Top 5 Of The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets – Buying Guide

Is your toilet not working properly at the moment? Is it flushing more slowly? Have a leak? Generally, not up to the task of flushing away your waste? It might be time to upgrade your toilet. While you might think of this as a bit of a daunting task, choosing and installing a new toilet is not as difficult as you might think. Here, we are going to run through some of the best pressure assisted toilets. These toilets will be more effective than your current one, but they are easy to fit too!

As well as being better at flushing away waste, these toilets won’t increase your water bill or increase your headaches as you try to fit it. Instead, you will be able to easily and quickly replace your old toilet for new. But what sort of toilet should you be looking for? What components should you be focusing on, and what kind of functions should you prioritize? Let’s take a look. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following pressure assisted toilets:

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilet List

Now that you understand the different elements of a toilet, we are going to run through 5 of the best pressure assisted toilets that we have found and compare each of these toilets for their functionality and style. 

Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet

Kohler are renowned for their high tech toilets, and the Highline Classic Pressure Lite is no different. This toilet has a Pressure Assist flushing system that increases the pressure of the water that flushes down. It basically prevents any blockages from occurring because of the sheer amount of pressure that pushes the waste through the trap way. This 1.6 gallon per flush water system won’t hike your water bills up and will help you conserve water compared to your old, more traditional flushing toilet. 

The design of this toilet is a classic and simple design, yet the fact that it is available in different colors means that you will still be able to make a statement in your bathroom. The colors available are White, black, biscuit, and almond. The comfort height and the compact cistern allows you to fit this toilet into any space, while the pressure-assisted flush means you don’t have to be limited to your water pressure. 

  • Water-saving
  • Pressure assisted flush system
  • Comfort height
  • Seat not included
  • Additional hardware may be required to install this toilet

American Standard Cadet Pressure Assisted Toilet

American Standard have been making toilets for years, so they know what they are doing! The American Standard Cadet is no exception to this rule. With its 1.6 gallons per flush water consumption and its pressure assisted siphon jet action, this toilet will flush any blockage away easily. The trap way within this toilet is fully glazed, which reduces the friction between the waste and the trap way. 

The glaze itself is called EverClean, and it has an antimicrobial ingredient that stops germs from multiplying and creating stains or smells. This classic design toilet will be a great addition to any bathroom and is really straight forward to install. It even comes with the installation guide and additional wax ring too! 

  • 1.6 gallon per flush water consumption
  • Pressure assisted flush system
  • EverClean glaze
  • Wider than the average waste outlet
  • Exposed waste pipes can be difficult to clean

TOTO Drake Two Piece Toilet

The TOTO Drake is one of the best Pressure Assisted toilets on our list. It not only looks good but is really powerful too. This two-piece system has a single flush system that uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. However, the G-Max flushing system makes this feel like much more and easily eliminates any blockages and large waste. The trap diameter is 2 1/8 inches wide, which allows all the waste to transfer through easily. This toilet is available in 5 different colors, which include white, cotton, black, bone, and beige. These toilets normally sit slightly lower than standard toilets, so bear that in mind before purchasing. 

The best part about the TOTO range is that they are all compatible with their bidet toilet seats. These toilet seats have inbuilt technology, including cleansing wands, seat heaters, and inbuilt night lights. These seats can be easily installed onto any TOTO toilet and will completely transform your toileting habits! 

  • Modern design
  • Low water consumption
  • High-pressure flush
  • Can upgrade to TOTO bidet toilet seat
  • Toilet seat not included
  • Slightly lower seat position

TOTO Eco Ultramax One Piece Toilet

If you like the sound of the TOTO Drake, but you want a more eco-friendly version, then the Eco Ultramax is a great toilet for you. Using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, the 3-inch wide flush helps to produce MORE pressure than a standard toilet. This, when combined, provide enough pressure to remove any blockages and push waste through the system easily. This one-piece system means that all the elements are nice and compact, so there is less distance for the high-pressure water to travel through. 

The wide waste outlet and fully glazed trap way stops anything from getting stuck and also helps to prevent germs and odors. This toilet is available in 6 different colors, which are cotton, white, beige, bone, grey, and black. As with the Drake, this toilet is also compatible with the TOTO bidet toilet seat, although this will affect your water consumption and may not make it as environmentally friendly as you might otherwise imagine. 

  • Eco friendly
  • Water-saving
  • Pressure Assisted flush
  • One-piece system
  • Modern design doesn’t suit everyone
  • Not as easy to clean outside

Niagara Stealth One Piece Toilet

The Niagara Stealth toilet is called such because it has a wonderfully quiet flush system. You might be wondering why you need a quiet flush, but when you have the bathroom situated right next to your bedroom, or you have a small child that you NEED to sleep through the night then you will appreciate just how fantastic a quiet flushing toilet is! The Niagara is a one-piece toilet that has a sleek base that is easy to clean. The ceramic bowl and glazed finish means nothing sticks to the base and is easily flushed away. 

The water consumption for this toilet is only 0.8 gallons per flush, making it suitable for all States. The pressure-assisted flush system means that even though you are only using 0.8 gallons of water, you are still getting a really effective flush. The whole unit is easy to install, and because it is a one-piece system, you won’t be fiddling around trying to match up the bowl and the cistern. Overall, this toilet is great quality for the money. 

  • Very economical on water
  • Uses on 0.8 gallons of water per flush
  • Pressure assisted flush system
  • Waste outlet is narrower than others

Understanding How Your Toilet Works

Toilet components

While you might not think that you need to know how a toilet works, it will be useful to understand it, especially if it goes wrong! With most toilets, there are two main parts, the bowl, and the cistern. The cistern contains the water tank and the flushing components, while the bowl contains the waste disposal and the outlets. 

You can purchase a toilet in a one-piece set up or a two-piece system. It can be down to personal preference, and down to the space you have in your bathroom as to which setup you decide to go for. A one-piece toilet is fully molded into one design whereby both the cistern and the bowl are joined and are, therefore, more compact. A two-piece toilet is where the cistern and bowl are separately installed and can be replaced as and when they fail. They do take up more space and take longer to install, so consider this before purchasing.

Flushing system

There are several different types of flushing systems that are compatible with both one-piece and two-piece toilets. Single flush and dual flush systems have varying amounts of water consumption, and in some States, you can only install dual flush systems. While the single flush systems only use a set amount of water per flush, you can buy water-saving single flush systems that help you to reduce your water consumption and still have an effective flush. 

In some cases, you can change the flush mechanism within your cistern if it breaks. This will save time and money compared to replacing a complete toilet. However, you might want to watch a video on how to replace the flush mechanism before attempting it yourself. Here is a great video that will help to explain how to perform the job yourself.

Waste Removal

While it’s not a pleasant thing to talk about, we need to understand waste removal and how it relates to our new toilet. Simply put, your toilet will be connected to a waste pipe, and every time you flush your toilet, the waste will be pushed through this waste pipe. In some cases, these waste outlets are larger than others to help remove waste more effectively. If you do decide to buy a toilet with an extra-large waste, then make sure that the waste pipe that comes out from your wall or floor is the same width. Otherwise, you will need an extension piece. 

You can also buy toilets that have waste macerators attached to the rear of the toilets. This is designed to make the waste much smaller and easier to dispose of. These toilets usually work best in places where there isn’t a standard waste outlet, and the waste needs to be disposed of in a different way. These toilets are great for creating new bathrooms, for super small spaces and for new areas such as pool houses or guest bathrooms. 

Added Gadgets

If you are a bit of a gadget nerd (and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a gadget to make their lives easier) and want some gadgets for your bathroom, you will LOVE the gadgets and tech that come with some new model style toilets. The latest trend in toilet technology is incorporating the functions of a bidet and installing them into your toilet. 

These toilets have been inspired by Japanese toilets and contain all sorts of features such as inbuilt cleansing wands, seat warming functions, and even a nightlight so you can see where you are going in the dark. Most of these techy functions are built into the toilet seats and as such as still just as simple to install as a standard toilet. They may be a bit more expensive, but if you are looking to install this type of toilet instead of having both a toilet and a bidet, then it will be a much cheaper option (not to mention time-saving too). 


As we have shown, there is a lot of pressure-assisted toilets available for you to choose from. You don’t need to put up with lackluster flushes anymore! If you are looking for a high-tech pressure-assisted solution, then the TOTO Eco Ultramax One Piece Toilet is the option for you. If you are looking for something that will fit into any bathroom, then why not check? Out the Niagara Stealth One Piece Toilet. For us? We think we would have to go with the American Standard Cadet Pressure Assisted Toilet as our favorite pressure-assisted toilet. We hope you find the right toilet for you and have fun installing your new bathroom suite! 

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