6 Of The Best Handheld Shower Heads with Slide Bar On The Market

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PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Shower System with 8
PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Shower System with 8" Rain Showerhead, 5-Function Hand Shower, Adjustable Slide Bar and Soap Dish
Delta Faucet 9-Spray ADA-Compliant Slide Bar Hand Held Shower with Hose, Stainless 51900-SS
Delta Faucet 9-Spray ADA-Compliant Slide Bar Hand Held Shower with Hose, Stainless 51900-SS
Moen 3669EP Showering Acc - Core Eco-Performance Handheld Showerhead with 69-Inch-Long Hose Featuring 30-Inch Slide Bar, Chrome
Moen 3669EP Showering Acc - Core Eco-Performance Handheld Showerhead with 69-Inch-Long Hose Featuring 30-Inch Slide Bar, Chrome

Let’s face it; there is always at least one room in the house where we think, “I’ll just shut the door and get round to decorating that at a later date.”


If you feel this way about your bathroom, then chances are that you can’t just close the door and ignore it.

You need to renovate your bathroom! Worried about the budget?

Don’t be!

Worried about the time implications? We can help with that. You were concerned about where to start?

Follow along…

We believe that everyone can perform at least some DIY in their own homes, and if your bathroom needs renovating…

What’s a better place to get some hands-on skills?!

By renovating and installing your own bathroom, you will be able to save both time and money.

And we’ll guide the way for you! In addition of going through a list of the best handheld shower heads with slide bars.

Let’s talk it through and see where and how to start. 

Top 6 Best Handheld Shower Heads with Slide Bar in 2021 – Reviews

If you are looking for a new shower head or the best rain shower head and handheld combo, then let’s get started and take a look at some of these products that we have reviewed for you!

1. Best Overall Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai Shower (Editor’s Choice Award)

If you are looking for a system that has it all, then the Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai Shower has it all! This shower provides a great showering experience from every angle consisting of a fixed overhead shower head, a handheld shower head, and a sliding bar with bracket. The overhead shower head is positioned overhead, and although it is fixed, you can still angle it to suit your needs. The head itself is 8 inches wide and has a rainfall spray effect, which completely saturates you. The nozzles within the shower head are made from silicone, which can be rubbed clean to remove any debris. 

The handheld shower head also has silicone nozzles, although the head size itself is smaller. This shower head has 5 different spray settings, including jet, wide, wide & jet, massage & wide and massage. It’s the color and stature of this shower available in both polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. It gives it its opulence. Overall if you are looking to overhaul your shower completely, then the Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai Shower is a great product. 

  • Two shower heads
  • Fixed showerhead offers rainfall effect spray
  • The handheld shower head offers 5 additional spray settings
  • Comes with slide bar
  • Compatible with most showers
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not water saving

2. Delta Faucet 9 Handheld Shower with Slide bar (Best value Award)

If your budget is on the smaller side, but you still want a shower that can adjust to multiple heights, then the Delta Faucet 9 will fit the bill. This shower had a sturdy handheld shower head that fits nicely into a bracket on a slider bar. This bracket can be moved up and down to adjust the height of your shower, and the shower head itself can also be tilted to angle your spray to the perfect angle. The shower is available in 3 different colors, which are stainless steel, chrome, and Venetian bronze. 

The showerhead itself has 9 different spray functions. These include functions such as full body spray, soft body spray, full spray with massage, fast massage spray, and soft drenching spray. The nozzles on the handheld shower head are made from silicone, which can be rubbed clean. This shower comes with a particularly long hose (82 inches at it’s longest), meaning that even the tallest person will be able to shower comfortably with the Delta Faucet 9. 

  • 9 spray settings
  • Fully adjustable
  • Silicone nozzles
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Narrow spray stream
  • Some parts have to be bought in addition

3. Moen 3669EP Handheld Shower Head (Top Pick Award)

While the Moen might not be the highest-tech shower on the market, it is ideal for those who are conscious of the amount of water they consume in the shower. A Water Sense Certified shower system, this eco shower still provides some great features such as 4 different spray settings and a fully adjustable height and angled showering experience. The handheld shower head is mounted in a bracket onto the shower head slider and, thanks to the extra-long hose, can be positioned as high as you like. 

Available in chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze, this shower will suit every bathroom. These colors are coated with a hard-wearing finish, which makes them rust-resistant and unlikely to suffer from corrosion. In fact, Moen is so confident that their showers won’t break or tarnish that they offer a lifetime warranty. This shower head consumes 2 gallons of water per minute, which provides a strong spray without consuming too much water in the process. 

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Extra-long hose
  • 4 different spray settings
  • Water-saving
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Small shower head at only 4 inches
  • A simple design may not suit more high-end bathrooms

4. Egret shower Handheld Shower Head and Rainfall Head Combo

Now this shower ticks both the functions box and the budget box. Consisting of 2 different heads, you have the option of a fixed rainfall effect shower head or a handheld shower head to choose from. The fixed head sits on a ball joint, which enables it to be maneuvered to your desired angle. This 5-inch wide spray head provides a rainfall spray, which completely saturates you from overhead. When you are ready for some more isolated washing, you simply pick up the handheld shower from the bracket. 

The handheld shower has 5 different functions, such as rain, massage, and bubbling. These spray settings are easily adjusted mid-flow and can be altered using a handle on the side of the head itself. The handheld shower is mounted on the slider bar, which sits underneath the fixed shower head and has a 5ft shower hose so you can stretch it as far as you need. 

  • Two shower heads
  • Both fully adjustable
  • Handheld shower head has 5 spray functions
  • Slider bar and hose included
  • Installation guide included
  • Not compatible with all systems
  • Check the pipe widths before buying

5. KES Shower with Slider Bar

The KES is excellent value for money and also has the benefit of looking pretty chic as well. This handheld shower comes with a slider bar so you can adjust it to any height you like making it suitable for children and adults. The extra-thick bar promises to be sturdy and not warping, unlike some other cheaper brands. The handheld shower comes in a polished chrome finish and has 5 different spray settings. These settings are rainfall shower, power, massage, gentle bubble, and gentle bubble & drip. 

The shower comes with a super long hose, which is great for those all-purpose showering tasks such as washing your pets or doing laundry. We always recommend that you change the hose when you replace your shower. This is because it gets rid of any limescale you might have in your old hose, which could block up the new shower head. The sleek lines of this shower make it really stand out and is well worth the money. 

  • Great value for money
  • Handheld shower and slider bar combo
  • 5 different spray functions
  • Comes with the extra-long hose
  • Basic design
  • Suitable as an add on to a fixed head shower setup

6. Lordear Double Head Shower

This dual shower head system has both a fixed shower head and a handheld shower head. These heads are both large and therefore provide an extensive spray of water. Both heads have 5 different shower spray functions that feature bubbles, massage, and spray. The fixed head is positioned on a ball joint, which helps you to angle it to the right position while the handheld shower can be removed from its bracket and used independently. 

The two-way diverter means you can use both of the shower heads simultaneously, providing you with even more spray and pressure. You can easily adjust this on the slider head itself mid-shower, so there is no need to worry about getting cold! While this might sound great, it does mean that this shower isn’t very water-saving, nevertheless, it is great value for money. 

  • 2 shower head system
  • Both heads can be used at the same time
  • 5 shower spray functions
  • Slider bar included
  • Additional tools might be needed to install
  • Not compatible with all systems

Looking to Upgrade Your Bathroom?

Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom because it is outdated or you want to upgrade it because it’s not to your style just because you aren’t a professional plumber doesn’t mean you can’t do the jobs yourself!

Nowadays, most bathroom elements such as toilets, showers, and faucets are designed SPECIFICALLY so that you can install them easily.

No certificates, no training, just you and a wrench!

But where do you start? Which part of your bathroom is going to need the most attention? 

Areas to Consider

Firstly, you might want to think about your water consumption.

While you might want your bathroom to look pretty, a high water bill is much more critical.

Replacing your bathroom suite with alternatives that consume less water is much more beneficial for your bank balance in the long run and is definitely an area to consider. 

If your bathroom is already pretty efficient, then why not look at some of the more decorative areas of your bathroom?

Choosing to redecorate with a coat of paint or installing new tiles that are more up to date with the rest of your home is another area that could do with serious consideration. 

The Best Toilets

If you want to change your toilet for a newer, sleeker model, then there are a few things to think about.

The first is whether you need a one-piece or a two-piece system.

Basically, a one-piece system is a toilet that is molded from one piece of porcelain, whereas a two-piece toilet comes with a separate bowl and cistern.

The one-piece is the easiest to install, but some prefer a two-piece as they can swap out the bowl or the cistern as and when they wish. 

Look for a toilet that is low in water consumption, fully glazed inside, and has a wide waste pipe.

These elements will prevent your toilet from blocking and will reduce the amount of time you spend fixing it! 

The Best Faucets

Faucets come in so many different shapes and size that it can be hard to compare them all, but our ultimate faucet guide will certainly be of your help.

Shower faucets come in small handheld formats to enormous fixed ceiling rainfall effect formats. You also need to consider some other elements as well as choose a faucet for its style and design. 

You need to ensure that your shower head is water saving.

In many states, you aren’t allowed to install a shower head or faucet that uses over a certain amount of water per minute (for your State guidelines, check online).

You also need to ensure that the faucet is compatible with your existing sink or bathtub. 

Some bathtubs and sinks come with predrilled holes, and you need to make sure a new faucet will fit this.

The same goes for showers and shower heads. Ensure that all your faucets are compatible before purchasing and, in particular, check the pipes’ width as this can vary greatly from brand to brand. 

Conclusion: Best Handheld Shower Heads with Slide Bar

So there you have it, all 6 of our best rain shower head and handheld combo showers.

We have provided you with a wide range of styles and budgets which will suit your bathroom.

Each of these systems suits different showering requirements, so choosing the right one is an entirely personal preference.

But as for us? 

Well, seeing as we have kids AND pets that need showering off on a regular basis, we would choose the Pulse ShowerSpas Kauai Shower.

It not only looks great, but it also suits our lifestyle and provides both a luxurious shower to stand under AND a functional handheld shower for all those additional tasks.

We hope you enjoy your new shower and appreciate having a nice new bathroom too! 

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