6 Of The Best Handheld Shower Heads For Low Water Pressure

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HO2ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low Pressure Water Supply Pipeline, Multi-functions, w/ 79 inch Hose
HO2ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low Pressure Water Supply Pipeline, Multi-functions, w/ 79 inch Hose
AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting Oil Rubbed Bronze 4
AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting Oil Rubbed Bronze 4" Handheld Shower with Hose for the Ultimate Shower Experience!
LOKBY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head 6-Setting with Hose - Powerful Shower Spray Even with Low Water Pressure in Supply Pipeline
LOKBY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head 6-Setting with Hose - Powerful Shower Spray Even with Low Water Pressure in Supply Pipeline

Have you inherited an outdated shower? Does your shower produce more of a dribble than a cascade of water?

Maybe now is the time to upgrade your old shower for a newer, sleeker model.

Can’t afford a new shower unit?

Don’t panic!

You can simply swap the showerhead.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 of the best handheld shower heads for low water pressure and give you an insight into which multifunction option to choose from.

Additionally, we’ll go over a few frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you may have.

What does that mean for you?

These answers will help you save money on a new shower head and better understand how to install one.

Top 6 Handheld Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure in 2021 – Reviews

1. Best Overall – High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray (Editor’s Choice Award)

This handheld shower head is a great example of what technology can do to help balance the water pressure issue. It has inbuilt technology that creates MORE pressure inside the head itself so that when the water is forced out, it comes out at a much greater speed. Perfect for those who find their flow of water pressure annoying, this stainless steel look head is as good-looking as its powerful stream. It has 3 setups: standard, isolated stream, and pulse massage settings.

This head also comes with a replacement hose, which is really handy if you are upgrading an old shower. The older a shower hose, the more likely it is to have a build-up of limescale and small debris. Replacing the hose will also help to increase your water pressure as it will have less resistance in it than an old head with hose. This handheld shower head comes with full assembly instructions and should take you 10 minutes max.

  • Increases your water pressure inside the shower head
  • Has 3 different functions
  • Comes with a new shower hose
  • Head diameter on the smaller side

2. Aqua Dance High Pressure 6-Setting Handheld Shower With Hose (best value Award)

Looking for a shower that won’t break the bank but will still help you with your low water pressure? The Waterpik High Pressure Handheld Shower is a great option for you. This shower uses a special mix of water and air to create a high pressure stream. The spray functions include a pressure spray which actually limits the number of nozzles it pushes water through and this in turn creates more pressure. In fact, its Power Pulse Massage function has had rave reviews from customers and is a great way to help ease those knotted muscles. This handheld shower comes with a bracket to easily install it into your bathroom and take it down as you wish.

It comes in chrome and has 7 different spray settings in total. These include full body spray, Power Pulse, massage, power spray, mist, power mist, and pause. This all-American design also has silicone nizzles. These nozzles are specifically designed to be easy to clean and to limit the amount of limescale build-up that might occur in your shower. This shower also comes with a 5-foot hose so you can reach the end of your bathtub or shower and be able to perform additional tasks such as washing the kids or your pets.

  • Handheld design
  • Wall bracket included
  • 5 foot hose included
  • 7 different spray settings
  • Chrome finish
  • Basic design
  • Limited warranty

3. Best For Low Pressure Supply Pipeline – Luxury High Pressure Handheld Shower Head (Top Pick Award)

This handheld shower head doesn’t have quite as many settings as the WASSA shower head, but it does have other positives. What positive is that? Well, it has a special adapter that will allow you to use it with a fixed wall/ceiling point. This means that despite not having a standard wall-mounted shower, you can still use this shower head. Not only does it come with the adapter, but it also comes with a flexible hose and installation items as well.

Not just great for adaptability, this shower head provides a high-pressure water spray even in low-pressure areas. It also has 6 different functions, including mist, pulse, high pressure, powerful spray, and power spray mode with mist. Typically models with stainless steel hoses are the most durable. That’s what you’re getting with the chrome-plated head means this shower head won’t break in a few months due to its rust-resistant chrome finish so you can carry on using it for years to come. The silicone nozzles prevent limescale build-up and are easy to clean should they become dirty.

  • 6 spray functions
  • Adapter for fixed shower points
  • Chrome-plated head and stainless steel hose
  • Anti-limescale silicone nozzles
  • Not as many functions
  • The small surface area of jets

4. Couradric Handheld Shower Head

So far, on our list, we have had a lot of handheld shower heads that have had a small surface area. While this does help with the water pressure (there are fewer holes for the water to come through and therefore increases pressure), it doesn’t provide a wide spray to shower under. The Couradric however, has a much wider spray face at 6 inches wide. This doesn’t hinder the pressure of the water and still gives great spray options. It also comes with 6 different setups, including bubbling rain, bubbling water, power rain, shampoo rinsing, pulsating massage sprays setting, and water-saving mode.

This shower head not only provides lots of functions and a large surface area, but it also comes in 4 different colors. These colors help you to tie in your shower head with your room scheme, and you can choose from chrome, nickel finish, oil rubbed bronze, and polished brass. As with the last shower head, the Couradric comes with an adapter for fixed showers and a shower hose for a whole unit upgrade.

  • 6-inch spray face
  • 6 different spray settings
  • 4 different colors to choose from
  • The hose is shorter than others
  • Some functions may affect the pressure strength

5. ANZA 6 Spray Setting Handheld Shower Head

As the name would suggest, the ANZA shower head has 6 spray settings, including gentle rain, power rain, full cover rain, pulsating massage, rain massage, and water-saving pause. All of these settings still provide a high pressure feel to them, thanks to the “in air” technology. The settings can be easily changed mid-shower by using the handy twist nozzle on the side. All of these settings come from the 110 silicone nozzles, which are designed to reduce limescale buildup.

While the brushed nickel hose is only 5 ft long (you may need to go for a longer hose depending on your shower unit), it is important that you try to replace your existing shower hose, which might be filled with limescale and debris. As well as a hose, you will find a wall bracket within the pack, which is handy for tricky setups. This shower head comes with clear instructions and offers a tool-free installation making it ideal for beginner DIYers!

  • 6 different functions
  • 110 silicone nozzles
  • Tool-free installation
  • The smaller surface area of the head

6. Luxsego High Pressure Shower Head

If you are looking for a shower head that offers more than just different functions and high water pressure, the Luxsego will definitely take your fancy. This handheld shower comes with 4 different modes, including spray, jet, rainfall, and power massage. It provides 200% more water pressure than your current shower, and it also has a water filtration system. That’s right. This shower head will send your water through 3 different water filters before it reaches your body.

The brushed chrome look comes with either a transparent (so you can see the water filtration beads), solid handle, and an adapter and hose. It has a simple installation process and comes with all of the instructions you will need.

  • 4 different settings
  • The triple water filtration system
  • 200% more pressure than a standard handheld shower
  • Smaller surface area
  • Not anti-limescale

What Is A Handheld Shower? 

There are several different types of a shower from powerful spray units to handheld shower units with distinct shower settings.

Depending on what type of shower you have, you can either upgrade a whole unit or upgrade parts of it, such as the shower head.

There are also lots of different types of shower heads to choose from, such as fixed overhead shower heads, rainfall shower heads, and handheld shower heads.

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Some of these heads aren’t compatible with other types of shower units, so it is important that you do your research before buying.

Another thing to research is the water pressure in your area.

If you have a low-pressure issue in your area, then it might be tempting to invest in powerful shower sprays.

But do bear in mind that these often need to be installed by both a plumber AND an electrician, meaning twice the tradesman bills!

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, but you do want a better shower, then swapping the shower head will be a great solution.

Can I Just Swap The Shower Head?

Yes, you can!

Changing the shower head on your unit instead of purchasing an entirely new shower will save you money and time and increase your shower performance.

This is an especially useful way to change the shower’s design for a sleeker and more modern finish.

You can buy shower heads with different settings, in different colors, and in a variety of sizes.

Whether you want a larger spray, a firmer jet, or just a more modern-looking quality shower head, you’ll find plenty of options and more!

You don’t need to worry about tradespeople’s added cost, the mess it is going to make, or the expense of a whole new unit.

By buying a new shower head, you can do the job yourself for a fraction of the price AND still, get the desired effect.

How Easy Is The Job?

Changing a handheld shower head on your existing shower unit is a straightforward job.

Anyone with a little DIY knowledge will be able to perform this job, and it’s a perfect task for someone looking to cut their teeth on DIY.

It is simply a case of twisting the old shower head off and twisting the new shower head-on.

If you still don’t feel confident in the task or have a few queries, then you’ll be pleased to know that most shower heads come with installation instructions.

These will be straightforward and come with pictures to ensure that you don’t need to rely on written instructions alone.

If you work better with visual instructions, then you can check out this YouTube video, which will show you how to swap a handheld shower head easily.

What About My Water Pressure?

Ah, water pressure. Now, this is something that people NEVER check when they buy a new house, and to be honest.

We don’t blame you…

Living in a low water pressure area can be quite frustrating for those who like a nice firm shower.

But thankfully, there are lots of different types of handheld shower heads that now cater specifically to low water pressure areas while providing good shower experiences if not better than standard shower heads.

They use a combination of your current shower pressure and “air in” technology to help create more pressure behind the jets and push the water through harder.

Finding a head that has this technology will dramatically increase the water’s strength in your shower and help you to wash more effectively.

These special types of shower heads are perfect for people who want a stronger shower but don’t have the budget to invest in a power shower.

Conclusion: Best Handheld Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

If we had to pick our favorite from the best handheld shower head from the low water pressure list, then it would have to be the Couradric Handheld Shower Head.

The simple reason is that not only does it combat your low water problem, but it also gives you such a wide water spray to shower under.

Don’t forget that when looking for a handheld shower head to make sure they are compatible with your current shower head configuration and to feel comfortable with the installation process.

Upgrade your shower today for less than you think with a new handheld shower head.