Reviews For 5 Of The Best One Piece Toilets On The Market

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Finding the correct toilet for your new bathroom is no easy feat when there are so many different options to choose from. But do you fully understand the different types of toilets? Do you know which one you are supposed to be looking at to complete your bathroom look? Our thorough guide on how to choose the right toilet will help you with this.

We are going to run through the different designs and styles of the toilet, compare them, and then give you our top 5 of the best one piece toilet reviews. That way, you can feel more confident in choosing the best toilet for your bathroom. Whether you are renovating your entire house or just updating your toilet, we can help! 

In this article, we’re going to review the following one piece toilets:

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Styles & Types of Toilet Explained

So not only are there different types of toilets, but there are also different styles. To begin with, we will focus on the different types of toilets. 

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilet

You might see toilets described as one-piece or two-piece and wonder what it means. Basically, a one-piece toilet is molded and crafted into one unit while a two-piece toilet comes with the lower bowl and the upper cistern separately. There are pros and cons to both systems, but overall, they both work perfectly well and will wash your waste away while still looking stylish. 

While some people prefer the look of a two-piece toilet with a separate cistern, a one-piece toilet is much more beneficial for those with reduced space or those that are looking for an “easy to install” option. The one-piece toilets are also easier to maintain. The molding process of a one-piece toilet means that most of the water outlets and waste outlets are encased within the base of the bowl and are therefore less likely to leak. 

Single vs. Dual Flush Toilet

You can also get toilets with either a single flush or a dual flush along with a one-piece or two-piece option. A single flush toilet will use a set amount of water per flush to remove any waste. In contrast, a dual flush toilet will give you the opportunity to use either a smaller or more significant amount of water to flush away your waste. 

In some cases, a single flush toilet will be better suited to your needs. This could be that you want to install a toilet into a commercial property, or you want to replace your guest toilet. In other cases, a dual flush toilet will be better for you, and your water bill! Deciding how much water to use when you are flushing the toilet will help you to reduce your water bills and save money. But be warned, the more components in your cistern, the more likely the chance that something will go wrong. 

Save Water and Save Money?

As we stated above, a dual flush system will save you both water and money simply by allowing you to use less every now and again. There are also lots of eco versions of standard single flush toilets, which will reduce tour water consumption. The one thing to be mindful of with these toilets is that they sometimes don’t have enough power to remove waste fully, which can double the number of flushes. 

Some toilets have inbuilt technology and have worked on the science behind their flush systems so they can produce enough power without extra water. These “cyclone” style flushes increase pressure and still save you money. It’s worth taking a bit more time to research which toilets have these functions so that you can invest in the technology, rather than get frustrated by a lackluster toilet and end up replacing it in a few months’ time. 

Function Over Style

Finally, the fun bit! Looking for a style that will make your bathroom pop! But before you go for the funkiest looking toilet or the one with all the gadgets you could ever want (including a heated seat and air dryer built-in), you need to make sure that your new toilet is going to work for you. Researching all of the above points and deciding which is crucial to you will help you to narrow down your search. Then you can begin looking at style. 

Toilets come in hundreds of different styles and designs from period classics to quirky matte black pieces. Some of the more cutting edge designs only come in a one-piece style. This is to maintain the slick lines and style as well as providing ease of installation. When looking for a beautifully designed toilet, don’t forget that you need to factor in how easy (or difficult) it is to install. If you are worried about how good your DIY skills are and concerned that you won’t be able to fit a toilet, then why not watch this video and brush up on your skills?

Top 5 of the Best One Piece Toilets

If you have decided that a one-piece toilet is going to be the best fit for your bathroom, then you are in luck. We have found 5 of the top, one-piece toilets and have reviewed them so that you can compare the products and see which is the best fit for you. We have even summarised the pros and cons of each toilet so you can get a true feel for which is the best product, and which will look great in your bathroom. 

WOODBRIDGE Elongated One Piece Toilet

The Woodbridge Elongated One Piece Toilet is one of the sleekest you will see on the market. With a crisp box-like cistern and a cool curved bowl, this toilet will look stunning in any bathroom. But as we all know, there is no point in it looking good if it doesn’t work well! Thankfully the Woodbridge is also a quality item as well. The flushing system is a dual flush that allows you to use either 1 gallon of water per flush or 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This system boasts a super quiet flushing system, which is ideal for those late-night visits. 

The larger than average waste pipe means there will be no clogs, and the single molding technique that occurs with one-piece toilets limits the risk of a leak as well. The Woodbridge is very simple to install and plumb that you can easily perform the task yourself, no matter how limited your DIY skills are. 

  • Super modern design
  • Dual flush system
  • Super quiet flush
  • Easy to clean
  • Pre-installed toilet seat might not suit all styles, and you may want to replace it

WOODBRIDGE Square Design One Piece Toilet

Similar to the Woodbridge Elongated One Piece Toilet, the Woodbridge Square Design One Piece Toilet is also a great example of design and technology coming together. There are a few differences between the Square Design and the Elongated, the first and most obvious being the design. This toilet has a square bowl rather than a round bowl, and this actually makes the toilet smaller in dimension. This, in turn, makes the whole toilet more compact and more suitable for small areas. With the flush buttons being on top, this means you don’t need as much space on either side of the toilet for the flush handle and can squeeze it into any snug spot. 

This toilet also has a dual flush with 1 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush and has a siphon flush system, which makes for a quiet and pressured flush. The bowl and waste pipes are fully glazed to reduce friction as the waste washes away, and the risk of leakage is minimal in comparison to a two-piece unit. Overall this toilet design is so easy to keep clean and will not harbor germs in the crevices. 

  • Dual flush system
  • Water-saving
  • Perfect for compact spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • The design doesn’t suit all tastes
  • Chrome buttons can be difficult for those with mobility issues

Winzo Elongated One Piece Toilet

Do you find that your toilet is too low down for you? Then the Winzo might be able to help with that. This toilet’s sitting position is 17 inches high, which is almost 2 inches higher than other standard toilets. These added inches make for a much more comfortable seating position, especially for those that are taller than average. Along with this feature, you will also find the single flush system which only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which creates enough pressure to remove almost all waste instantly. 

The fully glazed trap way and spray siphon flush help to keep the bowl clean and germ-free with every wash. It is worth mentioning that this toilet has a slightly different waste outlet setup to other toilets, and because of this, you should measure your bathroom carefully to make sure the Winzo fits your space. 

  • Higher than average seat position
  • Compact unit
  • Siphon flushing system
  • Single flush system
  • Watch out for the dimension of the waste outlet

American Standard Town Square Toilet

Looking for a toilet that has more of a regal design? This American Standard Town Square Toilet won’t disappoint. Inspired by the classic American architecture that surrounds some of our most iconic cities, this toilet will sit very nicely in a period home or in period design. The toilet is still a one-piece system that helps to install it easily and makes it easy to clean too. As with all of the American Standard toilets, they pride themselves on being Water Sense Certified and use only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. 

The bowl is also coated with a specially formulated glaze that contains an additive that kills off any germs. This not only keeps it clean but also helps to reduce any smells that might occur. The Power Wash rim keeps the waste moving along, and the bowl sparkling clean, making this one of the cleanest toilets around. 

  • Period Design
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Specially formulated glaze to prevent germs clinging on
  • Not so easy to clean
  • Single flush system

KOHLER San Souci Toilet

Kohler is a great brand of toilet, and the San Souci is a fantastic example of their quality. This one-piece toilet system has everything molded into one, easy to install the unit, and the tapered bowl also makes it easy to clean. The single flush uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which helps to keep your water consumption down and your water bills down too. Kohler pride themselves on their Aqua Piston flush, which creates a swirling motion to cover the entire bowl and ensure it is clean at every flush. 

This compact design is really useful for smaller spaces, but do bear in mind that you will need a little more room on one side for the handle. This toilet is available in 9 different colors, including grey, black, stone, and white, so it’s suitable for all bathroom designs and styles. It even comes complete with a soft close toilet seat! 

  • Water-Saving
  • Aqua Piston flush system
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Single flush
  • Installation can be tricky


As you can see from our list, there are many different designs and styles available for a one-piece toilet. They can suit any color you require, any style you require, and any function you require. If you are looking for something to suit a period home, then the American Standard Town Square Toilet is going to help set your design scheme off perfectly. If you are after a toilet that can squeeze into the smallest of spaces, then you will want to consider the Woodbridge Square Design.

But for us? If we had to choose our favorite one-piece toilet from our list of the 5 best, we would have to go with the KOHLER San Souci Toilet. Kohler is renowned for its quality, so we know that we would be safe from leaks and problems with a Kohler. As ever, make sure you have researched your toilet correctly before buying and double-check your measurements! Good luck with installing your new bathroom and your new toilet! 

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