Best Grout For Shower In 2023 – Bulletproof Your Shower

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The best grout for shower will make for a long-lasting surround - top options compared side by side - and more - 2023 reviews
Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout 8 Fl. Oz - Best Grout for Shower Walls and Floors
Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout 8 Fl. Oz - Best Grout for Shower Walls and Floors
Savogran 12841 Tile Grout, 1 lb, White - Best Grout for Stain Resistance
Savogran 12841 Tile Grout, 1 lb, White - Best Grout for Stain Resistance
Red Devil 0438 House & Home Restore Tile Grout, 5 Fl. Oz. - Best Grout for Home Walls
Red Devil 0438 House & Home Restore Tile Grout, 5 Fl. Oz. - Best Grout for Home Walls

Best Grout for Shower Reviews

Did you know that different grout types can be used not just for your shower but also for other parts of your house? 


…before you go out and get yourself any old grout you can lay your hands on, it is best to know the different types of grouts available on the market to suit your project.

Each project differs from the next, from the make of the tile to its surface, and finding the right grout for the job will make things easier for you, whether you may be a DIY weekend warrior or a hardened professional.

In this fresh new guide, we’ll be diving deep into:

  • The most versatile grout for all kinds of projects and surfaces;
  • Also the most aesthetic one;
  • Features you have to look out for when getting grout;
  • Pros and cons of each grout type;
  • And a whole lot more!

In this list, we’ve compiled the best standard grout for showers that we have used over the years, along with the ones we’ve got just to test them out or find new additions to our list.

It was tough research but a worthy experience.

We were surprised to learn that some regular grouts can actually have better chemical resistance than epoxy grouts.

So without further ado, let’s now see these findings, hot and fresh out from the tile oven.

Grout on!

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best grout for Showers – 2023 Reviews

What is Grouting anyway?

Grouting is the process of placing cement materials into tile gaps in concrete or masonry structures to increase the load-bearing capacity of a structure and its aesthetic features. 

If you’re a DIY weekend warrior…

Then you’d do quite well having the right type of grout for your project, whether it may be a backsplash, shower tile, or floor tile. Having the right tool for the job makes the battle half won, so to speak. 

And for the professional and handyman…

Working with the right grout for the right job will make your job easier and faster, making you earn more.

Best Grout for Shower Walls

So how did we narrow down the list of the best grout for shower today?

Of course, we can’t just order out random grouts from Amazon and just line it up randomly from one to ten, can we?

Here at, we tried and tested many grout products that we think will work best for each job. We did the work so that you won’t have to.

Wanna know the result?

Read on to see how the best grout for the shower worked side by side.

1. Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout (Best Grout for Shower Walls and Floors)

ColorBright White
TypeUnsanded, acrylic
Size‎1/2 Pint
CompositionLimestone, Acrylic Polymer, Propylene Glycol, and Quartz
Bottom LineBest for small DIY projects, ready to use and ready to apply, just make sure to clean the tile surface before using. Best for amateurs.
  • Ready to use
  • Quick-drying
  • Crack and shrink resistant
  • Cheaper than Epoxy Grout
  • May stain porous stone white
  • It tends to get hard unused


If you’re looking for a grout that can be used on your wall and floor tiles, the Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout might just be the product you are looking for.

Upon testing…

…this grout was able to seal ceramic tiles as cement to reset ceramic fixtures with ease, and it’s also great in repairing cracked or damaged grouting. 

It also came pre-mixed and ready to use, originally bright white in color, but can be tinted to suit the desired color of your project. So we tried it out, and it worked like a charm, though finding the right color might be a bit tedious.

The Savogran 12860 Ready-To-Use Tile Grout promises a bright white color that will stay white, and its water and mildew resistance will stand up to the rigors of your shower for decades.

2. Savogran 12841 Tile Grout (Best Grout for Stain Resistance)

TypeSanded, acrylic
Size1 lb
CompositionPortland cement, Limestone, Polyvinyl Alcohol, and Quartz
Bottom LineA white traditional cement grout that can be used on mosaic tile. It is formulated not to stain and is easy to clean.
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Cement base dries bright white
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Difficult to remove when dried
  • Tends to set quickly


Now, if you want a standard cement-based grout that gives you great stain resistance, then you may want to check out the Savogran 12841 Tile Grout.

We used this bright white standard cement grout on a new tile installation and repaired existing shower tiles. 

Though this is a traditional cement-based grout…

…its stain resistance can be compared to the more expensive epoxy grouts.

It’s mixed to a smooth paste, and we used it to set ceramic tiles and fixtures. We also used it to seal around tubs, shower wall, sinks, and the entire shower altogether. And it worked as advertised.

The Savogran 12841 Tile Grout also resists discoloring, plus it had excellent adhesion on different surfaces that we tried it on, and it also works as a waterproof sealant.

3. Red Devil 0438 House & Home Restore Tile Grout (Best Grout for Home Walls)

ColorBright White
TypeUnsanded grout
Size‎‎5 ounces
CompositionSiliconized acrylic
ManufacturerRed Devil
Bottom LineBest for repairing cracked, loose, or damaged grout in mosaic and ceramic tiles.
  • Easy to use
  • Best on small renovation and projects
  • Quick-drying
  • Handy and re-sealable
  • Need more for bigger projects
  • A little pricey for the size


If you’re doing a small DIY project and don’t want to make a mess, then this is the product for you.

The Red Devil 0438 House & Home Restore Tile Grout tube contains 5 Fl oz of ready-to-use acrylic-based grout. This handy grout was perfect for repairing cracked, loose, or damaged grout in mosaic and ceramic tiles. 

Since the product is unsanded…

…the paste didn’t scratch the delicate tiles and materials we used it on.

It came with the patented EZ SQUEEZE Tube that allowed us to wind up the tube as we work, ensuring a steady supply of grout that comes out smoothly and easily, best suited for DIY beginners. 

It’s handy, easy to use, and does not make a mess, though you may want to get more if you have a bigger project.

4. Red Devil 0422 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout (Best Grout for Cermaic and Mosaic Tile)

Size1/2 Pint
CompositionSiliconized acrylic
ManufacturerRed Devil
Bottom LineBest grout suited for small DIY projects that involve ceramic and mosaic tiles.
  • Pre-mixed
  • Water and mildew-resistant
  • Adheres to all types of ceramic and mosaic tile
  • High-Quality grout
  • 24 hours drying time
  • Watery consistency


For projects that concern mosaic and ceramic tiles, the Red Devil 0422 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout is for you.

This cement grout came pre-mixed and was very easy to use as it’s made of high-quality materials and formulated to a user-friendly consistency ideally used for ceramic and mosaic tiles.

It’s mildew resistant, durable, water-resistant (though it may take a long time to verify that), and it adheres to walls and floors. And the best part is that it came pre-mixed, so no mess in using this product. 

Since this grout is pre-mixed, all you need to do is open the lid and start grouting,  suitable for DIY beginners and seasoned veterans in grouting tiles.

5. Laticrete Spectra Lock Pro Premium Grout (Best Grout for Stain Proof)

TypeEpoxy Grout
Size2 lbs
CompositionQuartz, Bisphenol A, diglycidyl ether, Polymer with Formaldehyde, tetraethylene pentamine.
Bottom LineThis high-quality epoxy grout is tough, durable, crack-resistant, stain-proof, and comes with easy-to-understand and use instructions.
  • Greenguard Gold Certification
  • Clear instructions on how to use it
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Stain-proof after curing
  • Long Installation
  • Needs to be mixed
  • Part C is sold separately


Suppose you’re looking for that high-quality professional finish on your shower tile from an epoxy-based grout. In that case, the Laticrete Spectra Lock Pro Premium is the best epoxy grout for you.

SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout is a patented, high-performance epoxy-based grout that offers excellent stain protection, color uniformity, and durability.

But we didn’t take their word for it; we had to try it out ourselves! 

We used this premium grout on ceramic, glass, and stone tiles alike. Aside from walls and floors, we were able to use this grout on wet areas. In addition, its improved non-sag formula gave us premium results when we applied it to swimming pool tiles and fountains.


It’s equipped with Microban Antimicrobial Protection and a Greenguard Gold Certification. It is compliant with low emissions of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means that this grout can even be used in healthcare facilities and schools.

The SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout is, for us, the best epoxy grout for stain proofing.

6. CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout (Best Grout for Waterproofing)

TypeUnsanded grout
Size‎5 lbs
CompositionSilica, crystalline, quartz, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide, and portland cement.
Bottom LineThe best grout for waterproofing floor and wall tiles, also suitable for grouting pool tiles.
  • Just need to add water
  • It can be tinted to match the tile color
  • Chip, shrink, stain-resistant
  • Great for water-proofing
  • Comes in one size (available in clear plastic bags only)
  • A bit expensive compared to other standard cementitious grout
  • Unmixed


If you’re looking for the best waterproof grout in the market, then the CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout is the one for you.

With its special blend of Portland cement, graded fillers, and fortifiers, we were able to grout wall and floor tiles like a breeze. 

We also tried it on sink tops, towel rack, soap dishes, shower stalls, and mosaic tile applications, and the result was a grout that does the job perfectly. 

And since we’re talking about the best grout for waterproofing…

…we tried it on pool tiles as well; once it was set, it gave us a solid white grout that seemed to hold out water from the pool. 

The best part is that we just added water, and we were ready to go, no need to add additional waterproofing sealants, and if you need a color other than white, you can simply mix it with a grout pigment to get the appropriate color you need.

7. Diamond Grout Dimension (Best Grout for Cure of Water Exposure)

Color600 Diamond
Size9 lbs
Composition‎Glass-filled pre-mixed urethane grout (water-based)
Bottom LineIt’s pre-mixed, easy to use, made of high-quality materials, and ideal for wet and moist environments.
  • Easy to use
  • Durable materials
  • Versatile use
  • A little expensive
  • Fast Setting


If you want that shiny diamond-like finish, then the Bostik Diamond Grout Dimension is for you. 

It contains reflective, micro-glass beads and a urethane binder that’s translucent, which both allow light to pass through it and reflect it simultaneously. 

The result?

This creates an elegant sparkle, a unique 3D effect, and various aesthetic effects in every design that others can not be compared.

Aside from the aesthetic features, the Bostik Diamond Grout Dimension is also made to last. This pre-mixed grout offers unmatched toughness, crack, water, and stain resistance for both grout and shower tile. 

Plus… contains an antimicrobial protective layer that keeps dangerous mold and mildew at bay. The color also remains stable, preventing it from fading or turning yellow, a great grout for shower repairs.

This grout is compatible with stone, metal, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. It can be used inside or outside the shower, and once sealed properly, this pre-mixed grout can be used later. 

8. High-Performance Grout (Best Grout for Residential and Commercial Projects)

TypeSanded, cement
Size‎11 lbs
CompositionAlumina Cement
ManufacturerKiesel Bauchemie
Bottom LineThis grout can be used both inside or outdoors with a revolutionary formulation, whether residential or commercial projects.
  • Highly resistant
  • It can be used outside or inside, both residential and commercial
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Great for laying mosaic
  • Unmixed
  • The grout may scrape metal, glass, or marble tiles


For the weekend warrior, handyman, or professional tile installer with projects both inside and outside a residential or commercial area, the Kiesel Servoperl royal grout is for you.

The Germans outdid themselves with this product.

With its special formulation, we were able to use it on walls and floors. This grout gave us high mechanical durability and abrasion resistance for interior, exterior, and submerged applications.

The Kiesel Servoperl royal grout is crack and shrink resistant, mold and mildew resistant, it has 25 colors to choose from, which is quite nice, and all are efflorescence-free. 

Aside from that…

…this grout can also withstand alkaline and acid products. 

The best part is that this product is environmentally friendly. Its unique feature is that it contains 10 percent of recycled materials. 

If you need a tough, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly grout to use for both residential and commercial projects, this product is the one for you.

9. Custom BLDG Products NSG1221-4 Linen Unsanded Grout (Best Grout for Shower Floor)

Size1 lb
CompositionPortland Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black, Crystalline Silica, and Quartz.
ManufacturerCustom Building Products
Bottom LineThe best grout for your shower floor that won’t break the bank.
  • Easy to use
  • Bang for the buck
  • Comes with its own tub
  • Not chemical resistant
  • It can not be used when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Unmixed


Need to replace old grout but on a tight budget? The Custom BLDG Products NSG1221-4 Linen Non-Sanded Grout has you covered.

We were mildly surprised when we used this product; being unsanded, we were able to use it on a couple of delicate tiles like highly glazed or polished tile, marble, natural stone, and granite tiles that sanded grouts would have scratched. 

True to its promise…

…it didn’t scratch the delicate tile finish.

Plus, we were able to do grout joints up to 3mm or 1/8″, and it seems to be both durable and non-shrinking. 

We also used this grout for exterior or interior installations, including shower floors, walls, countertops, pools, and fountains.

This budget-friendly product doesn’t compromise quality. This grout can be used for different projects and applications. With this product, your budget will go a long way.

10. LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK 1 Pre-Mixed Grout (Best Grout for Tiles, Floors, and Countertops)

ColorBright White
TypeLatex-Modified Grout
Size1 Gallon
CompositionQuartz, cellulose, Carbonic acid, calcium salt, Iron oxide, kaolin, silane, diethoxymethyl, calcium chloride, Polyethylene glycol.
Bottom LineA pre-mixed sanded grout that has an epoxy-like finish.
  • Pre-mixed grout
  • It can be reused up to 6 months after opening
  • Resists discoloring
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Hard to remove once dry
  • Expensive compared to regular grout


For big projects that need an epoxy-like shine and finish, but have a cement base, the Laticrete Spectralock 1 Pre-Mixed Grout might be the product you are looking for.

We were surprised when we used this product, for it gave the same performance as an epoxy grout without the epoxy resins.

What does that mean?

We were able to have an epoxy-like finish without the hard work of epoxy grouting!

We used this Pre-Mixed Grout on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, interior and exterior floors, and walls. This product adhered to almost all tile surfaces, glass tiles included. 

We love the fact that this cement-based grout is tough, durable, stain-resistant, crack and shrink resistant, and it is specially formulated to be ten times stronger than traditional pre-mixed cement grouts. That’s tough!

Plus, this product is equipped with Microban Antimicrobial Protection, making it a mold-resistant grout.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

Best Grouts for Shower Reviews

Q. What is the best type of grout?

There are three types of grout.

The first type is the Cementitious Grouts. A cement-based grout which is subdivided into sanded and unsanded grout.

Sanded vs. Unsanded Grouts

Sanded grout is a Portland cement-based grout with inorganic aggregates, silica sand, and chemicals.

Unsanded grout contains no sand and is best used for delicate tile surfaces and most glass tiles. 

The second type is the Latex-Modified Grout, which is also cement-based with an added latex modifier. 

Lastly is the Epoxy Grout, which is made of epoxy resins combined with a filler powder.

The best type of grout to use will depend on the project. The size, location, and the person’s expertise. Each job is different, and you may need to use a different type of grout for each project.

Q. What kind of grout do you use on shower walls?

Being a professional handyman like myself, I usually use epoxy grouts; it’s a little hard to handle and use compared to cement grout, but the benefits outweigh the cons. 

Unfortunately, epoxy grout is not for everyone. If you want an epoxy grout-like finish without the hassle, Latex-Modified Grout is the next best choice. 

Q. How do you waterproof shower grout?

Waterproof epoxy grout is ideal for showers and bathrooms, no need to add a sealing agent. But there is pre-sealed waterproof grout that is sanded and unsanded.

Conclusion: Best Grout For Shower

Best Grout for Shower

Most grout available on the market boasts different features and benefits; some are true, some are not.

Sometimes regular grout works best for your project than the waterproof epoxy grout, or you might just need a tub applicator instead of a grout pen.

All in all…

…having the right type of grout for your project will make the job easier, less stressful, and will get you your desired outcome. 

But before you go and order the grout that you want, always take into consideration your ability to replace existing grout on tiles. 

We hope that we have imparted some useful information on the best grout for showers, but don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and take a whirl. 

We’d love to hear about your grouting experience.