shower Valve for Universal Use

1. Best Shower Valve For Universal Use – DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve (Editor’s Choice Award)

Material Metal; Cross-linked polyethylene; PEX
Size 4.88 x 5.06 x 4.88 inches
Weight1.46 lbs
TypeManual shower valve; Universal
ManufacturerDelta Faucet
Bottom LineThe Delta Faucet durable and high-quality universal shower valve will last years in your bathroom.
  • Great quality and durability
  • Has a lot of handle options
  • Sturdy and no leakage even after years of use
  • Relatively affordable
  • Hard to install


According to what we’ve read about this product, it’s going to last ages. We found many reviews claiming that there’s been no leakage even after years of use.

And it’s most probably true!

Both the metal and plastic parts of this product look durable. Of course, there’s no other way to safely test its sturdiness but by installing it.

So we did.

What we didn’t like…

… was that the installation took us a little more time than we expected. The manual that came with it was inaccurate.

Luckily, we know a thing or two about shower valves based on experience.

But that’s pretty much the only problem.

We easily navigated through it, and you can, too, since it’s really simple compared to how the manual made it look.

And adding to its simplicity is its flexibility.

This Delta Faucet product is compatible with any plumbing system. You wouldn’t need to alter the existing plumbing in your bathroom.

And for the cherry-on-top… 

This high-quality shower valve is a very affordable one! So, there’s no need to break the bank at all.

Now you know why this is our Editor’s Choice!

Value for Money10
Ease of Installation9
Overall Score /10096

2. Best Budget Shower Valve – EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve (Best Budget Award)

Material Brass; Stainless steel
Size 2.5 x 1 x 3.5 inches
Weight1 lb
Bottom LineThe best price for the best self-closing shower valve!
  • Affordable
  • Durable material and built
  • Automatic closing mechanism
  • Easily installed
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Saves water 
  • Incompatible with most plumbing systems


You can’t go wrong with our Best Value awardee, the EZ-FLO shower valve!

Why’s that?

For a very affordable price, you’ll have for yourself a self-closing valve of the durable build! Moreover, its stainless steel material won’t rust for a very long time.

And even if careless kids use it, it’s not going to break that easily. We’ve seen it!


You need to make sure first that it fits your existing plumbing system. Some of us couldn’t use this product because it’s incompatible.

But if it does go with your plumbing, you’re going to love this valve. 

You’ll find it useful outdoors and indoors. And it fits with either a hose or a faucet.

If you’re looking for a valve that would help you save on water bills, the automatic closing mechanism of this product is perfect for that!

And to top it all off…

There’s no need to shell out more bucks for installation.

It’s easy and simple, and you’ll have your water flowing in no time at all!

Value for Money10
Ease of Installation10
Overall Score  /10094

3. Best Material Shower Valve  – Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Handheld Showerhead (Top Pick Award)

Material Brass
Size 2.64 x 1.77 2.64 inches
Weight0.5 lb
ManufacturerMingor Sanitary
Bottom LineThe Mingor Sanitary shower diverter valve is made of sturdy and durable one-piece brass.
  • Very affordable
  • Made of durable brass
  • Consistent water flow
  • No leakage once properly installed
  • Can use two options simultaneously
  • Has installation issues


We don’t often see this level of durability and quality in such a cheap product.

We say cheap…

… because it’s priced so low. But its build isn’t cheap at all. In fact, the material used is one-piece brass, making it more durable than other combined elements.

Either you’ll use this valve to divert between your handheld shower, overhead shower, or faucet. Just choose two.

And once installed – properly – there was no leak at all.

Speaking of…

Take note that the inlet is a female thread while the outlets are male. It’s easy and cheap to convert your plumbing, so that’s not a problem.

We had issues with the installation itself.

We noticed at first that the female thread leaks when not properly installed. We thought it wasn’t the culprit because the instructions were simple. 

But when we disassembled and did it all again – properly this time – the leak was gone. Just be mindful of the female thread is all we’re saying.

Besides that, we found no other issue!

The water flow is consistent.

You won’t get that old annoying now-it’s-flowing-now-it’s-not situation. Plus, you’ll be able to use both shower heads simultaneously. 

There won’t be any issues with water pressure either.

We don’t know why you’ll do that, but it’s a cool addition… 

Value for Money10
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10092

4. Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub & Shower Valve – Best Thermostatic Shower Valve

Material Brass
Size 7 x 7 x 6 inches
Weight1.9 lb
TypeThermostatic shower valve
Bottom LineThe Moen thermostatic shower valve will keep the balance between your hot and cold water for ages.
  • Compatible with any plumbing
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Controls and maintains temperature effectively
  • Relatively expensive
  • Needs trim kit


Moen towers over other thermostatic shower valves in terms of its performance.

Since it’s a thermostatic valve…

Its main job is to control and maintain temperature. 

And it does – even after you use other water outlets in your bathroom.

What we mean is…

We’ve tried other thermostatic valves that are good once you’ve set it up. Then you use the shower system, and maybe it maintains the shower water temperature after that.

But then you flush the toilet or wash your hands at the sink. Suddenly, it’s all just cold water coming out of your pipes! That’s something nobody likes.

With Moen, you only get those temperature fluctuations once in a blue moon! And it’s easy to adjust it back to exactly how you like it.

By the way…

Prepare your pockets because it’s a relatively expensive item. And you’ll need to shell out more for a trim kit so you can install the valve properly.

Also, if you’re not an experienced bathroom upgrader, you might need to hire a plumber.

But it’s all worth it!

Your bathroom temperature control will be up and running for ages with this Moen item!

Best Thermostatic Shower Valve
Value for Money9
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10090

5. KES Shower Shut Off Valve – Best Easy To Operate Shower Valve

Material Brass
Size 4.13 x 2.56 x 1.77 inches
Weight3.52 oz
TypeShut-off valve
ManufacturerKES Sanitary Ware
Bottom LineIt won’t take a handyman to save water and regulate water pressure with this KES shut-off shower valve.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and leakproof
  • Easy to use
  • Single-purpose only
  • Not compatible with some plumbing


If you want to save water…

… or you’re just tired of those droplets constantly dripping from your showerhead when you’re not using it…

Get this KES shut-off valve now!

Aside from its affordability…

There’s a lot to love about this product from KES Sanitary Ware. One of those is the durable brass material.

It looks like it’ll be a long time before it starts rusting. We’ve read reviews backing that up.


It doesn’t leak at all when installed properly. And installation is so simple and easy!

But check first if you have a G ½ female thread for the inlet and a G ½ male for the outlet. If not, you’ll have to spend some for conversion.

But you’ll see it’s worth it.

Because once it’s up and running, it’s very easy to use. The lever doesn’t get stuck and doesn’t loosen up – at least not for a very long time.

And it’ll save you some from the water bill in the long run.

Value for Money10
Ease of Installation10
Overall Score  /10090

6. In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve – Best Shower Valve For Hard Water

Material Metal
Size 5.88 x 2.75 x 4.75 inches
Weight1.86 lb
TypePressure-balancing shower valve
Bottom LineSay goodbye to scalding water with this upgrade to your mixing valve from Grohe!
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Performs effectively
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations
  • Meant only to be used with non-safety mixing valves
  • Expensive


Just a heads-up:

This product is meant to be paired with a mixing valve. So if you already have that and are looking to improve its effectiveness…

… Here’s the Grohe pressure-balancing valve for you!

The best thing about it is…

Like the Moen thermostatic valve, this product from Grohe has excellent water temperature control.

You can go ahead and flush your toilet even while you’re in the shower. Grohe will make sure that the water remains at your desired temperature!

It’s only a little bit more expensive than others of this type. 

But you’ll find it worth every penny.

The material is so sturdy that this valve will last years with your plumbing. And in the long run, you’ll find that you’ve saved some.

Value for Money9
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10088

7. Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve – Best Dual Connection Shower Valve

Material Metal
Size 3.63 x 3.75 x 4.44 inches
Weight1.94 lbs
Bottom LineControlling temperature has never been this affordable and effective with the dual-control pressure-balancing valve from Pfister.
  • Relatively affordable
  • Durable
  • Performs effectively
  • Comes with a shower plug only
  • Hard to install


Compared to other pressure-balancing valves we’ve found on the market…

The Pfister pressure-balancing valve is one of the most affordable.

But despite being cheap…

The manufacturer didn’t compromise their product’s quality.

The material and build of this valve are durable and sturdy. It looks like it’s going to last for years. Even reviews from real customers say so.


Be prepared to add a few more dollars for installation. You might need hired help for it.

We managed to secure ours without leakage or any other issues. But that’s because we’re experienced with these DIY renovations and upgrades.

But once installed…

You can enjoy showering under a balance of cold and hot water – exactly as you like it.

It’s easy enough to adjust. There’s no need for hired help on that one. 

And more importantly…

You won’t experience temperature fluctuations with this shower valve!

Best Dual Connection Shower Valve
Value for Money9
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10086

8. Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve – Best Temperature Control Shower Valve

Material Brass
Size 2.13 x 4.31 x 4.5 inches
Weight1.7 lbs
ManufacturerMoen Incorporated
Bottom LineMoen Posi-Temp pressure-balancing shower valve will prevent scalding or freezing surprises from your showerhead.
  • Durable
  • Temperature-sensitive
  • Effective water temperature regulation
  • Prevents fluctuations
  • Expensive
  • Hard to install


Using this Moen shower valve made us realize that the brand really knows what it’s doing.

Like other valves of the same type on this list, the Moen pressure-balancing shower valve effectively prevents fluctuation in the temperature. That is, even after using spouts in the bathroom other than the shower.

So, what sets it apart?

With the others, you need to wait for the cold water to pass through first. And then you’ll get the balanced water temperature.

With Moen, there’s no need to wait!

This valve maintains your desired temperature even after the shower’s turned off. (Like thermostatic mixing valves, except that it’s not automatically gauged.)


It’s made of durable brass that won’t rust in years.

You’ll need help to install it properly. But if you’ve had experience with shower valve replacement before, you’ll be fine.

This product may be priced more than other brands, but you’ll find that it’s worth it.

Best Shower Valve for Temperature Control
Value for Money9
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10084

9. Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve – Best Wall Mounted Two Handle Shower Valve

Material Brass
Size 0.05 x 8 x 10.56 inches
Weight1 lb
TypeDouble-handle rough-in valve
Bottom LinePfister does it again – this time with a durable and long-lasting rough-in valve.
  • Relatively affordable
  • No leakage
  • Sturdy material
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Difficult to install
  • Easily starts rusting


The first thing that caught our attention was this online review from a real customer. They said that this same product lasted them 20 years. 

Now that they need a new shower valve, they got a replacement from Pfister following the lifetime guaranteed warranty.

There are two things we got from that.

One, the Pfister dual shower faucet valve lasted two decades – give or take a few exaggerated years.

And two, the warranty’s real! 

So you can relax with this purchase and don’t hesitate to call the manufacturer when something’s not right.

But actually, you don’t have to worry about it.

The ‘20 years’ might just be true because this item has a very sturdy and durable brass body.

Unlike other rough-ins we found, Pfister’s solid brass construction doesn’t bend or break.

But you’ll have to hire a professional to install it for you to make sure there’s no leakage.

It’s affordable, anyway.

Meaning, the extra few dollars to shell out would be worth it.

Best Two Handle Shower Valve for Wall Mount
Value for Money9
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10084

10. GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve – Best Rough In Shower Valve

Material Metal
Size 7.2 x 2.95 x 17.09 inches
Weight3 lbs
TypeSingle rough-in valve
Bottom LineYou can tell the Grohsafe pressure-balance valve how warm you want your shower to be, and it’ll do the job.
  • Includes cartridge and support bracket
  • Durable build
  • Has adjustable temperature control
  • Easily installed
  • Maintains ample water flow
  • Relatively expensive
  • Tends to leak if not installed properly


Immediately, we liked Grohe for including both the cartridge and support bracket in the package. Other suppliers have one without the other.

So the price might be a little higher, but it’s worth it.

Especially because…

It’s another one of the durable Grohe shower valves that roam the market. It looks like it won’t easily rust or leak.

We found reviews claiming that theirs leaked after a few months of use. But we think that it’s only a matter of installation.

It’s not hard to install, but…

The manual isn’t that much help. If you’re inexperienced with shower valves, you might need help. As for us, we got it up and running in no time.

And there’s no leaking for us!

But the best thing is…

It’s not a thermostatic mixing valve, but just like one, you can adjust this valve’s temperature.

It has a 265-degree comfort range – wider than most. So you can get the warmth that suits you.


Shower water pressure is a very important factor in our shower experience.

Unlike other single rough-ins we’ve found, Grohe doesn’t reduce that as it mixes the cold water and hot water supply.

In other words… 

Your water will be at the same temperature even after you turned your shower system off for a long time.

Best Rough In Shower Valve
Value for Money8
Ease of Installation8
Overall Score  /10082

Why Trust Us?

Based on our experience, these home repairs and upgrades only looked hard. But honestly, you can do it yourself.

How did we know?

We’ve been doing it for years!

We have a variety of professionals in our team. From architects to plumbers, we have them. 

But more importantly, we’re all DIY renovation enthusiasts who’re very particular about the quality of our work.

We don’t rely on everything we find online.

So shouldn’t you.

Although, we do take into account the reviews we’ve read. They’re real customers with real opinions, after all.

But as much as possible, we try to gather first-hand information.

And lastly…

We’re only here to help. Everything we’ve written on this article – and this whole website, for that matter – has all been for you.

So you can leave the trial and error to us!

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Shower Valve

Best Shower Valve Reviews

1. What are the different types of shower valves?

There are two main types:

  • Thermostatic valves – the type that regulates water temperature by a built-in automatic gauge.
  • Manual – the type that doesn’t regulate the temperature.

Each of the main types is also classified as:

  • Pressure-balancing valves – uses water pressure regulation on both hot and cold water spouts to balance the temperature.
  • Mixing valves – controls the hot and cold water flow separately (both are at constant temperatures).
  • Transfer valves – allows for simultaneous water flow through multiple outlets.
  • Diverter valves – used for directing water flow from one outlet to another by a lever. It comes in two or three-outlet designs.

Lastly, there are also what we call rough-in valves. It’s the part where the hot water and the cold one meet to mix. And unlike exposed shower valves, this one’s kept behind the scenes.

2. Features to look out for

  • The best shower control valves still give out a generous water flow even as it regulates temperature or the direction of the flow.
  • You might like thermostatic valves with digital gauges for accurate temperature reading.
  • There are diverter valves that allow simultaneous use of showerheads and spouts. That might interest you.

3. Shower valves and specifications explained

Shower valves are upgrades to your shower system meant to control water temperature or water flow – or both – in the shower.

When buying a shower valve, take note of these specs:

  • Material – valves are made of either stainless steel, brass, or other alloys. Some of them also have plastic parts. These materials have different durability levels.
  • Size – size is important, so you’ll know if it’s going to fit your shower or plumbing system. Although, these days, there are valves that are compatible with anything.
  • Weight – it doesn’t affect performance much, but knowing if your existing system can hold the valve up is good.
  • Type – you can check the list at the beginning of this section to see what different types are there and their purposes.

4. These are things to consider

  • Just because the shower control valve is the same brand as your existing showerhead or spout doesn’t make them compatible. 
  • You also need to check the valve’s compatibility with your original plumbing.
  • The biggest factor affecting pressure is still your house’s water supply, so don’t blame it all on the valve.

5. Shower Valve Top Tips

  • A shower diverter that allows simultaneous use of your shower spouts may affect the water pressure.
  • The integrity of the shower valve body is always the priority. It can be versatile or have all the features, but durability will save you a lot of money.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – What is the standard height for a rough-in valve?

If you have a bathtub, the ideal height is 28 inches. But in a shower stall, the best height is 48 inches.

Q – What is the role of diverter valves?

It’s the valve that diverts water flow from the tub faucet to the showerhead and back again.

Q – How do I know which shower valve to buy?

First, you need to choose between temperature and pressure regulation, or both. Then take your pick from the best shower valve brands listed on this shower valves review.


That’s the top ten shower valves for you!

As detailed as it had been, we still want you to see how each product fared against each other – in terms of every metric.

This way, you’ll see what fits your preference better.

Now let’s get to it… 

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Best Shower Valve on the Market

1. Value for Money

Every penny counts. So we decided that this metric shouldn’t be left out. In this criterion, we asked ourselves, ‘Is this valve worth the money?’ But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The product should be more than satisfactory. So we gave high scores to items that cost less but have competent quality. And we took points off of the expensive ones, yet they are just the same as the others. 

Best Value for Money  Total Marks Out of 10
DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve10
EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve10
Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Hand Held Showerhead10
KES Shower Shut Off Valve10
Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub & Shower Valve9
In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve9
Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve9
Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve9
Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve9
GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve8

2. Ease of Installation

As professionals, we don’t mind at all whether or not the valve is easy to install. But as DIY enthusiasts, of course, this is an important factor for us.

We think it’s a good product if we don’t need to hire someone to install it – and it still functions properly. It’s also an added point if the package comes with a manual and if it’s easy to understand.

Best Ease of InstallationTotal Marks Out of 10
EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve10
KES Shower Shut Off Valve10
DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve9
Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Hand Held Showerhead8
Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Valve8
In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve8
Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve8
Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve8
Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve8
GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve8

3. Durability

Does the shower valve body easily break? Does it leak? Are there stains or rust after a few uses?

Those questions, among many others, are our bases for giving scores in terms of this metric. Of course, the product’s material is a big factor, but we reserve the judgment until we’ve used it.

Best DurabilityTotal Marks Out of 10
DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve10
EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve10
Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Hand Held Showerhead10
In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve10
Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub & Shower Valve9
KES Shower Shut Off Valve9
Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve9
Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve9
Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve9
GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve9

4. Versatility

There are a lot of types of shower valves. Your bathroom wouldn’t look right if we installed one of each, right?

So this metric is the measure of how many functions we could find from the valve. Plus, here, we also considered the item’s compatibility with your existing plumbing and other bathroom hardware.

Best VersatilityTotal Marks Out of 10
DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve10
Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Hand Held Showerhead9
Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Valve9
EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve8
KES Shower Shut Off Valve8
In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve8
Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve8
Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve8
Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve8
GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve8

5. Features

For this single, simple item – a lot of innovative products keep springing up. We almost can’t keep up! But we did our best to catch the latest trends and see for ourselves which ones work.

They don’t have to be too modern. But they have to be functional.

Best FeaturesTotal Marks Out of 10
Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub & Shower Valve10
DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve9
EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve9
Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Hand Held Showerhead9
In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve9
Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve9
KES Shower Shut Off Valve8
Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve8
Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve8
GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve8

Our Final Verdict: Best Shower Valve

Shower Valve Reviews

And after all the trial and error, we’re here to see the results! It was all fun.

But what’s even better…

… is that now we give you the top ten best shower valves you’ll find on the market.

You can bet your water pressure on our Editor’s Pick DELTA universal valve. With its durability and affordability, you won’t regret a single cent.

The same goes for the EX-FLO self-closing valve. It won the Best Value Award because it’s so cheap, you wouldn’t expect it to have such quality.

But if durability is your priority…

You can’t go wrong with our Top Pick brass diverter from Mingor Sanitary. It’s going to hold even as you let go!

All the others listed in this article are available and just waiting for you to decide!

Best Shower ValvesTotal Marks Out of 100
DELTA MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve96
EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve94
Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve for Hand Held Showerhead92
Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Valve90
KES Shower Shut Off Valve90
In-Line Remote Pressure Balance Valve88
Single Control Pressure Balance Tub & Shower Valve86
Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve84
Pfister Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve84
GROHE Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve82

Conclusion: Best Shower Valve  

Best Shower Valve

We hope you enjoyed window-shopping in our smartlydwelling.com review as we enjoyed testing for it and writing it.

Now it’s time for you to decide.

There’s a lot to choose from if you’re looking for a pressure-balancing valve. Turns out, it’s one of the most common types.

But if you need an exposed shower valve, we found a handful of those too!

There’s DELTA with its versatile and durable universal valve, the affordable EZ-FLO self-closing valve, and the sturdy Mingor Sanitary diverter.

Name the shower function…

… and we found a good valve for that!

The final verdict is in your hands now. So go ahead and pick one…

Your bathroom awaits!

Leave us a comment below, or contact us directly to let us know your feedback on any of these products – we look forward to hearing from you.

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