7 Of The Best Faucet Water Filters To Increase Your Water Quality

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What does your water look like when you draw it from the faucet? Is it a clear and dazzling fluid that shines like the sun glints off it? Or is it a murky cup of water that looks like it could have easily come from the puddle outside your house? Water quality varies significantly across the country, and as such, it can mean that some households don’t suffer from problems such as hard water, impure water, or water that isn’t fit for consumption. 

If you are one of the unlucky ones that have poor water quality in your area, you will want to do something about it. But when you don’t have that much to spend, what are the options? Here we are going to talk about the top 7 of the best faucet water filters, which will help give you the clear water you deserve and improve your water quality. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following faucet water filters:

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What’s Your Water Like? 

So how is your water quality affected by where you live? Do you have lots of chalk in your water, which creates more limescale build-up in your faucets? Maybe you have a high level of chlorine in your water, which makes it unsuitable for drinking? The water quality in your area might not be fit for consumption, but does that make it safe to use on your body? Many people don’t believe so and feel that washing with these contaminants can harm your health. That’s why they choose to use the best water filter for faucet use to help remove these toxins. 

Hard Water Explained

Hard water is essentially an increase of chalk in your water. You’ll find that in your local area, you will have a chalk-based ground. The water seeps through this chalky layer as it heads from the sky to the water table and takes some sediment of chalk with it. The most effective way to remove this chalky substance is to pass the water through an additional filter. We have listed the best water filter faucet reviews below so you can read through them and see which is best for dealing with this chalky issue. 

Soft Water Explained 

Soft water is water that is free from most sediment and contaminants. If you live in an area with a lot of charcoal in the ground, then your water will be filtered through this layer before it reaches the water treatment plants. The charcoal helps remove any additives and provides you with soft water. Many people say that soft water actually benefits their skin, providing moisture, and enhancing the condition. This is why so many of us are choosing to find the best faucet mount water filter so we can benefit from this soft water. 

Other Contaminants You Might Find in Your Water 

Phosphates and Nitrates

Phosphates and nitrates are commonly found in water, although the levels can vary significantly from State to State. Many of these additives come from sewage, specifically livestock waste. When fertilizer is sprayed onto fields and crops, this sinks into the ground and then mixes with the water system. In most cases, these phosphates and nitrates are filtered at the water plant, but in some cases, this doesn’t happen as effectively as it should. 


There are hundreds of different examples of sediment, some of which are so small that they are barely identifiable even under a microscope. Sediment can be sourced from building works, from plastic waste, from agriculture, and even from general motoring. The soot, dust, and debris that is caused from day to day life can become part of our water system and as such, be transported into our homes and our water. Even simple dust that lies on our roads can be washed into our water system by rain. 


With the best will in the world, it is near impossible to convert all chemicals to natural alternatives, and because of this, there will always be chemicals present in our water. The quantity of these chemicals and the severity of the affects vary greatly, but chemicals such as household cleaners, oil, paint, and pesticides can all find their way into our water and into our bathrooms. 

Radioactive pollutants

So, while this is now thankfully a rare pollutant for our household water, there are still cases where companies, hospitals, and factories are not disposing of their radioactive waste properly. Instead, they are dumping it, burying it, or trying to wash it away. All this does is simply introduce it into the water system, which then, in turn, enters our home. 

What Can You Do About It? 

As you can see from above, there are lots of toxins that could be lurking in your water system, not just chalky hard water! But what can you do about it? Thankfully there are lots of water filter systems that can help. From water filters that are installed on the outside of your home so that it filters everything before it reaches your home, to filters that you can attach to your shower and faucets to help remove any toxins as you shower or wash. Here, we have listed

Top 7 of the Best Faucet Water Filters

Amazon Basics Advanced Water Filter

If you are after a water filter that can go straight onto your faucet, then the Amazon Basics is a great way to get the filtration you need without breaking the bank. This filter simply attaches to the water outlet, so your water passes through the filters and out the bottom as clean water. You can even use the diverter to switch between filtered water and standard tap water, depending on what you need. The water flows through this filter at 0.5 gallons of water per minute, which might feel a little slow to some, but to most, it is well worth the wait for cleaner water! 

This filter will work its magic on 200 gallons of water before it starts to lose its filtration affectability. It has been scientifically proven to remove atrazine, chlorine, lined, and lead in any water. The Amazon Basics Filtration System will work for 2 months continually before you need to replace the filter, which, in our opinions, is 2 months’ worth of hassle-free water. 

  • All in one filtration unit
  • Chrome finish
  • Filters as it leaves your faucet
  • Bulky looking
  • Slow to filter

Stainless Steel Water Filter Faucet

This water filter, whilst not the most attractive of items, it bound to help give your water the clean and crispness that it needs. Removing toxins such as lead, fluoride and chlorine, this filter system works by diverting the water from the outlet of the faucet and filtering it through the internal capsule. It then releases the filtered water through the outlet of the filter system. The capsule inside the filter has multiple levels which filters all sorts of toxins such as those listed above and other, less common toxins such as mercury, copper, and arsenic. 

One thing to note with this water filter is that it doesn’t work with all faucets, so you need to make sure that yours is compatible with this model. It will not work on waterfall style faucets or faucets where there isn’t a traditional round water outlet. There are other options available for these styles of faucets, though, so keep looking down our list to see which is the Best Water Filter For Faucet shapes and styles. 

  • Cleans even fewer known toxins from your water
  • Filters at 0.5 gallons of water per minute
  • Perfect for kitchens
  • Doesn’t suit all faucet designs
  • Bulky in design

Waterdrop Water Filter System

If you are after a system that looks the part as well as acts the part, then check out the Waterdrop Water Filtration System. This system has a separate filtration system that works by diverting the water to the filter and back again so that it leaves the system in line with your existing water outlet. The Waterdrop System will easily filter away any lead or fluoride in your system thanks to the added activated carbon layer. This filter will last up to 320 gallons of water, which is about 3 months’ worth of frequent use. 

The Waterdrop filters water at 0.5 gallons of water per minute, which is pretty typical for these kinds of filters. As with everything, high-quality water is worth the wait! The best part about the Waterdrop Filtration System is that for every Waterdrop filter you purchase, they will send a Clean Water Donation to families, schools, and communities in Kenya. Not only are you helping protect your own health, but you are helping others too! 

  • Effective system
  • Filters up to 320 gallons of water
  • Every purchase helps fund clean water in Kenya
  • The higher end of the budget for most
  • Replacement filters can be hard to purchase

SmarterFresh Drinking Fountain Attachment

Okay, so not strictly a water filter, but we really like the design and functionality of this SmarterFresh Drinking Fountain Attachment that we couldn’t help but add to our review list! This handy little converter attaches to your faucet and turns it into an upward stream, just like a water fountain. This little attachment is ideal for the kitchen, for families, and for schools. It is made from solid brass, and all of the outer is made from solid metal too (so no need to worry about any little plastic parts breaking off). 

It’s super easy to use, all you need to do is to turn the diverter from outlet to water fountain, and the water will be projected upwards through the other outlet. Do be aware that this system doesn’t work for every faucet, so make sure that your faucet is compatible before you purchase. While this may not filter your water, it does still give you the option to have both water from the tap and the added benefit of a water fountain at the same time, which, in our opinion, is pretty fun! 

  • Small compact system
  • Converts standard tap to a water fountain
  • Small diverter allows you to switch between the two easily
  • No filtration element
  • Can be tricky to install

PUR Advanced Water Filtration System

While this water filter might be at the higher end of some people’s budget, that is because it is built by a reputable brand that millions trust. This filtration system works by attaching to your faucet, diverting the water through the filter, and releasing it on the other side. The PUR filter promises to filter 100 gallons of water before you need to replace the filter inside, although you’ll have to make sure you buy the PUR brand filter as these are the only ones that will fit. 

The high quality of the PUR water filter means that it promises to remove over 70 contaminants from your water, and it can do this on one filter over 3 months. Best of all, the PUR filter comes with a two-year warranty covering the outer filter (but not the filter cartridges). This really is a nice looking and effective water filter that has been certified to remove 99% of the lead thanks to the activated charcoal layer the water runs through. 

  • Activated charcoal layer
  • Filters over 70 contaminants from your water
  • One filter will last 3 months
  • Fiddly to install
  • PUR brand filter cartridges are expensive

Engenton Faucet Water Filter

The Engenton Water Filter is another great example of how you can have clean and clear water in your bathroom and in your kitchen. This filter is compatible with many different faucets (although check yours is suitable before purchasing) and uses a more generic filter cartridge (unlike the PUR), which will save you money. This filter system will filter up to 8 glasses of water per minute. The filter itself will happily clean 320 gallons of water before it needs replacing too. 

The filter is made from activated carbon, which draws in impurities and leaves out clean water. You can see the filter working by the fact that it changes color inside from a clean white to a dirty brown. It removes chlorine, odors, and other debris as well, so you can be sure that you will be drinking and washing in clean water. One added bonus of this filter is that it is made from food-grade stainless steel, which makes a change from the plastic alternatives. 

  • Made from food-grade stainless steel
  • Cleans up to 320 gallons of water per filter cartridge
  • Removes chlorine and other impurities
  • Big and bulky

LCF Water Filter

The final water filter on our list is the LCF Water Filter. As with many of the other designs, it attaches to the end of your faucet and diverts the water through a filtering system before it returns to a new outlet, completely cleaned. The cartridges within this filter system have several layers which the water has to pass through, including coconut husk and activated charcoal. These layers help to remove chlorine, fluoride, and lead, amongst other pollutants that might be lurking in your water. 

This system is slightly different in that it has two different outlets. You can choose whether you want straightforward tap water or whether you want to divert it through the filter for cleaner drinking water. This, in itself, is a great help and can actually prolong the lifespan of the filters (which is usually 3 months). This filter system is only compatible with certain faucets, so you need to make sure that yours works with this system. Overall, this is a great alternative to buying bottled water and can actually save you up to $1000 on switching! 

  • Dual outlet
  • Multi-layered filtration system
  • Removes lead, fluoride, and chlorine
  • Some parts are made from plastic which might not last as long


Now that we have whetted your appetite for cleaner and clearer water, we hope that you will take a look at the water filters we have listed on our top 7 of the best faucet water filters (and the odd water fountain thrown in for good measure). It is so important that we try to eliminate the pollutants and toxins that might be hiding in our water and remove them from our lives to ensure that we stay safe and healthy. 

If you have picked your favorite water filter on this list, then we’re sure you’ll be heading off to buy one now. But for those of you who want to know which is our favorite. Well, we would have to choose the LCF Water Filter. We like the multi-layered filter system that helps to keep your water clearer and cleaner than standard water, but we really like the dual output. Why not take a look at your water clarity today and see if your household could do with a water filter just like one of these listed?

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