8 Of The Best Shower Faucets That You’ll Absolutely Love

There is nothing worse than trying to wash yourself under a leaky, slow dripping shower.

It can take ages to get the suds out of your hair.

But no worries!

Our list of the best shower faucets will help you solve the problem!

Sometimes it’s easier not to bother! If this sounds like your showering experience, then the chances are that you need to update your shower faucet.

Often, they can be old and clogged up from mineral build-up, needing to be replaced every 5 years or so.

Does yours need replacing?

Maybe you need a whole new bathroom? It’s a good idea to replace a bathroom when you move into an older house, not just because you want to put your own stamp on it, but because the old and outdated bathroom might be clogged up with limescale and dangerous mold.

But if you aren’t up for the challenge of upgrading your whole bathroom, we have some simple ways that you can update the room without breaking the bank.

Top 8 of The Best Shower Faucets – 2021 Reviews

1. Delta Shower Faucet T14238

If you want to update your bathroom starting at the shower, then this Delta Shower Faucet will make a very welcome addition. Available in four different colors, they include Chrome, Champagne Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Venetian Bronze. The beauty of the Delta Faucet is that it comes with both the shower head and the valve trim. The trim itself is 7 inches wide and consists of a mixer handle, which can be used to monitor both the strength of the water and the temperature.

The shower head is nearly 5 inches wide and has 5 different spray settings. These options are massage, soft drenching, pause, body spray, and body spray with massage. All of these spray options come from within the silicone nozzles, which can easily be cleaned by rubbing your fingers over the nozzles to remove any impurities. This shower faucet also comes with a Monitor pressure balanced shower valve cartridge to stop the temperature from fluctuating suddenly. This can be a real lifesaver if you have kids!

  • Available in different colors
  • 5-inch wide shower head
  • 5 different shower functions
  • Easy clean silicone nozzles
  • Tub spout not included
  • Rough sold separately

2. Gabrylly Shower Faucet

Looking to update to a modern shower faucet? The Gabrylly has a sharp, sleek design to it with a chrome finish, which will bring your bathroom into the 21st century. The shower head of this faucet is larger than the Delta at 6 inches wide. This means that the spray from the shower head covers a wider area and therefore feel more luxurious. The shower head has silicone nozzles which are easy to clean and are less likely to succumb to limescale. This rainfall style shower has a special shower valve to help regulate the water pressure, so it is an ideal solution to low water pressure areas.

The faucet mount is made from ABS material and coated in chrome, which makes it resistant to corrosion and to rust. The handle is clearly marked with hot and cold and uses a mixer to help regulate both the temperature and the flow. This faucet also comes with a 6-inch brass shower arm and a 6 ¾ inch tub spout. All in all, this complete shower faucet package will be a great addition to anyone’s bathroom and will look stunning.

  • 6-inch wide shower head
  • Comes with tub spout and shower arm
  • Chrome finish is rust-resistant
  • Silicone nozzles
  • Fiddly to install
  • Shower head is difficult to adjust

3. Delta Shower Faucet T27967

Similar to the Delta T14238, the Delta T27967 is a great shower faucet set. This set includes a shower head and a faucet cover, both of which are available in oil rubbed bronze. This color is really appealing to people that are looking for a more dramatic and darker color scheme for their bathroom as the oil rubbed bronze is really striking. The shower head is wider than the Delta T14238, but it doesn’t have as many nozzles, thereby providing a similar water spray option. The silicone nozzles are still very easy to clean, all you need to do is rub your fingers over the top, and this will dislodge any calcium or limescale that is lurking there.

The monitor pressure balanced shower valve cartridge stops the sudden change in temperature, which is a really handy feature for families. Although this faucet set doesn’t come with a tub spout or shower arm, it is still a worthwhile set to purchase and is really easy to install.

  • Smart design
  • Wide shower head
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Doesn’t come with tub spout or shower arm
  • Restrictive movement on the head

4. Sun Rise Rainfall Shower Head System with Shower Faucet

Now here is a bit of serious luxury. This shower kit is going to change your shower and turn it into a deluxe spa! Well, almost. This square head, rainfall style shower faucet, maybe at the top of your budget, but with this sleek design, it looks so much more expensive than it really is. The shower head itself is 10 inches wide and is attached to the shower arm by a ball joint mount. This mount enables you to move the position of the head easily and give you the perfect angle of water. The rainfall shower spray option comes directly above you and truly cascades down in the right amount of pressure thanks to the special valve within the shower system. You can even install this shower in a low water pressure area.

This faucet also comes with a handheld shower head attachment (perfect for getting up close and personal) and a handle plate which has a diverter built-in. The diverter allows you to decide where the water goes to, the handheld shower attachment, or the shower head. This whole system comes in a variety of colors including polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel finish, and matte black.

  • Wide, square shower head
  • Additional handheld attachment
  • Square designed handle plate
  • Tub spout not included
  • Nozzles can get clogged up and will need cleaning

5. Esnbia Brushed Nickel Shower System, Shower Faucet Set

If the square design is your thing, but you don’t quite have the budget for the Sun Rise, then why not take a look at the Esnbia. This shower faucet also comes with a handheld shower attachment and a fixed square shower head, although the finish is slightly more basic than the Sun Rise. You will find that the handle plate still has a nice square handle with a square knob for diverting the water to each head. But the handheld showerhead is a bit more basic in comparison. If you are only going to be using the handheld attachment very rarely, then it will be fine.

The 12 inches wide fixed shower head has a special valve that takes in air and mixes it with the water, thus giving a nicer spray of rainfall underneath. The pressure balance valve helps to adjust the water pressure, so it is never too strong OR too soft. Made from stainless steel, this shower faucet will never succumb to rust, and the silicone nozzles will never need replacing either overall, a good shower given the cheaper price range.

  • 12 inch wide fixed shower head
  • Additional handheld shower head
  • Square design handle plate
  • Silicone nozzles
  • No bath attachment
  • May need to buy extra parts to install

6. IRIBER Rain Shower System with Shower Faucet

Another great square style shower, the IRIBER is a sleek and smart looking kit. The beauty of this kit is that not only does it come with a 12-inch wide range rainfall shower head, handheld shower attachments, AND a handle plate, but it also comes with the mixer valve included. This item isn’t always available in these kinds of kits, and you usually have to purchase them separately. Instead, you have everything you could need in one handy kit.

This shower faucet comes in 4 different colors, including chrome, matte black, stainless steel, and champagne brass. Both the shower head and the shower attachment have silicone nozzles, which will prevent limescale from building up and affecting your shower spray. The 2.5 gallons per minute water output will provide you with a strong and luxurious shower, just what you want after a hard day’s work.

  • 12-inch wide shower head
  • Additional handheld attachment
  • Shower mixer included
  • Easy to install
  • Handheld attachment is small
  • Brackets are a bit flimsy

7. EMBATHER Shower System, Shower Faucet Set

While the EMBATHER may look very similar to the previous square-designed shower faucets in our list, this one has one major difference. That difference is the attention to detail. They have inspected and covered every inch of this shower and changed the design to help provide you with a nicer showering experience. The shower comes with a handle plate and handheld shower attachment, but the designers of the EMBATHER have made it so that this shower is a doddle to install! They have redesigned all of the parts of this shower so that you can install them with minimal tools and with minimal experience too.

Along with this attention to detail, they have also adapted their molding process and now use the finest copper in their mixers (where other cheaper brands use a copper mix). All in all, if you want a new shower but you are worried that you won’t be able to install it, then the EMBATHER  would be an ideal choice for its simplicity and straightforward installation.

  • Easy to install
  • 12-inch wide shower head
  • Additional handheld shower head
  • Comes with mixer
  • Added details to make showering easier
  • Not suitable for low water pressure areas

8. Gabrylly All Black 3 Piece System

Now, this all-black system is a real winner for those looking for a curved design. With an 8 inch round fixed shower head and a smaller handheld shower head for personal showering, you’ll have every area covered, literally! This stunning matte black finish (that’s right, even the shower hose) is completely curved, even down to the handle and trim, making a really cohesive design. The pressure balancing valve means it works well in low water pressure areas and high water pressure areas alike.

The handheld shower attachment has 3 different settings, which include rain, massage, and rain+massage. These shower settings are ideas for kids, pets, and for cleaning too. There is also an anti-scald valve that adjusts the water temperature to the water gradually rather than instantly, which is perfect if you are showering your kids. This whole system is really easy to install and will make your shower stand out.

  • Matte Black finish
  • Curved design
  • Additional handheld attachment
  • Pressure balancing valve helps you stay safe
  • Black shower hose can lose its color over time

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Do the Work Yourself

Tradespeople and contractors can be pretty darn expensive, especially when it comes to jobs that require specialist skills.


… when it comes to fitting a bathroom space, there are very few elements that require specialist skills.

You can do pretty much all of the installation and the tasks yourself, for a fraction of the cost. For example, fitting new shower faucets are a simple task when you know what you are doing.

If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have the confidence, you can research the task beforehand and watch a video, like this one:

Source Good Value Items

When you are on a tight budget, it can be really tempting to buy cheaper items for your new bathroom, but as the old saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice.”

This is particularly true when buying items for your new bathroom.

When it comes to water and plumbing in items, the last thing you want is something that is poorly made and susceptible to breakage.

Instead, try to buy the best quality you can.

If you are on a tight budget, then hunt for items that are of high-quality materials but are on sale or reduced.

This will help keep costs down and will also prevent you from having to replace items in a few months’ time.

Make Small Changes

If you don’t have the budget or the time to worry about renovating your entire bathroom, then why not focus on some small changes instead?

Changing out your faucets for newer, stylish ones can make a significant impact on your bathroom and our thorough guide can certainly help.

New tiles will help to make the room appear cleaner, and a fresh lick of paint will brighten the place up.

There are lots of small changes that you can make that will make a big difference, and eventually, lots of little changes will amount to a new bathroom!

Invest in Key Items

If you have a small budget to play with, but you don’t know where to spend it, then we recommend investing in some essential items.

Using your money wisely and purchasing one or two key pieces will still make a big difference.

For example, if you love your showers and spend a lot of time in the shower, then why not invest in a power shower with massage spray functions?

If you spend a lot of time lounging in the bath, then invest in a roll-top, extra deep bathtub. While you are only investing in one or two key items, it will still have a significant impact on your lifestyle.

Change Up the Color Scheme

Giving your bathroom a coat of paint and a new color scheme can make a major difference to the room.

By accenting the color of your towels and accessories, you will be able to create a lovely design that people will be wowed by.

Add A Bit of Luxury

If you have a bigger budget for your bathroom but don’t want the hassle of a major project, then why not add a bit of luxury to your bathroom?

A new shower head with rainfall function? A toilet seat that acts like a bidet as well. A large, deep bathtub that you can lounge in for hours?

These high-end models are some of the many ways you can add a bit of luxury into your bathroom without completely renovating the room.

Do Your Research 

One way that people mess up their bathroom renovations is to buy with their hearts instead of their heads.

They don’t research their items before buying, and this ends up being a real mistake.

Instead of wasting your money like this, make sure you do your research.

You need to not only look and compare all of the features of each product, but you should also look at the customer reviews as well.

By comparing the best bathroom shower faucet sets, you can decide whether it is good value for money or just plain cheap.

These reviews will give you a better insight into how well made and how useful each bathroom item is.

Conclusion: Best Shower Faucets

So there you have it, our top 8 of the best shower faucets available on the market today.

Depending on the style options you prefer, you will find so many configurations to choose from in this list.

Whether it’s a fixed head square rainfall shower or a matte black curved shower unit, we’ve got them all!

But which one do we recommend?

With budget to spare, we would choose the Sun Rise Rainfall Shower Head System. The added luxury makes it an excellent choice and is well worth the investment, so we would happily pay for it!


… when you are buying your new shower faucet, be sure to check what is included in the kit.

Occasionally you’ll find that they don’t include a mixer, which can be an additional cost. Double-check before purchasing so that you aren’t disappointed when it arrives!

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