10 Best Shower Doors for a Spectacular Bathroom in 2023

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Take your pick from our top 10 of the best shower doors - 2023 reviews. A modern design that you and your bathroom deserve!
WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-MBL Frameless Sliding Tempered Glass Shower Door Designed for Smooth Door Closing
WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-MBL Frameless Sliding Tempered Glass Shower Door Designed for Smooth Door Closing
VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Frameless Easy Sliding Rectangle Shower Door With Reversible Handle nd Stainless Steel Hardware
VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Frameless Easy Sliding Rectangle Shower Door With Reversible Handle nd Stainless Steel Hardware
Delta Shower Door SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless Traditional Sliding Bathtub - Best Sliding Shower Door for Bathtub
Delta Shower Door SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless Traditional Sliding Bathtub - Best Sliding Shower Door for Bathtub

Best Shower Doors

Looking for the Best Shower Door on the market for 2023?

Every bathroom is different. Not just in size and decor, but also in features. Some have an elevated threshold, and others have tubs. So you have to know what glass shower doors fit your taste, your budget, and your space.

Good for you! Because in this article, we will give you:

  • The best frameless shower doors and framed types we found on the market;
  • How they rank against each other;
  • The metrics that we chose and how we came up with the verdict;
  • Answers to the frequently asked questions about sliding shower doors;
  • What specs and features to look out for when choosing the best swinging and sliding shower doors; and
  • So much more!

So pull up the shower curtain!

‘Cause the door’s wide open…

Shower doors are the best way to give your bathroom a good makeover.

You can experiment with different styles and designs. And it doesn’t take a genius to install them. The glass panel might look ominous, but careful handling is all that’s required.

So really, you can easily do it yourself.

Table of Contents

10 Best Shower Doors – 2023 Reviews

A shower door can do wonders to your bathroom. It’s not just about keeping the floor tiles dry. Sometimes it’s also about privacy. 

But most of the time, it’s about the aesthetics of your favorite room in the house.

You can install your door by yourself or with a friend. You can also get a professional to do it.

But whatever you do…

Make sure to read through the end of this article. We have some tips for you, along with how we came up with our verdict. So keep the water flowing…

Best Shower Door Reviews

1. Best Shower Door for BathroomWOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-MBL Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door (Editor’s Choice Award)

Dimensions 56-60 in x 76 in
Weight185 lbs
Glass Thickness½ inch thick
MaterialStainless steel, clear tempered glass
StyleSliding door, frameless design
Bottom LineGreat quality and design for an affordable price.
  • Stylish
  • Space saver
  • Durable
  • Slides smoothly
  • Minimal edge protection


This door is made of clear glass. Each panel is half an inch thick. And there’s a lot of good things to say about this product. 

First and foremost… 

We just love how it was intact when we received it. Since there was no visible damage from shipping, it meant that the product was durable. 

And the thickness of the glass panel has added to its strength.


The stopper creates a gap between the closed door and the wall. Yes, it would prevent the glass from shattering, but the water spills out through that gap.

That defeats the purpose of installing a shower door, right?

We hoped there was more protection along the edges, so the stopper didn’t have to be too thick.


It’s a little heavier than expected. A child would have a hard time opening and closing this door. It’s a slight breach of the overall convenience of this product.

The cleanliness and maintenance of clear glass are a little tricky too. And this product is no exception. But my colleague, the one who was brave enough to try this, said that it’s fine. It’s added work, but not too hard to do.

What else?

The installation manual is of great help. We found it easy to follow, and the work itself wasn’t hard.

And we’re all for the adjustable feature. My friend has a small bathroom, so he particularly liked that the product is customizable.

As for the design, it gave his bathroom a modern and elegant look. It was exactly what he wanted.

So overall…

This product is more than satisfying. We don’t regret every penny – and effort – we spent on it.

2. Best Shower Door for Easy SlidingVIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Door (Best Value Award)

Dimensions 56-60in x 74in
Weight244 lbs
Glass Thickness⅜ inch
MaterialClear, tempered glass
StyleSliding door, frameless
Bottom LineA stylish and durable door that slides smoothly.
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Durable
  • Very heavy
  • Difficult to install


This frameless sliding door is very durable and performs well. It keeps the water in the shower area, thanks to the colorless seal covering the overlap of the door and the stationary panel.

But the thing is…

The installation took us quite some time and a lot of effort.

The suspect is the weight of the panels. For such a thin piece of glass – thinner than what we expected from frameless sliding doors – 204 pounds is a wonder. It took us a few in-denial hours before we decided to call for backup.

In the end, we hired a handyman to assist us in installing this product.


It still gave us a good value for the price we paid.

The best thing about it is that the round rollers are very durable and smooth. Despite the weight of the mobile panel, the door still slides easily.

3. Best Sliding Shower Door for Bathtub Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless Shower Door (Top Pick Award)

Dimensions 51 to 60-in x 59-in
Weight75.2 lbs
Glass Thickness¼ inch
MaterialClear, frosted, or transition glass
StyleFrameless sliding door
Bottom LineThe dimensions of this frameless shower door are perfect for your bathtub.
  • Water spot-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Too thin panels


Most doors on the market are too tall for a shower area with a bathtub. Even more so for small bathrooms. If you need a shower door specifically made for small spaces…

You just found it.

The size of this product might just be what you’ve been looking for. But if you have a bigger shower area with a tub – no problem. You can adjust the width upon installation. 

It’s also easy to attach the panels because this product is very lightweight.

But be warned.

It’s pretty thin for a frameless variety. That explains the lightness but also indicates that it’s not the most durable door.

Just make sure to be careful with these.

Especially when cleaning it. We’ve read reviews about the glass shattering while they were wiping off the water spots. You just have to lessen your force, and you’ll be fine.

But the best thing…

The Delta shower doors have a variety of styles. 

My group of friends has different tastes. And when it comes to bathroom decor, we can’t disagree more if the modern clear tempered glass looks better than the classy frosted one.

So whether you want one or the other for your bathtub, this brand has a lot of offers for you.

4. DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X Shower Door (Best Shower Door for Spacious Feeling)

Dimensions 56 to 60-in x 76-in
Weight187.4 lbs
Glass Thickness⅜ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, brushed stainless steel railing
StyleFrameless sliding doors
Bottom LineGood for the price with simplistic and minimalistic design.
  • With stain-resistant coating
  • Durable
  • Too thin panels
  • Unadjustable
  • Difficult to install


The first thing we noticed…

It’s such a heavy product for a thin glass variety. And the panels are too thin for a frameless shower door.

So imagine our surprise when we found it very durable!

They’re sturdy enough, and when installed right, the fixed panel stands firm.

Speaking of installation…

It’s not the hardest product to attach to the threshold. But it still took us more hours than we expected. The best wannabe-handyman in our group had to re-attach a couple of screws a few times.

We recommend that you make sure the measurements are right because the manual isn’t clear about it.


We really like this door. It’s good at keeping the water from splashing out, and it doesn’t need too much cleaning because of the coating. Plus, the simplicity of the design will appeal to you if you’re a minimalist like my friend.

5. SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding Glass Shower Door (Best Shower Door for Two-Way Sliding)

Dimensions 48-in x 72-in
54-in x 72-in
60-in x 72-in
60-in x 57.4-in 
Weight106 lbs (average)
Glass Thickness¼ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, aluminum frame (brushed nickel)
StyleTwo-way sliding, framed door
ManufacturerSunny Shower
Bottom LineBest bypass door for a low price.
  • Slides both ways
  • Easy to install
  • Cheap
  • Thin panels


The glass used for the framed type is usually thinner than the frameless shower doors. But this product is even thinner than usual.

You need to be careful when cleaning it. And mind you – wiping off the stains is a must for this product. It doesn’t have the coating to prevent water spots.

But that’s fine…

When installed, it proved that it’s still sturdy. It held well and didn’t have leaks.

If your bathroom is smaller than most you might need to cut the framing a bit. You’ll find it a little difficult, but that’s thanks to the durable material. But besides that, this is one of the easiest doors to install.

And a big plus…

This brand offers a variety of sizes. So you don’t have to worry about whether it would fit or not.

If you want the bypass type that wouldn’t hurt your pockets, this is the one for you.

6. ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding Shower Door (Best Shower Door with Exterior Steel Handle)

Dimensions 58.6 to 60-in x 72-in
Weight184 lbs
Glass Thickness¼ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, aluminum frame, and handlebar
StyleFramed sliding door
ManufacturerElegant Home Supply Inc.
Bottom LineSliding door with the best handlebars.
  • Durable frame and handle
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Thin panels


For the price of this product, it’s okay. We even think it’s satisfactory. But the glass panel could be thicker.

Frameless doors are expected to have thick glass panels because they need durability. But this framed door didn’t have to be this thin. The panels aren’t sturdy even after installation. 

That took a few points from this product’s score.


The aluminum framing and the handlebar took the scene. Of all the other doors we tried, this one has the best frame and handle. We immediately noticed their quality upon attachment. 

It was easy and didn’t require professional installation. We thought it could be a one-man job if you had the skill. And the handlebar fit snugly.


No water splashes were escaping from the shower.

But since the handlebar was inevitably going to be wet, we observed its performance. It didn’t rust after a few weeks of use.

And the additional towel rail is very welcome! 

7. Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged Shower Door (Best Shower Door for Luxurious Destination)

Dimensions 24-in x 72-in
Weight61 lbs
Glass Thickness⅜ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, stainless steel hardware with oil-rubbed bronze finish
StyleHinged, frameless shower door 
Bottom LineA combination of classic and modern styles, perfect for a unique bathroom.
  • Sealed with clear vinyl strips
  • Lightweight
  • Durable hinges
  • Stylish
  • Not for smaller bathrooms
  • Thin glass


In a nutshell…

It’s a beautiful frameless shower door!

We really recommend this product if you can’t decide if you want classic or modern. The combination is pretty unique. 

And it didn’t compromise its effectiveness in keeping the water in.

The only problem…

If you have a small bathroom, you might want to save space. A swinging, hinged door might not be the best choice.

And this product’s too thin for a frameless shower door. It makes it more prone to breakage.

But that’s understandable.

The panel hangs from the hinge, so it has to be light. Or else, the door weighs down in the long run.

Even though the glass itself is risky, the hinges and handlebar are durable.

8. DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air Glass Shower Door (Best Shower Door for Saving Shower Space)

Dimensions 56 to 60-in x 76-in
Weight151 lbs
Glass Thickness⅜ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, brushed stainless steel hardware
StyleSliding; frameless shower door
Bottom LineThis is a great frameless shower door for saving bathroom space.
  • With stain-resistant coating
  • Durable hardware
  • Lightweight 
  • Difficult to install
  • Thin panels


Since it’s a frameless shower door, it should preferably be thicker. This product is pretty sturdy. But its durability is more from the quality of the stainless steel rail and rollers.

But then…

We thought it wouldn’t be that hard to install since it’s lightweight – but boy, were we wrong.

You will need to drill some holes on the threshold of my bathroom. Or else the water will keep on escaping from under your door because it won’t seal properly.

You might want to seek professional help with this one.

But it’s going to be worth it…

If the door is installed properly, it will perform well. There might still be a tiny leak, but it can be overlooked.

9. SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Sliding Shower Door (Best Shower Door for Modern Living)

Dimensions 60-in x 72-in
60-in x 76-in
60-in x 79-in
64-in x 76-in
Weight174.1 lbs
Glass Thickness⅜ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, stainless steel with brushed nickel finish
StyleSliding; frameless shower door
ManufacturerSunny Shower
Bottom LineMinimalist door with modern-design hinges for a low price.
  • With seal strips
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Cheap
  • Thin glass


Frameless shower doors generally look the same. Thanks to the uniform-looking glass.

But this product…

… has uniquely designed side hinges. The style would be great for a modern makeover to your bathroom.

Plus, the seal strips make it more effective in keeping the water in.


Additional glass thickness would augment its durability. It’s not that heavy anyway, which is also why it slides smoothly when you open and close it.

But it’s a really good deal for the price we paid. Especially since it was easy enough to install, so we just did it ourselves.

10. ELEGANT Double Opening Sliding Shower Door (Best Shower Door for Corner Bathroom)

Dimensions 36-in x 72-in
Weight118 lbs
Glass Thickness¼ inch
MaterialClear tempered glass, stainless steel hardware
StyleFramed; corner dual sliding door
ManufacturerElegant Home Supply Inc.
Bottom LineA durable and space-saving corner door.
  • Easy installation
  • Full-length magnetic door strips
  • Clear vinyl seals
  • Lightweight
  • Less durable


You’d want to give the framed shower door a chance when you see this product.

Why’s that?

Of all corner doors on the market, this has the best rail and handle and the smoothest rollers. They let the panels slide easily. It also helped that the glass is very lightweight.

The seals and magnetic strip effectively prevent water from splashing out. 


It’s quite impressive how you can open it on both sides. It’s not a functional advantage, but it sure looks cool!

Our only problem…

… is that it doesn’t seem to be as durable as the other products on our top list.

But we didn’t break it upon installation. It was relatively easy to do, especially for a corner glass door. So overall, we recommend this product to you.

A shower door is no trial and error thing. So check out this buyer’s guide for the top frameless shower door for you!

Why Trust Us?

Quality Glass Shower Doors

We’re not the type of guys who just go around buying shower doors.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Think of us as this really curious group of people who like doing small renovations to our houses now and then.

Before we purchased anything, we read online reviews first. We added the knowledge to our set of expectations before we judged the shower door that we used. Then we went around each other’s houses to inspect each product.

Take note…

We’re not engineers. We know some basics about tools and how to use them, so we could install the shower doors. But this means that what had been easy for us may be easy for you too!

So we did the hard – a little bit expensive – work so you wouldn’t have to!

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

How to Choose a Shower Door for Your Bathroom

1. The different types of shower doors

  • Framed shower doors vs. frameless shower doors

The framed shower doors are usually made of tempered glass. The framing adds more stability to it, so there’s no need for the glass to be thick. Hence, this type is generally cheaper.

The glass material used in frameless shower doors is thicker than the framed variety. They have to be because the lack of framing makes it more prone to breakage.

  • Pivot/Hinged vs. sliding shower doors

Pivot doors are the traditionally styled ones that we know. The doors are swung open and shut, pivoting according to your will. The hinges may be from top to bottom or side-mounted.

They’re less expensive because they require fewer materials, especially glass.

On the other hand…

The sliding door needs three glass panels to be completed, so they’re usually more expensive. Since the mobile door slides in and out of the stationary panels, it requires a smaller space.

Therefore, this type is the better choice for small bathrooms.

2. Features to look out for

The most important feature is the glass. You should inspect if it’s sturdy enough and less prone to breaking. Then, if it’s a pivot door, check out the hinges if they’re durable and smooth. If a sliding door, check the rollers.

Some shower doors boast edge protectors. They’re more secure, and the price difference isn’t too far.

Aside from those…

Some brands put handlebars that are either functional or aesthetic. Some types could augment your bathroom decor, while others pose as additional towel hangers.

3. Product and specifications explained

Shower doors are either glass or screen doors meant to prevent water from splashing from your shower area to the rest of your bathroom. Some people install them to have some privacy for when they take a bath.

There are different types and styles, as mentioned and described in this article, but each door has the following specs:

  • Dimensions – the length, width, and height of the whole, assembled door.
  • Weight – the weight of the door is mostly from the glass. Heavier shower doors don’t necessarily mean that they’re sturdier.
  • Glass thickness – generally, the thicker the glass, the more durable it is.
  • Material – the most common materials for the panel are tempered, clear, or plexiglass. The framing is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. Each type, especially glass, has different purposes and strengths or durability.
  • Style – a shower door may have different types, and each has its pros and cons. The best one for you would depend on the size of your bathroom and the form and function you wish to prioritize.

4. Other things to consider

The finish of the glass has a huge effect on your shower experience. The clear or tempered glass looks more modern and aesthetic, but it’s harder to maintain. At the same time, the frosted or tempered glass looks old-fashioned but adds more privacy and is easier to clean.

You should also choose between framed or frameless shower doors. They have very different aesthetics and very different prices.

Speaking of…

The price of the doors should be considered. Your budget will tell you what features you’re willing to let go of and what suits your needs most. 

5. Jargon buster

  • Tempered glass – AKA toughened glass is the type that was subjected to thermal and chemical treatments for increased strength.
  • Frosted – blurry glass with a semi-rough texture made by sandblasting or acid etching one clear glass side.
  • Brushed nickelbrushed finish or textured nickel achieved by brushing with a metal wire.

6. Shower door Top Tip(s)

  • Full-length clear seals will help augment your door’s waterproofing.
  • Check if the door has certified tempered glass. The added strength will keep your mind at ease when showering.
  • If you like the clear modern design but also want more privacy, just add shower curtains to your clear shower door.
  • If your door slants to one side and you can’t seem to fix it, get a professional to check if you have uneven walls.
  • All the hardware in the world will never compare to correct installation. So if you’re not confident about your DIY skills, go and get help.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the best thickness for a shower door?

Shower doors should be at least three-eighths of an inch thick and at most half an inch. Anything less would sacrifice its durability, and thick glass tends to be too heavy. 

Q. Which shower doors are easiest to clean?

Frameless doors are the easiest to clean. Dirt and mildew may accumulate at the frames of the shower doors, and the thin space makes it inconvenient to clean.

Q. Why is shower glass so expensive?

The materials used for these doors are expensive in themselves. Not to mention the processes they undergo to make them durable and of high quality. These doors have to be sturdy because glass is very dangerous when it breaks.


Looking for the best frameless shower door? Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you!

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Durable Shower Doors

1. Value for money

This type of product isn’t cheap. So we want the best value for every buck we let go of.

To come up with the following scores, first, we considered the price we paid. Then we weighed the overall durability and performance of the door. This metric is mainly based on the satisfaction that we got from using the product.

It also helps the product if it has unique features.

Best Value for Money Total Marks Out of 10
VIGO VG6041CHCL607410
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless model9
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X9
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding9
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding9
ELEGANT Double Opening9
SUNNY SHOWER Frameless design9
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air8
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged8

2. Durability

You don’t want glass shattering all over your bathroom, right? So we came up with this metric to compare the products based on the sturdiness of the glass, hinges, and other features.

Best DurabilityTotal Marks Out of 10
VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 10
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X10
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air9
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding8
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding8
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless design7
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged7
ELEGANT Double Opening7

3. Performance

You might ask how the performance of a shower door is measured.

We did it by judging if the product has fulfilled the purposes of shower doors. That includes keeping the water in the shower area and giving the user a sense of privacy. And other features depending on the style of the door.

Such as…

For sliding doors, does the glass slide smoothly? For the traditional design, does the door open right? And a lot of other criteria.

Best PerformanceTotal Marks Out of 10
VIGO VG6041CHCL607410
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless 9
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X9
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding9
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged9
ELEGANT Double Opening Sliding9
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding9
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air8

4. Convenience

This metric is about how the product has made life easier for us. My colleagues and I voiced our opinions about whether or not the product has given us more problems than solutions. All our comments were considered, then these scores were recorded.


The ease of cleaning and maintaining the quality of the shower door is weighed in with this metric.

Best ConvenienceTotal Marks Out of 10
VIGO VG6041CHCL60749
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless9
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding9
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air 9
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X 8
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding8
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged8
ELEGANT Double Opening Sliding8

5. Installation

If the product required professional installation, we gave it a low score in this metric. The doors with high “Installation” scores mean that those were very easy to assemble and attach to our bathrooms. 


We read the manual and gave it our best effort.

Best InstallationTotal Marks Out of 10
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless 10
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding10
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding 10
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged 9
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X 8
ELEGANT Double Opening8
VIGO VG6041CHCL60747
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air 7

6. Design

You know what they say…

The bathroom is the real living room. So, of course, we want our bathrooms to look cute while we shower, right? So we put this metric in to consider how stylish and aesthetic these doors are.

Best DesignTotal Marks Out of 10
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged 10
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless 10
VIGO VG6041CHCL60749
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X 9
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air 9
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding Glass 8
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding 8
ELEGANT Double Opening Sliding8

Our Final Verdict: Best Shower Doors on the Market


We bring you the total marks of the best frameless shower doors, best sliding shower doors, and other designs that we found on the market!

The Woodbridge brand towered overall because of its durability. Of the top frameless shower doors, this product is the only one with the standard thick tempered glass – and we’re sold!

But the others…

They have their pros and cons.

If you want a hinged door, the best designed Aston Cascadia shower door is for you. But if you’re on a budget, opt for a Sunny or an Elegant. And don’t forget the Delta for your bathtub.

Just take your pick among these elegant showers!

Best Shower DoorsTotal Marks Out of 100
VIGO VG6041CHCL607492
Delta SD3927408 Classic Semi-Frameless 90
DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X 88
SUNNY SHOWER 2 Way Sliding88
ELEGANT 58.5 – 60″ W x 72″ H, Sliding 87
Aston Cascadia SDR995 24″ x 72″ Hinged 85
DreamLine SHDR-64607610-07 Enigma Air 83
SUNNY SHOWER Frameless82
ELEGANT Double Opening Sliding82

Conclusion: Best Shower Doors

Best Shower Doors on the Market

We hope you enjoyed looking through this list.

But even more so…

We hope you found the door of your dreams. Almost all these doors have the width adjustment feature, so don’t worry about your bathroom size. 

We especially recommend Woodbridge to keep you at peace about durability. But if you don’t have the extra buck to spend on installation, opt for the Vigo.

Just go and get the door that your new shower deserves. 

The door opens to a better bathroom design for you and your family!