5 Of The Best Massage Shower Heads For Amazing Showering Experience

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Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse Massage Hand Held, 2.5 GPM, Chrome Detachable Shower Head with 7 Spray Settings and 5' Hose, XRO-763
Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse Massage Hand Held, 2.5 GPM, Chrome Detachable Shower Head with 7 Spray Settings and 5' Hose, XRO-763
Massage Shower Head With Mist - High Pressure, Massaging Rainfall & Adjustable Water Saving Nozzle, 2.5 GPM - Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Massage Shower Head With Mist - High Pressure, Massaging Rainfall & Adjustable Water Saving Nozzle, 2.5 GPM - Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage, Chrome Finish. Premium Pack
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage, Chrome Finish. Premium Pack

Are you tired of looking at your drab bathroom?

Maybe your shower is in need of replacing, but you don’t know where to start…

Do you wish you had a massage shower head instead of a lime scaled-up trickling head?

Well, you are in luck!

We believe that our list of best massage shower heads will meet your needs!

You can change up your bathroom in many ways without having to give up too much of your time or your cash.

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Top 5 of The Best Massage Shower Head Reviews in 2023

So, if you want to change your bathroom up but don’t have the budget, a new massage shower head could be the answer for you.

Here, we have selected 5 of the best massage shower heads available right now and compared each one.

We will give you the pros and cons of each item and a full rundown of the main benefits.

This will help you make an informed decision regarding buying your own massage shower head.

1. Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse Massage Shower Head

If your current shower head produces more of a drip than a pour, then the Waterpik Pulsating Shower Head will help you greatly. Designed to help improve your water pressure, it works by adding air into your stream of water and forcing it out with intense pressure. It boasts that the pressure can double in some cases and certainly provides a powerful massage setting. The Waterpik has 7 spray settings in total, including full-body, power pulse massage spray, and water-saving.

While the head of this shower might not be huge (at only 4.2 inches wide), the pressure increase certainly makes up for it. The unit comes with an adjustable bracket, which allows you to adjust the shower head height and remove it from the bracket to be used as a handheld option. This shower head comes with a 5-foot flexible hose, which we recommend you use to replace your old hose. You will often find that old hoses have sediment and limescale inside them, which can affect your water pressure. This whole system is easy to install and will only take 10 minutes tops to replace the entire thing.

  • Doubles your existing water pressure
  • Has 7 different spray settings
  • Comes with new hose
  • Small shower head
  • Basic in appearance

2. Massage Shower Head Multi-Functional

Similar to the Waterpik, this Massage Shower Head is traditional in appearance. It attaches straight onto the wall outlet and provides you with 6 different high-pressure sprays. Using your existing water pressure mixes it with water to make a higher pressure spray. These spray settings include blast and mist, gentle mist, saturating blast, blast and massage, high-pressure massage, and water-saving flow. The water-saving function is particularly useful for those who want to reduce their water usage and water bills.

The unit itself is made from thermoplastic resin and comes in a range of colors such as oil-rubbed bronze, chrome finish, and brushed nickel. The brass threads allow you to adjust the shower head direction to suit your height and aren’t likely to rust or corrode. The installation time of this shower head minimal. All you will need is some Teflon tape to ensure there are no leaks.

  • Variety of colors
  • Great for high-pressure massage
  • Water-saving function
  • Wider than usual head circumference
  • Not as flexible as others
  • Not suitable for all states

3. Culligan Wall Mounted Shower Head

You are looking for a wall-mounted shower head that is easy to clean AND unlikely to scale up? The Culligan Wall Mounted Shower Head fits both of those criteria. This shower head doesn’t succumb to limescale or mineral buildup because it has a separate filter inside that removes any debris before it gets to the shower head. This results in a cleaner shower for you and a longer-lasting head for your shower. These cartridges do need replacing, but you will find that you only have to do it every 6 months or so.

The head itself is made from chrome with silicon nozzles which produce a fantastic spray in 5 different shower settings. While the shower head is small, it is still powerful and works well with a 2 gallon per minute pressure. The installation is simple and requires no tools; anyone can replace it easily.

  • Additional filter helps reduce sulfur odors and chlorine
  • Cleaner water to wash with
  • 5 spray functions
  • Filters last up to 6 months
  • The surface area of the shower head is small
  • Filters can be costly

4. Waterpik Original Massage

This classic handheld shower head is a great combination between a handheld option and high water pressure. Made in a durable chrome finish, this handheld shower is great for those more flexible jobs such as washing your hair or washing your pets. The in-air technology helps to increase the pressure, and this can be felt across all 6 spray modes. These are full-body, power spray, full-body + massage, pulsating massage, slow massage setting, and water-saving trickle.

The headset itself is only 9.5 inches long, and the shower head is 3.4 inches in diameter, enabling the water pressure to be higher. The system itself comes with a hose and adjustable wall bracket, which can help you to change the height and direction of the spray. This system has everything you would need for a massage shower head system.

  • Available in 2 different water capacities (1.8 and 2.5 gallons)
  • Fully flexible
  • Nice chrome finish
  • Great value for money
  • Small head circumference
  • The bracket can be fiddly to install

5. Handheld Wassern Stainless Steel Shower Head

Looking for a shower head that has a bigger surface area for the spray to power through? The Wassern Handheld is an ideal option. With 81 nozzles of super high-pressure water and 7 different spray settings, this handheld shower head will tick all your showering requirements. Ideal for low-pressure areas, this head uses an in-air filter and mixes it with the existing water to create a high pressure spray. The different sprays include massage and inter spray so you can focus the pressured sprays onto one particular spot.

The overhead bracket is fully adjustable so you can move the shower around while using it and the extra-long flexible shower hose will help you reach around the whole of your body, and more! There is also a water-saving massage mode available on this shower head, which will help you reduce your water consumption and your water bills.

  • 7 different spray functions
  • Wide shower head surface
  • Two colors available
  • Extra-long hose
  • Not compatible with all shower types
  • Installation guide isn’t straight forward

Upgrading Your Bathroom Without Major Work (or major cost)

There are many ways to upgrade your bathroom, from giving the walls a new coat of paint to installing a new shower head.

You don’t need to pay out deep pockets for a luxurious look!

We have some fantastic tips to help you upgrade your bathroom without major work or major costs.

From our round-up list, you’ll be able to choose the best massage shower head for your new bathroom.

Because, let’s face it, that shower is going to be the first thing you’ll be using!

Do the Work Yourself

The simplest way to save money when you are installing a new bathroom is to do the work yourself.

Paying for a tradesperson can not only be expensive, but it can also be time-consuming.

Waiting for them to become available, trying to ensure the parts are ordered, and generally managing the project can all take time.

This time can be better spent getting on with the task.

There are very few jobs that you can’t do yourself in a bathroom renovation. One particular job that we recommend you DO hire a tradesperson for is the electrics.

No one wants to be playing around with live wires, so it’s worth investing in a professional to take a look.

If you aren’t sure about performing a specific job or you are worried that your skills aren’t up to the task, always be eager to learn and do a bit of research to help you gain some new skills.

There is a whole wealth of information online that will teach you how to change a shower head or how to tile your walls.

Try to learn as much as you can so you can gain confidence in your DIY skills and save yourself some money.

Look at this video to install a dual shower head system and gain some invaluable skills.

Buy in Bulk

A good way to save money, especially when it comes to buying items for your bathroom, is to buy in bulk.


… you don’t want ten toilets, but buying an entire bathroom suite as a set is often cheaper than buying the items separately.

You will be able to get a better discount on the set than you would each individual item, and it saves a lot of time having to shop around for matching units.

Buying tiles and decorating items in bulk is also much cheaper.

Why not have a look at the other rooms around your house and see where you can double up on the tiles to get a bigger discount?

Or even better…

Join up with a neighbor or friend and see if they want to buy into a bulk order with you? Not only will you share the discount, but you can share the delivery costs too.

Buy Online

If you’re lucky, you can take up a good deal at your local hardware store on a bathroom item, but let’s face it, and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a good deal online.

By buying your bathroom items online, you can not only save money but also research each item as you purchase it.

When looking at items online, remember that buying cheap means buying twice, so look at the reviews and the additional information.

Then, you will be able to make an informed decision based on the cost and knowledge you have.

Don’t forget to add on delivery charges and check out any coupons or cashback you can benefit from.

Upgrade Key Elements

If you are really strapped for cash, then why not focus on upgrading the key elements in your bathroom?

This will not only save you money but will save you time as well.

Simply by putting a coat of paint on the walls or updating the toilet, you can get a whole new look for your bathroom without spending it out.

One major improvement that you could implement quickly and cheaply is to change your shower head.

There are lots of different styles of shower heads available such as a fixed overhead shower head or a power massage shower head.

Due to their simple design, these heads are easy to replace but really do make a major impact on the look and design of your bathroom.

Conclusion: Best Massage Shower Heads

Those are our top 5 massage shower head systems that we believe are the best on the market right now.

But which one would we choose?

For us, the best massaging shower head would have to be the Culligan Wall Mounted Shower Head.

We like to know that our water is free from any impurities when we shower, making us feel cleaner for longer.

Each of the shower heads on this list will be a real asset to your bathroom, so no matter which one you choose, your shower experience will undoubtedly improve!