7 Of The Best Dual Shower Heads For The Best Of Both Worlds

If you are looking for a new shower head, you will know how many different variations and options there are on the market right now. But which one will suit your needs? Which type of shower head is compatible with your existing shower? To save you money (and a lot of hassle researching different types of showers), we are going to run through the different shower systems, explain the difference and give you the 6 best dual shower head options available to you today.

What type of shower unit do you currently have? Are you looking to install a new one and want to upgrade the shower head that comes with it? Or maybe you just want to save money by swapping your shower heads instead of swapping the entire unit. Here are shower systems explained a bit more. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following dual shower heads:

Shower Systems Explained


A mixer shower is a system that works off your hot and cold water feed that runs through your house. The water comes through the system and through your shower head. The water temperature is usually controlled by adding or taking away hot or cold water using the mixer handle. Some mixer showers are also attached to bath taps where you define the temperature of the water using the hot and cold taps. Then a lever is used to re-direct the water up to the shower head. The one downside to a mixer shower is that you are limited slightly to your water pressure. There are some shower heads that can help combat this problem so it’s worth looking into specialist ones if you live in a low water pressure house. 


Similarly to the mixer shower, you can control the temperature of your shower, but in this instance, it’s controlled by a thermostatic valve which is in the walls. These valves are installed on your hot water pipes and restrict the temperature of the water, thereby eliminating the risk of scalding. Most new build houses have thermotactic showers installed now, and many people are putting them in to help reduce accidents for their children and elderly. 

Electric or Power Shower

An electric shower works by heating the water on demand. It only works off the cold water system and draws (and heats) the water, mixes it with cold water, and provides you with the ideal temperature. It can also increase the pressure of your water as it pushes it through the system, so your water is driven out with more force. Electric showers are a good investment, but they cost a lot to have installed and increase your electricity bill too. 

Types of Shower Head

Ceiling or Fixed Shower Head

A ceiling or fixed shower head is a shower head that is attached to the wall or ceiling and doesn’t move. You can occasionally buy ceiling heads that you can angle slightly, but overall, these heads are designed to stay static and provide a comprehensive water shower. 

Handheld Shower Head

These showerheads are called such because you can detach them from their cradle (which can be affixed to the wall) and use them by hand. This is particularly useful when you are washing your hair or the rest of your body. The handheld shower head will be attached with a hose and will have a single or dual shower spray to change the types of sprays available. 

Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head is where you obtain both a fixed shower head AND a handheld shower head which works together. You can switch between which shower head you prefer for the ultimate cleaning experience. 

How Will A Dual Shower Head Benefit Me? 

A dual shower head simply gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to not only have a relaxing shower from the fixed head but also gives you the practical cleaning experience that comes with a handheld shower head. The diverters used in these dual shower heads mean that you can switch mid-stream. Add this to the fact that both the fixed head and the handheld shower head will all have different spray functions, and you really do have yourself a shower that will suit all needs and every taste. 

What to Look For

There are a few things that you should look for when buying a dual shower head. The first is that both heads will be compatible with your existing system. Most heads are compatible, but it is worth checking before you spend out. The other thing to consider is the surface area of the shower heads. They should have a wide surface area that will give you broader coverage. Finally, make sure that you are confident in installing the dual shower head before you purchase the dual shower head. Your shower heads will usually come with instructions, but just in case they don’t, here is a video that might help. 

Now that we have learned more about dual shower heads, let’s take a look at the best dual shower heads available on the market. 

The Best Dual Shower Head 

Apthrill 3 Way High Pressure Shower Head

The Apthrill Dual Shower Head is basic but perfectly functional. It provides you with both a fixed shower head AND a handheld shower head as well as the hose, fixings, and brackets. These shower heads have different stream functions. The fixed head has 6 spray modes, including misty, saturating, and massage, while the handheld shower head has 9 different settings, including soft spray, intense spray, and massage. These functions, combined with the fact that you can change between the two heads, makes for a perfect showering experience. 

The shower heads and fixings come in chrome and work well in low water pressure households. You will find the maximum flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute. This system comes with a full installation guide and tools to perform the task, so you don’t need to buy any specialist tools. 

  • Combined 15 different functions
  • 3-way shower diverter
  • Increases water pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Basic in design
  • Small surface area of heads

AquaDance Shower Combo Head

This AquaDance Shower Head Combo is a great design because it not only allows you to use either the fixed head or handheld shower head; it actually allows you to use both at the same time! The wide-faced fixed head gives a really wide spray while the handheld shower head has 6 different functions for you to enjoy. What makes the AquaDance stand out from the others is that it has anti-microbial properties that prevent any mold or mildew growing on your shower head. The Microban nozzles will help to keep your water cleaner and more hygienic for washing. 

As well as the 2 shower heads, this system also comes with the shower hose and adjustable brackets so you can angle the heads to your height. This dual shower head is a tool-free assembly product, so even if you aren’t confident in your DIY skills, you will still feel comfortable installing the Aquadance Shower Head Combo. 

  • Dual shower heads with wide surface areas
  • Anti-microbial shower nozzles
  • 3-way water diverter
  • No-tool assembly
  • Not great for low water pressure areas
  • Brackets can be a bit flimsy

Moen Magnetix Dual System

Want a shower head that is going to enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom? Then the Moen might be a product worth looking at. This shower still has a dual head, but it also has a brushed nickel look and sleek, sharp edges to help make it stand out in your bathroom. As well as looking great, it also works really effectively too. The fixed shower head has a rainfall function, which makes your showers super relaxing as well as a 7.25-inch surface area. 

The handheld shower head is much smaller, but still very functional and actually docks into its holder by using magnetic fixings. The kink-free hose means that you won’t get tangled up while in the shower, and with so few parts, there won’t be much to go wrong with it. 

  • Stylish dual shower head system
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Magnetic fixings
  • Rainfall effect function
  • Not your standard dual shower setup, which might put some people off.
  • Only available in one color choice

Ana Bath Dual Large Shower Heads

The Ana Bath Dual Shower Head System is unique in the way that it has two shower heads that are the same size. Both the handheld shower head AND the fixed head are the same size, which is extra wide. This means that you are still benefitting from the wide spray even if you are using the handheld head. Both of the heads come with 5 settings, each of which are saturating spray, massage spray, bubbling spray, saturating massage spray, and saturating bubbling spray. 

The diverter that works with this system allows you to use both heads simultaneously, which is really convenient, and the slim-fit design means that both heads can sit side-by-side. When both of them are being used together, you can really feel the benefit! A 5-foot long hose helps you to use the handheld shower head to it’s max and the anti-clog nozzles mean you won’t be hindered by limescale in the future. 

  • Dual heads are equal in size
  • Slimline finish
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Not as easy to install

American Standard Spectra+ Duo Shower Head

The Spectra+ Duo Shower Head is a very unique looking product. This is the only shower head system in our list where the handheld shower head actually sits WITHIN the fixed shower head. When these two heads are used together, you get an extra-wide shower spray—worried that your water pressure won’t handle it? Don’t worry. The Spectra+ comes in two different options. A 1.8 gallon per minute option and a 2.5 gallon per minute option, both of which provide a fantastic showering experience. Each shower head comes with 4 different settings, which are drench, sensitive, power wash, and massage. 

The handheld shower head docks into the fixed head using a strong magnet, so it’s easily removed, but still secure. This system is really easy to install and comes with full instructions. It’s always best to replace the hose when installing a new shower head, and luckily the Spectra+ comes with a stainless steel hose as well. 

  • 9.5-inch wide shower head (when combined)
  • Handheld shower head docks INTO fixed head
  • Easy to remove the magnetic handheld head
  • Not your standard look which will put some people off
  • Doesn’t come with additional assembly materials such as Teflon tape

Rain Shower Head Dual System

This shower head system is at the top end of our budget, but it is the one shower system that looks like a traditional fixed head and handheld shower head set up. The super-wide rainfall style overhead shower head gives a super luxurious finish and also looks top end. The handheld shower head is much smaller but works really well in terms of function. The finish overall is brushed nickel, and the sturdy support arm for the overhead shower head provides sleek lines and an industrial-style look. Not only does this shower head look good, but it also works well in low water pressure areas.

Using special “air in” technology, it helps to increase the strength of your shower spray and provides you with a stronger stream of water. The 3 spray settings on the handheld shower head are really handy, and the diverter means you can switch from overhead to handheld mid-shower. The installation guide that comes with this shower system says it will take approximately 30 minutes to install. When you compare that to the several days you would have to pay a plumber to install an electric shower. This option is both quicker and cheaper. 

  • 9 inch overhead shower head
  • Additional handheld shower head
  • Rainfall feature
  • Industrial look
  • 30-minute installation guide
  • Handheld shower head is quite small
  • Nozzles are not anti-limescale

Square Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head System

This shower is a sleek and modern addition to anyone currently upgrading their bathrooms. The fixed showerhead has a square chrome look that provides a rainfall effect downpour. The handheld shower head looks more traditional and is designed for function rather than aesthetics. The difference with this set up is that the fixed shower head is attached to an arm that can be moved up and down to suit your height. The head can also be angled so you can adjust where the spray goes as well. 

The handheld shower head has 5 different settings, which are power mist, power rain, pulsating massage, rain mist, and massage. It also has a water regulator inside, which helps you to adjust the water pressure. This can help if you live in a low water pressure area or if you want to reduce your water bills. The chrome finish boasts anti-rust technology, and the nozzles are silicone, which will help to prevent any build-up of limescale. 

  • Large square overhead shower head
  • Adjustable fixed shower head
  • Sleek and modern finish
  • The handheld shower head is basic


If you are convinced you need a dual shower head (and you’re confident you can install it), you may want to purchase one of the showers from our top 6 list. But which one would we recommend? We would choose the Rain Shower Head Dual System as we go for both style and function. For us, nothing says luxury more than resting under a rainfall shower each morning and getting ready for the day. 

If you are going to be buying a dual shower head system anytime soon, then remember to check that the head is compatible with your existing system. Don’t forget that as well as being functional. Your shower can also look good too. There are so many designs and functions to choose from that you might want to write down a few of your set requirements before you look for your ideal shower. That way, you won’t waste your time or your money on a shower head that doesn’t fit your needs. 

We hope that you feel more prepared to venture out and buy your new dual shower head system. Good luck finding the right one for you! 

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