4 Of The Best Composting Toilets On The Market

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Are you currently in the midst of a project that requires some savvy schemes around the bathroom? Are you after a composting toilet that won’t break the bank but will enhance the bathroom? Well, then you are in luck! We have reviewed 4 toilets and want to share who’s the best composting toilet and what we have found out. Want to know more? Then read on.

There are lots of different uses for composting toilets, and they shouldn’t just be restricted to camping or off-grid setups. In fact, composting toilets have become really popular for people who want to add a new bathroom into space with no pluming. Let’s take a look at precisely what a composting toilet is and what sort of features they have. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following composting toilets:

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What Are Composting Toilets?

Simply put, most composting toilets are toilets that are units where instead of washing the waste away through a plumbed waste pipe, they collect the waste to be disposed of in another way. There are several different types of composting toilets, and the main differences are how the waste is dealt with. For example, a traditional portable toilet (which can easily be converted into a composting toilet) will collect the waste in a compartment at the base of the unit for you to dispose of; however, you (safely) see fit. 

However, a composting toilet will enable you to degrade the waste IN the waste compartment and allow the decomposition process to begin straight away. This is usually done with the help of additives and activators, which speeds up the decomposition and helps keep smells at bay. Once the waste compartment is filled, you can dispose of this waste into a more significant (human waste) composting pile or dispose of it into the sewerage system

Some composting toilets come as a whole unit that looks very similar to a toilet that you would find in your house. Some come as holes dug in the ground, while others are toilet seat attachments for buckets. Because composting toilets vary so much in features and functions, you need to really consider what you want from a composting toilet before you purchase one. 

What Are the Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid & Best Composting Toilet for Tiny House?

For many of you, the reason you might be looking into buying a composting toilet is for your tiny house or off-grid purposes. These composting setups are fantastic for these types of situations, and you’ll be surprised by how technical and similar to “the real thing” these toilets can be. If you thought the best composting toilet for tiny house living was going to be basic, you are very mistaken! These toilets can look identical to a standard toilet, and you hardly ever have to get your hands… dirty. As for the best composting toilet for off grid, if you want to stay away from the “traditional” concepts of toileting, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the different variations you can find. 

Composting Toilet Features

Traditional Design

As we have said, some of these toilets are so realistic that you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are composting toilets. They have a cistern, bowl, and look just like the real thing. The technology within these toilets means that there is no smell and, in some cases, an electric flush too! 

Small and Portable

As well as a heavy-duty traditional design toilet, you can also buy small and portable composting toilets. From a simple seat that attaches to a bucket to a unit that has its own carry case, the options are endless. These more portable options are great for traveling, camping, or even just having in the back of the car. Larger, sturdier toilets can be the ideal solution for situating in workshops, barns, or pool houses. It all depends on your needs. 

Added Water Reservoir

You read right, some of these portable toilets have an added water reservoir to help keep the bowl clean and to remove any waste properly. The added benefit of water is that you can keep the toilet cleaner for longer, which makes it smell less. In more expensive models, you’ll find an electric flush which forces the water around the bowl and therefore cleans more efficiently. Add some antibacterial substances to the water, and you have the cleanest composting toilet around! 

Not all composting toilets have water reservoirs due to the fact that it makes it more challenging to separate solid waste from water waste. This is a drawback for some as it means the bowl doesn’t stay as clean and can, therefore, increase the risk of germs and odors. Bear this in mind when choosing a composting toilet. 

Fixed AND Moveable

Contrary to popular belief, you can buy composting toilets that are moveable, fixed, or both! Some studies units have fixing bolts attached at the rear, which means you can permanently site the toilet in position. This makes them the ideal option for motorhomes, RVs, and tiny houses too. 

Other, smaller units can be sited and moved as you wish so you can take them out and give them a clean when you aren’t using them for an extended period of time. There are pros and cons to having both fixed composting toilets and portable ones. For example, some composting toilets come with fixed electric fans to redirect any smells. These won’t be suitable for portable toilets and, as such, can impact the performance of the composting toilet. 

Composting or Traditional Disposal

Most of the portable toilets on our best composting toilet list can be converted to composting toilets with the help of some additives or composting collection bags. However, if you feel that you would prefer more classic disposal then you can still use this system too. The choice is yours! 

Composting toilets work by separating the solid waste from the liquid waste. This allows you to easily remove the liquid waste and empty that as often as necessary. The solid waste is mixed in with an activator which helps to compost it more quickly. Some composting toilets have a churning mechanism within the waste compartment, which can help to speed up the composting process and result in organic compost sooner. 

The Best Composting Toilets

Villa 9215 AC/DC Portable Toilet

The Villa 9215 AC/DC Portable Toilet is a fantastically advanced toilet for those who want to live off grids without sacrificing on luxury. This toilet not only performs well as a composting toilet, but it also looks the part. This sturdy unit can easily be mistaken for a standard toilet, and with the addition of an electric fan, you don’t need to worry about that “composting toilet smell.” The fan itself uses electricity from either battery or solar power and sucks out any odors from the waste tank and redirects them elsewhere. 

The bowl uses the traditional composting style of separating liquid and solid waste. Both of these waste compartments can be emptied independently. The solid waste compartment can be lined with compostable waste collection bags, and the liquid waste compartment can be plumbed into the grey water disposal. Overall, this toilet is perfect for those who want an off-grid option but don’t want to compromise on the luxury. 

  • Waterless system
  • The electric fan removes odors
  • Separate liquid and solid waste compartments
  • The waterless system may make cleaning more regular
  • Not completely portable

Natures Head Original Composting Toilet

If you want a composting toilet but don’t like the idea of empty it all of the time, then the Natures Head Composting Toilet will be the right one for you. This toilet has a massive waste capacity and allows you to use it up to 80 times before you need to empty it! A waterless system, this toilet again separates the solid from the liquid waste, with the liquid waste compartment being easily accessed from the front of the unit. The solid waste is collected in a compartment within the unit, which is filled with activator and sealed with a tight airproof seal to eliminate the risk of odor. 

This toilet is a bulky unit, but this is because it is designed to mimic the seating position for a standard toilet. The seating height and the full-sized seat means that it will be comfortable for longer visits and particularly designed with adults in mind. The sturdy plastic molding means it can withstand large weights, so it is suitable for everyone. Overall a great toilet for those wanting a truly composting experience. 

  • Separate liquid and solid waste compartments
  • Inner churner for solid waste composting
  • Adult sized and designed for comfort
  • Not the most attractive unit
  • Only available in beige

Natures Head Close Quarters Model Composting Toilet

A newer model than the Natures Head Original, this toilet still has all the amazing functions but with a sleeker design. This toilet still has separate compartments for the liquid and the waste. The waste compartment has a churner to help improve the composting of the solid waste. The handle is accessible from the outside of the unit. The liquid waste compartment can be removed easily from the front of the toilet and a vent fan (which can optionally be plugged into solar power or battery power) to help redirect any odors. 

Another difference between the Natures Head Original and this model is that this model has an elongated seat for extra comfort. This toilet really is a useful addition to any RV, boat, or camper, but this toilet is also useful for areas such as workshops and outbuildings. While this composting toilet may not be the most portable option, it is an excellent unit for installing into areas where there is no plumbing available for a standard toilet. 

  • Separate solid and liquid waste compartments
  • Designed for comfort
  • Large waste compartments
  • Not portable
  • Fixing accessories cost extra

Sun-Mar Excel Composting Toilet

If you are looking for a more basic composting toilet that you can fit into smaller spaces, then the Sun-Mar will be right for you. This toilet is a true composting toilet and helps people stay completely off-grid thanks to the fact that it is a non-electric model and doesn’t use any water. This means that you don’t need to have any electricity or water supply to be able to utilize it. This really is a plug-and-go style toilet. 

The waste compartment of this toilet is really big, which means that you don’t need to worry about emptying it every day. This toilet is the ideal solution to people looking to add a bathroom or toilet into an outbuilding or an area where there is no plumbing or water connection. You have the option to buy an additional fan accessory, which will help to remove odors. This fan will need to be plugged into a 12v battery, or a solar battery, so bear that in mind before buying. 

  • Small and compact
  • Completely independent of water and electric
  • Bio-drum collects and composts waste
  • Not as comfortable as others
  • Basic functions


So, there you have it, our top list of composting toilets. Whether you are after something that is only going to need emptying once in a blue moon or you want something that will turn your waste into organic matter, you’ll find it here in our list. 

We think that all of the composting toilets on our list are great, but which is the best composting toilet? Well, for us, it has to be the Natures Head Original Composting Toilet. The Natures Head Original is an all-round great toilet with it being both large in capacity and large in size. This is by far the most comfortable composting toilet you are likely to find, and with the combination of an optional fan to divert the odors, you can’t really go wrong. Take a look at the toilets available on our list today and see which one will suit your needs. 

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