10 Best Shower Squeegees for Ultra Clean Surface in 2021

Your glass doors and other bathroom surfaces will be in good hands with these top 10 reviews of the best shower squeegees.
Best Shower Squeegee

This is the Ultimate Smartlydwelling.com Review of the Best Shower Squeegee on the market for 2021.

Search no more for the right shower squeegee that your bathroom deserves.

Chances are…

You’ll find it on this list!

We’ve tested different types of the tool. There’s the plastic squeegee, silicone squeegee, metal squeegee, etc. We’ve also tried them on the shower tiles, shower wall, door, and even cars. So now we bring you:

  • The top ten best shower squeegees on the market;
  • How each one ranks against the others;
  • The pros and cons of each product;
  • Detailed descriptions of the features and effectiveness of each;
  • The metrics we used to compare them; and
  • Lots more!

Brace yourself for our top choice… and find out why we think it’ll give you the optimal shower cleaning experience.

So keep the shower door open…

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Top Squeegees

10 Best Shower Squeegees On The Market Reviewed

Best Bathroom Squeegee

Most shower squeegees leave marks on the surface that they clean. No doubt it annoys you as well as it does us.

But fret no more…

Because the best shower squeegees are at hand! Your expensive glass shower doors are safe under the blades of these products.

So I guess we’ll agree about the squeegee’s necessity.

That’s why we’re here.

We’ve compiled online reviews and personal experience in making this top list. Make sure to read through to the end to see why we came up with the verdicts we did, it’s all there. 

1. HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Versatile Surfaces)

Size10 inches wide
MaterialRust-resistant stainless steel
Weight0.55 lbs
Bottom LineIt’s a versatile squeegee you can use for different types of surfaces.
  • High-performance
  • Quality build
  • Durable
  • Easily rusts in some places


The Hiware shower squeegee is not bound to one surface only. Whether it’s glass, granite top, or tile – name it, this tool can clean it!

Its modern, ergonomic design is very attractive and classy. But that’s not as important as the build quality, which this product also got a good score in.

Expect this, though.

The description says that the handle is stainless steel. 

But some reviews say there’s a portion – the part where the blade and the handle meet – that easily rusts. That breach took a serious point off of this product’s overall score.

It’s a cleaning tool that’s constantly used with water so that part could be improved.

But no worries…

According to most users, the rust doesn’t come until months of use. 

And the stainless steel and rubber don’t get easily damaged. I, for one, still have mine nice and shiny. 

The rust can be overlooked because of the flawless way this squeegee’s rubber blade cleans the shower door. It doesn’t leave any streaks, and there’s no soapy gap where the blade goes over.

For a squeegee, that’s the most important thing. 


It’s perfectly balanced that your hands won’t hurt even after almost an hour of cleaning. This product is just the right weight for a squeegee.

And even better, it comes with waterproof adhesive hooks for storing the squeegee wherever you want it.

The extra few dollars are so much worth it.

2. OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Wiping off Tiles and Mirrors)

ColorBlack and brushed stainless steel
Size10 inches wide
MaterialStainless steel
Weight0.25 lbs
Bottom LineThis is a very durable squeegee that’s best to use on tiles.
  • Balanced
  • Durable blade and handle
  • Lightweight
  • More expensive than other brands
  • The blade is too firm


The price of the OXO Good Grips squeegee might be a little too extra, especially for a supposedly simple cleaning tool.

But you can’t put a price on the satisfaction of a clean and dry surface, right?


Beware of scratches.

Its rubber blade is too firm to use on glass shower doors. 

If you need one for clear or textured glass, this might not be the product for you. The silicone variety is best for that type of surface. Although, some squeegees are made of flexible rubber. Just not this particular product.

But this squeegee will clean your tiles well. Thanks to the firm and sturdy blade.

And the best thing…

… is that this squeegee comes with a suction cup for hanging it. 

So if you like storing your cleaning tools in the bathroom – where the wall is almost always moist – this is the better choice than the adhesive hook. 

Add to that…

The fourth of a pound weight of this product – coupled with the firm rubber blade – gave this squeegee the perfect balance. 

Though the handle is unusually short, it’s still easy to use.

It’s a very stylish product too – and that adds something to the score.

3. Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Shower Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Wiping Doors & Walls)

Size8 inches wide
MaterialPlastic handle with removable foam
Weight0.31 lbs
ManufacturerDesired Tools
Bottom LineThe best squeegee for your bathroom wall – at a low price.
  • Comes with two replacement blades
  • Made of flexible silicone
  • Drip-free
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Less durable handle
  • Traditional design


Thanks to its design, the Desired Tools squeegee looks a little outdated. But so what? It performs just as well as the other modern-looking brands. 

That’s because this product features dual-wiping edges that I don’t usually see in other brands in the same price range.

And yes, compared to others on the market – this is a lot cheaper.

Just a little warning.

Since it’s made of plastic, you can’t expect it to be as durable as the metal squeegees. Also, silicone is less sturdy than the rubber blade type.

But here’s the thing…

The silicone blade doesn’t allow water to drip the way that rubber does. 

No need to worry about droplets of soapy water landing everywhere. So it doesn’t leave marks on the surface that you’re cleaning, plus it keeps your floor and your clothes dry.

And the handle, though not that sturdy, has a removable foam. Your hands won’t have to face calluses or blisters even after a long cleaning session. 

That adds to the convenience of using this tool.

And the best advantage…

… is that this brand’s flexible silicone blade has two replacements that come with the package.

And since it doesn’t wear out easily, you’ll have a long-lasting relationship with this humble shower squeegee. 

4. AmazerBath Shower Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Glass Window)

ColorBlack and silver
Size10-inch blade, 6.4-inch handle
MaterialStainless steel
Weight0.52 lbs
Bottom LineThis is the perfect squeegee for your bathroom window
  • Great design
  • Leaves no streaks on the glass
  • Made of flexible silicone
  • Short handle


The flexibility of this squeegee’s silicone blade works best on delicate glass surfaces.


The handle’s a bit short for shower glass doors. So I just decided to use it on my bathroom window because I wouldn’t have to reach too high up.

Except for the silicone, which is less durable than rubber, the only other cons of using this product is the slight imbalance. It’s just the right weight for a squeegee, but somehow, I had to hold it harder so it would slide through the glass surface smoothly.

But overall…

The AmazerBath satisfies my window’s cleaning needs. Its handle is also sturdy and durable. 

And it’s not even that expensive.

5. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Streak-Free Drying)

ColorBlack and white
Size10-inch blade, 6-inch handle
Weight0.25 lbs
Bottom LineThe best streak-free squeegee for flat and textured glass.
  • Very flexible silicone
  • Cheap
  • Comes with a suction cup for storage
  • Short handle
  • Less durable


If you’re the type that wants your glass doors squeaky clean, get this little guy.

Of all the shower squeegees on this list, this left the least marks on the glass surface of my shower doors. And it’s super cheap as well!


The handle is too short, so I’d again use this for either the mirror or the window. 

And the plastic, naturally, is a lot less durable than stainless steel, also, the silicone, as compared to rubber. 

These features make this product lighter. Add that to the short handle and long blade combination, and this squeegee is a little imbalanced.


You won’t be able to resist the almost spotless result of this shower squeegee.

The suction hook, which performs better than adhesive, is very welcome too.

6. One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee (Best Shower Squeegee for Standing Water)

Size12-inches in length, 4-inches in width
Weight0.50 lbs
ManufacturerOne Pass
Bottom LineThis squeegee has a very flexible blade that’s best for drying.
  • Flexible silicone
  • Long blade
  • Expensive
  • No vertical handle


You finally found the super flexible squeegee that works on a tiled or curved surface, as well as the smooth one.

The best thing about this product…

… is its silicone blade. Generally, silicone is more flexible than rubber. But this blade works like a gymnast. 

I first bought it for the smooth surfaces of my shower doors. It worked wonders. So I thought, maybe I can use it on my shower walls. And I discovered I could. Then I moved on to my car, where the most uneven surfaces are.

And guess what? It still worked.

The blade just skated smoothly, leaving no marks or unwanted standing water. 


This product is too expensive. You can get the benefits of this squeegee from other less expensive brands on this list.

And it doesn’t have a vertical handle. 

That might be a problem for some. Your hands might get sore after a short while with this squeegee.

But then…

If you want to give yourself a treat, this one’s still a great buy. Just take note that it’s made of a less sturdy pair of materials. But it’s durable enough, balanced, and well-made. 

Plus, the design is very classy. 

And because the blade is longer than usual, it means fewer strokes and passes for you!

7. cleret iDO Shower Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Flat and Contoured Surface)

Size12-inch blade, 7-inch handle
Weight0.24 lbs
Bottom Line The flexibility of this squeegee’s blade works best on contoured surfaces.
  • Dual wiping edge
  • Flexible blade
  • Cheap
  • Too lightweight
  • Less durable


This shower squeegee is super cheap. But it’s sure worth a lot.

Here’s why:

The dual wiping edges give it maximum performance. It can remove soap scum and leave your bathroom towel dry. And you’ll find no marks whatsoever.

Yet again…

It’s worth so much less than the other brands on this list. So don’t expect it to be that durable. 

Plus, it’s plastic and silicone. Those materials generally wear out faster than a stainless steel handle and rubber blade.

I’ve read online reviews about needing replacement blades in just a few weeks. But if you’re careful enough, even if you use it every day, your squeegee will be fine.


The silicone blade is so flexible that it works well on contoured as well as smooth surfaces.

It’s too lightweight, so its balance is not that good. Well, compared to metal shower squeegees. 

But that means less strenuous cleaning, right? 

Not to mention a long blade that reduces the number of passes you need to cover the whole surface.

So if you’re on a budget, the Cleret squeegee is highly recommendable. 

8. iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Drying Car After A Wash)

Size12-inch blade, 7.5-inch handle
MaterialMetal and plastic
Weight0.4 lbs
Bottom LineThis squeegee will work better on your car than on any other surface.
  • Comes with a suction cup
  • Durable handle
  • Long blade
  • Noisy
  • Not the most effective


In terms of price, this brand comes mid-range. 

It’s decent in terms of durability, especially of the handle. But the blade, I’m not sure if it’s going to last longer than what the folks say online.

But in terms of performance…

It can compete with the others. Although, not on all your glass surfaces. To be honest, as far as bathroom squeegees go, this one works better on the car.

It doesn’t damage delicate surfaces. But somehow, it didn’t fulfill its purpose on my glass shower door. Droplets of water just moved around the surface. It lessened the moisture but didn’t fully dry it.

So I suggest that you just use it in your car.

After washing, you squeegee your way out of most of the soapy water, and then toweling it dry would be a walk in the park. 

Unlike on the glass surface of your shower door, especially if it’s the clear type, the towel won’t leave marks on your car windows.

And another warning:

Of the shower squeegees on this list, the Interdesign Forma shower squeegee is the noisiest. 

Some people – myself included – are bothered by the kind of noise that this particular cleaning job produces.

If you’re like that, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

But hold on…

I still recommend this product. Especially for your car, as I’ve mentioned. Its long blade will ease the cleaning process. The balanced build helps a lot too

9. simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Smooth Glass Surfaces)

ColorBrushed steel finish
Size10.3-inch blade, 6.4-inch handle
MaterialDie-cast zinc and anodized aluminum handle
Weight0.44 lbs
ManufacturerSimplehuman Housewares
Bottom LineIt’s a durable squeegee that’s best used on smooth surfaces.
  • Foldable
  • Durable handle and blade
  • Expensive
  • Not very stable at the pivot point
  • Stiff blade


The Simplehuman is one of the most expensive shower squeegees I’ve ever seen on the market.

But for a good reason!

The squeegee handle and blade are very sturdy. But what can you expect from die-cast zinc and anodized aluminum? 

This squeegee is durable enough to last long years.


There’s the case of the pivot joint. 

Other customers claim to have loose joints. Some say that theirs wore off after a short while. Mine’s okay when I got it, though.

But you can just tighten it up again if this happens to you.

You might be more concerned about the very stiff rubber blades.

Don’t get me wrong.

It does the job – It will leave your soapy shower door squeaky clean. Also, it’s effective in removing soap scum inside your shower stall.

But for shower walls – I’d say you let it stick to the door. The blade isn’t flexible enough to work well on uneven and rippled surfaces.


If you’re looking for durable material shower squeegees, this one’s for you. 

Its compact design allows for comfortable and convenient storage. Plus, it’s lightweight compared to others, so your hands won’t quickly get tired.

10. Quntis Shower Squeegee (Best Squeegee for Eliminating Unsightly Streaks)

Size10-inch blade, 7.66-inch handle
Weight0.90 lbs
MaterialStainless steel
Bottom Line This squeegee is too heavy, but it does the job well.
  • Comes with metal hooks
  • Comes with one replacement blade
  • Durable
  • Too heavy
  • Slippery


The thing that I love about it is…

The Quntis squeegee comes in a full package. The squeegee, the metal hooks for storage, and the replacement squeegee blade. All in!

The extra blade will make this product last longer with you because it’s sturdy enough not to wear off easily—also the handle.


I hoped it wasn’t too heavy. Almost a pound isn’t exactly a sack of potatoes, but for shower squeegees, it is. That’s why this product didn’t get a good build quality score.

Also, because of the weight, it’s not balanced right.


It’s a recommendable brand because of its effectiveness. It cleans and dries well. In fact, the blade doesn’t leave streaks, especially on flat surfaces. 

If a slippery handle is a problem for you, you can buy a rubber grip for it. Because the pros of this product still outweigh the cons.

You can keep your shower from water stains. Just take your pick from the top 10 best shower squeegees on the market! 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What makes a good shower squeegee? 

A good shower squeegee has a flat, even-tipped blade made of silicone (that is if you only use it now and then.) It should also be around 0.5 lbs in weight, so it would be easy to handle yet firm to use.

Q. What kind of squeegee do professional window cleaners use?

Professionals usually use squeegees with rubber blades. They’re sturdier than silicone, so best for constant usage.

Q. How long does a shower squeegee last?

Shower squeegees of good quality usually last around three years. But it depends on how you use and store it.


See the most comprehensive roundup and comparison of the best shower squeegee on the market only on smartlydwelling.com!

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

1. Value for Money  

A shower squeegee is not an expensive tool. Still, you don’t want to waste even just a dollar for something that’s not worth it.

That’s why…

… this metric is necessary. It measures the overall satisfaction that you get for every penny that you give.

Best Value for Money  Total Marks Out of 10
HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee10
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Squeegee10
AmazerBath Shower Squeegee10
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee9
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee9
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee9
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee8
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee8
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee8
Quntis Squeegee8

2. Built Quality

This is the metric that rates the materials used for the squeegee. Then we considered here the overall quality of the tool.


Is the blade’s tip even and flat? Is it flexible? Are there uneven edges? And other questions parallel to those.

Best Built QualityTotal Marks Out of 10
HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee10
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee10
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Squeegee9
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee9
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee9
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee9
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee9
AmazerBath Squeegee8
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee8
Quntis Shower Squeegee7

3. Durability

Does the squeegee easily get damaged? How long does it last? Do you have to be extra careful when using this tool?

Those were the questions asked to rate the products using this metric.

Best DurabilityTotal Marks Out of 10
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee10
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee9
Quntis Shower Squeegee9
HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee8
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Shower Squeegee8
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee8
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee8
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee8
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee8
AmazerBath Shower Squeegee8

4. Balance

The weight of the tool is an important matter. But in this metric, the carrying lightness coupled with how firm it slides over the surfaces was rated.

Best BalanceTotal Marks Out of 10
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee10
HIWARE All-Purpose Squeegee9
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Shower Squeegee9
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee9
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee9
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee9
AmazerBath Squeegee8
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee8
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee8
Quntis Shower Squeegee7

5. Performance

This metric is about the overall effectiveness of the squeegee in cleaning the shower door glass. We observed if it leaves marks or a soapy line on the surface.


We thoroughly checked if it damaged the surface as it cleansed it.

Best PerformanceTotal Marks Out of 10
HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee10
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Squeegee10
AmazerBath Shower Squeegee10
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee10
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee10
cleret iDO Squeegee9
Quntis Shower Squeegee9
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee8
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee7
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee7

6. Style

A cleaning tool doesn’t have to be pretty. But of course, you want it to be, right? So we put this metric in to rate how functional and aesthetic the squeegee’s design is.

And, of course, how it inspires us to clean the shower door…

Best StyleTotal Marks Out of 10
HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee10
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee9
AmazerBath Shower Squeegee9
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee9
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Squeegee8
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee8
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee8
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee8
Quntis Shower Squeegee8
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee7

Our Final Verdict: Best Shower Squeegee On The Market

And the crown goes to… Hiware All-Purpose shower squeegee!

The way it slides through the surface and brings all the soapy water with it was just so satisfying. And it’s a durable and long-lasting product too.


This tool isn’t just a glass cleaner. 

These squeegees will work well either on the shower wall or the rippled surfaces of a bathroom tile. The other options on this list are great buys too. So go ahead and take your pick!

Best Shower SqueegeesTotal Marks Out of 100
HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee95
OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee93
Extra Silicone Replacement Blades Shower Squeegee90
AmazerBath Shower Squeegee88
OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee88
One Pass Classic 12″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee88
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee82
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee82
simplehuman Fold Away Squeegee82
Quntis Shower Squeegee80

Conclusion: Best Shower Squeegee 

Best Shower Squeegee on the market

Have you decided yet?

The Hiware has all the best squeegee features. Or, if you’re looking for a compact squeegee, go ahead and try out the Simplehuman Fold-away.

But you’re on a budget, and OXO or a Cleret will still give you the squeegee clean bathroom that you want.

So that’s it!

We’re not going to hold you longer. Up to you now to choose the best Squeegee for your needs.

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