7 Of The Best Low Flow Toilet Reviews

Do you remember those carefree days when all you had to worry about was how much gas you had in the tank of your car to get you to the movies? Do you remember how excited you were when you bought your first home and got to do some DIY? Who would have thought that now, so many years on, you are so grown up and responsible that you are reading the Top 7 of the Best Low Flow Toilet Reviews?! 

With a home, ownership comes more responsibly and tasks that you never thought you would have to do before. Replacing a toilet or upgrading your bathroom is one such task. So now you need to find out as much as you can about toilets, how they work and try to pick the right one for your bathroom. Luckily for you, have some great advice coming up! 

In this article, we’re gong to review the following low-flow toilets:

Top 7 of the Best Low Flow Toilet Reviews

American Standard H2Option Two Piece Toilet

American Standard is a classic manufacturer that is synonymous with good American products. You’ll find them in so many bathrooms across the country that you’ve probably used them all your life and not even known about it! The American Standard H2Option is no ordinary toilet, though. This toilet has a powerful flushing system that counteracts the low flow of your current water pressure and helps to remove your waste without any fuss. You’ll find two flushing options for this toilet, a 1 gallon of water per flush, and 1.6 gallons of water per flush option, both of which save a huge amount of water in comparison to the older model toilets. 

The American Standard H2Option has a classic look to it with an elongated bowl and rounded water tank. It is a two-piece system that makes it easy to install, but you do need to ensure that the bowl and the tank line up perfectly. Don’t panic, though. The H2Option comes with an installation guide that is easy to read and simple to follow. Overall, this toilet is a great classic that will suit any bathroom. 

  • Classic design
  • 2 flush options
  • Water-saving
  • No hidden trap way can be hard to clean
  • Standard sized waste trap

American Standard H2Option Toilet in Bone

Almost identical to the original American Standard H2Option, this is the Bone colored version. With all the functions that the classic had, this toilet is simply bone in color and therefore, may suit different color schemes. The flush system is still very much suitable for people with low water pressure, and the two flush options mean that you can tailor it to whichever type of waste you are flushing away. The siphon flush system not only gives it more power as it flushes, but it also uses more holes beneath the rim to power it all around the bowl. 

The bowl itself is fully glazed, which reduces friction and helps to add pressure to the flush. This Ever Clean glaze is not just high gloss, but it also has an anti-bacterial element in it, which stops the spread of germs and helps keep odors at bay as well. The seating position on this toilet is 15 inches, and unlike some other toilets, the seat does not come as standard with these models. Do remember when buying a seat that it should have a round shape rather than an elongated one as this will fit much more snugly and be more comfortable. 

  • Classic design
  • Available in white and bone
  • 2 flush options
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Seat not included
  • Floor fixings not included

Niagara Stealth Toilet

If you are worried about low water pressure, but you still want to use as little water as possible, then the Niagara Stealth Toilet might be the right one for you. This toilet not only provides you with a high-pressure flush, but it does so with only 0.8 gallons of water per flush. That’s right, the tank itself only flushes through 0.8 gallons while the siphon jets situated around the bowl do the rest. They create a swirling pressure flush, which helps remove everything from the bowl and into the waste pipe. 

Made from strong and durable china, this toilet has an elongated seat and a super quiet flush system. Because this is a two-piece system, it comes with the tank and the bowl separately. You will have to install these individually when you get your toilet home, but don’t panic because there are plenty of video tutorials on how to install a two-piece toilet. Overall, the pressurized technology that goes into this system, along with the low water consumption of this toilet, makes it very appealing. 

  • High-pressure flush system
  • Low water consumption
  • Classic design
  • Wax seal not included
  • Floor fixings not included

Kohler Cimarron Aqua Piston Toilet

Kohler are known worldwide for their high-end products which is why we think that if they bring out a pressure-assisted toilet, you know it’s going to be good. What is brilliant about the Kohler Cimarron is that not only does it have a pressurized flush system, but it is also a really compact and functional design too. The shorter tank and the elongated toilet seat means that it doesn’t draw attention to itself. Plus, it is available in 7 different colors, which means it will blend in nicely to any style of bathroom. 

This toilet comes with the comfort height seating position as standard. This position is great for all heights, and so would be a perfect addition to family bathrooms. The bowl is also glazed fully to help prevent any waste from sticking to it. This helps in two ways, the first being that it stops any friction occurring when the water swirls around and the second being that it stops germs from collecting on the surface of your bowl and multiplying. This toilet is not only subtle in design but is also great in function too. 

  • Subtle design
  • Pressure assisted flush
  • Small water tank
  • Elongated toilet seat
  • Comfort height seating position
  • Doesn’t come with a toilet seat
  • Doesn’t come with additional floor fixings

TOTO Promenade Toilet

This classically designed toilet would really suit a period home or a period style bathroom design. This toilet may look classic, but it really does have all the functions you could need from a pressure-assisted low flow toilet. The TOTO toilet has a 1.28 gallon of water per flush capacity, making it a water efficient toilet. It is even Water Sense Certified thanks to the limited amount of water it uses to perform the task f flushing your waste away. It uses the Tornado flush system to create additional pressure, which enables waste to be flushed away with ease. 

The soft close toilet lid is an absolute godsend for those with children who get up for those late-night toilet breaks as it prevents the lid from slamming down and closes gently. The bowl is glazed with a special Cefiontect glaze, which is an anti-bacterial and super high gloss, so there is no friction as the water swirls around the bowl. Overall, this toilet gives a great flush and will look great in any period home. 

  • Classic design
  • Water Sense Certified
  • High gloss glazed bowl
  • Tornado flush system
  • No installation guide

Woodbridge One Piece High Pressure Toilet

Worried that function is going to take over from design when looking for a low flow toilet? Think again! The Woodbridge One Piece High-Pressure Toilet is a gorgeously designed toilet that has smart curves, sleek lines, and conceals all the mechanics of your toilet away behind a skirted base. Talk about easy to clean?! The flushing system has a super-powerful mechanism that increases the pressure as it flushes and sends it down through many holes underneath the rim of the toilet bowl. This, in turn, creates a swirling vortex of pressure to wash away any waste. 

As well as being powerful, the Woodbridge is very economical as well and is Water Sense Certified. It has a comfort height seating position, ideal for all family members, and has a soft close toilet seat option too. The best part about the Woodbridge is that it comes with everything you need to be able to install and maintain your toilet. In fact, some of the items, such as the toilet seat and the water fittings, are already installed when you receive your toilet. 

  • Modern design
  • Comfort height seating position
  • High-pressure flush system
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Higher-end of our budget
  • Flush buttons can be tricky for those with limited mobility

TOTO Drake Two Piece Toilet

Another great toilet from Toto, the Drake two-piece is a bit more traditional in style and might suit other room designs better. It still has a brilliant double cyclone flushing system, which adds the pressure that your water lacks. It also boasts a quiet flush system too. The 1.6 gallons of water per flush means that you will be saving a great deal on your water bills if you are replacing your toilet from an older model. 

The Toto Drake comes in 4 different colors: cotton white, bone, colonial white, and Sedona beige. Remember that by choosing an off white toilet, you will also need to purchase the same color toilet seat. With this in mind, we recommend that you always buy a toilet seat from the same manufacturer as your toilet. 

  • Classic design
  • Double Cyclone flush system
  • Water Sense Certified
  • Much more economical than an older model
  • Available in different colors
  • Not all toilets come with a seat
  • Floor fixings not included

Water Pressure Explained 

The first thing you need to think about when you decide to upgrade your bathroom is what sort of water pressure you have. This is one of the most crucial elements in bathroom design, and one that most people miss and then wonder why their toilets don’t work as well, or their faucets aren’t running properly. If you have recently bought your home, then you will be able to see from the surveyor’s paperwork what sort of water pressure you get. If you don’t know what sort of water pressure you have, then you can get in touch with your local planning department, who will be able to look it up for you. 

The problems that arise when you have low water pressure is that you need to counteract that low pressure by using specialized appliances such as low water pressure faucets and low water pressure toilets. It is particularly important that you install a toilet that accommodates low water pressure; otherwise, you will not be able to flush the waste away properly. Low water pressure toilets are easy to come by and will provide more pressure when flushing. This, in turn, will push the waste away properly and won’t block your waste outlet. 

Water Quality Explained 

Water quality is another thing to consider when upgrading your toilet. Lots of homes have water filters installed near to where the water enters your home, but in some cases, you might need to filter the water as it leaves your faucets or shower. There are lots of filter options available from add on’s for faucets to filter systems that help to reduce debris as it works its way through your water system. 

It is worth thinking about how much the water quality will affect your toilet and think about the level of maintenance you will need to perform every so often. Poor water quality means that your toilet system can get blocked up with limescale and other debris, particularly around the water inlet pipe. These pipes aren’t very wide, and even a small amount of limescale build-up can cause the water to flow less, especially in a low water pressure area. Because of this, check your pipes regularly and where possible, upgrade to wider pipes that allow more water through at any one time. 

One last thing to think about with poor water quality is the stains you might find in your toilet bowl. There are lots of ways that you can get rid of these hard water stains, but also think about how you can prevent them from occurring in the first place. Some high-quality toilets have a special anti-bacterial glaze inside the bowl, which prevents stains from clinging on and helps to keep a cleaner toilet. It is worth investing extra in this sort of technology so that you can benefit from it in the long run. 

How to Save Water In Your Bathroom 

Saving water and considering how we use it is vital in today’s climate. Water is such a valuable commodity that needs to be used wisely, which is where water-efficient bathrooms become an absolute must. Here are some ways that you can save water in your bathrooms. 

Your Toilet

Lots of toilets now offer reduced sized water tanks and lower flushing systems. But these can be tricky to use when you are limited to a low flow water pressure system. So instead of going for a higher flush capacity, think about choosing a toilet that caters to low-pressure areas. These toilets will combine an efficient water amount and some effective technology to increase the pressure in your toilet rather than increase the amount of water used. 

You can also use less water in a toilet by choosing a glazed bowl. This might sound strange, but actually, a glazed bowl works well in two ways. The first is that it causes less friction for the water to swirl around. This reduced friction means the water can increase in pressure as it swirls rather than decreases in pressure. The second way it works is that it also helps to stop any waste from sticking to the bowl and causing added friction. 

Your Faucets

Water-efficient faucets are easy to come by these days, with so many manufacturers choosing to make these as standard. In fact, you’ll find that most of the companies will try to comply with a Water Sense Certification. Water Sense Certified products have to follow a set of criteria that ensures they use the minimum amount of water while working to it’s fullest. By installing Water Sense Certified faucets, you will be able to reduce your water consumption easily. 

Your Shower

As with your bathtub and sink faucets, you can also buy Water Sense Certified showers. These use less water per minute (usually around 1.28 gallons of water per minute) and help you to not only use less water but also help lower your water bills too. Many water-efficient showers have additional features and technology that help overcome the low water pressure. This means that even if you choose a water-saving product, it won’t make any difference to the performance. If you love a nice massaging shower, then they can still accommodate that AND help you use less water.


And that is our top 7 of the best low flow toilets. We really think that there is a toilet for everyone on this list, but if we had to choose one for our bathrooms then it would probably have to be the Kohler Cimarron Aqua Piston Toilet. We love the design of the toilet and really think that the Aqua Piston technology could counteract our low flow water problem. If you are unsure whether you have low pressured water or not, then why not take some time today to research your local area and see what the water is like? 

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