American Standard Cadet 3 Review & Why Is It So Popular

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Looking for the right toilet for your new bathroom is no easy task. There are so many different options to look at. Do you choose a one-piece toilet that is easy to install? Do you look for a dual flush toilet that will save you water? Or do you try and find a toilet that is going to work with your low water pressure? There are so many different elements to consider that we thought would help you narrow your choice down a bit. 

We are going to review the American Standard Cadet 3, one of the most popular household toilets on the market. We will talk about the different features and how they will work with your requirements. If the American Standard Cadet 3 doesn’t meet your needs, then we have a few other options for you as well. For now, let’s discuss your new bathroom and other concepts you need to consider when fitting a new bathroom. 

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Need A New Bathroom?

If you have just bought a new home or are looking to renovate your house, you will probably need a new bathroom. Replacing a bathroom for a DIY enthusiast is a straightforward job, providing you have done your research. There’s a whole wealth of information available on the internet that can help you to learn how to install a bathroom suite, how to replace a specific piece in your bathroom, and even how to plumb in new faucets. If you feel your DIY skills are up to scratch, you can easily install a new toilet. 

The Basics of a Toilet

One Piece or Two Piece 

Most toilets come in one-piece or two-piece options. A one-piece toilet is where the cistern and the bowl are formed in one unit. This reduces the risk of leakages and means that the unit is easier to install. However, some people prefer a two-piece system. This unit is made up of a separate bowl and cistern that need to be installed independently and attached during installation. This is a slightly trickier challenge, but it does mean that you can use a different bowl to the cistern and have more flexibility when installing. 

Single or Dual Flush

Toilets have traditionally been a single flush system. They use a set amount of water to wash away any waste and provide a set amount of pressure to perform the task. Dual flushes were invented after we realized that conserving water was a high priority, and they work by using either a smaller or more significant amount of water per flush. The idea is that you use a small amount of water for liquid waste and a large amount of water for solid waste. These systems help reduce your water consumption and yet still perform the task effectively. They are also useful for those living in states where there are guidelines on the type of toilet you can install into your home. 

Water-Saving & Power Assisted Flush

As we just mentioned, some States have strict restrictions on the type of toilet you can install into your home. This is because they are committed to conserving water. These toilets need to have a certain level of water-saving capability to ensure that water isn’t wasted through large flushing usage. You will find that most water-saving toilets are Water Sense Certified, but you can also check the “gallon per flush” consumption to see if they are water-saving toilets. 

Power-assisted flush systems usually go hand in hand with low water consumption toilets and are an excellent feature for low-water pressure in their homes. These systems sit within the cistern and help to increase the pressure that the water powers through the bowl and removes the waste. There are different strengths of a power-assisted flush, so it’s worth checking each toilet’s features to see how strong the power-assisted flush is before you purchase. 

The American Standard Cadet 3 Review

The American Standard Cadet 3 is one of the most popular toilets fitted into US bathrooms due to its versatility and features. American Standard have been making toilets for many years and has a wide range of models that cover a standard design (such as the Cadet 3), period designs and more modern designs. They are available in several white tones, which lends itself nicely to any type of bathroom color scheme. 

While the American Standard Cadet 3 is a single flush, it is still very much classed as a water-saving toilet thanks to the small cistern capacity. At only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, this toilet is Water Sense Certified and is guaranteed to lower your water bills compared to an older model toilet. With American Standard being such a well-known name in the world of bathrooms, the Cadet 3 model really does NOT let the side down. 

Key Features

Ever Clean Glazed Bowl

American Standard have worked hard over the years to perfect the design of their toilets, and this is where the conception of the Ever Clean Glaze came from. The Ever Clean Glaze is a specially formulated glaze which American Standard use to line their toilet bowls and waste traps. This formula has antimicrobial and non-stick properties, making it perfect for keeping your toilet super clean. 

Right Height Seating Position

Unlike some toilets, the American Standard toilet seating height is 16 ½ inches, making it slightly higher than the others. They have chosen to position their toilets like this because they have researched and studied the comfort levels of adults carefully when they use the toilet for longer than a few minutes. Their research shows that 16 ½ inches is a much more comfortable position than other, lower, seating positions. 

Water-Saving Flush with power Wash Technology

As previously said, the flush capacity for this toilet is a low of 1.28 gallons of water per flush. However, just because it uses little water doesn’t mean that it isn’t powerful. The specially designed Power Wash flush uses cyclone-effect technology to swirl the water around the bowl, clean, and increase pressure as it goes. This culminates in a powerful flush that can easily remove any waste through the trap and into the sewers. 

What Others Have to Say

We believe that in order to fully appreciate the quality of a product, the best people to ask are the people who have used it. So, we have gathered some personal reviews from customers who have purchased and installed the American Standard Cadet 3 into their homes. 

One recent customer said: “We bought two to replace the horrible all-in-one system toilets we had. So now, after a year, the toilet(s) still work great! We’ve also saved about $30 a month on our water bill, which means these toilets will have paid for themselves in a few years. Excellent toilet! We recommend highly.”

Another customer who has had their American Standard Cadet 3 toilet installed for some time says, “I’ve had this toilet in our powder room for about a year and love it. I’m buying another for the other bathroom. I love that it is one piece which makes it easier to clean. It’s sleek and compact. I bought it because it’s low flow and I’ve never had any issues with flushing. It takes everything right down and quickly. There isn’t the round and round of the water with other toilets. Whoosh, it’s almost like the air is quickly sucking the contents down. Anyway, I highly recommend it.”

Other Great Options

If you still aren’t sure that the American Standard Cadet 3 is right for your needs, then why not check these other great options out? 

American Standard FloWise Toilet

Similar to the American Standard Cadet 3, the FloWise version has a slightly different flushing mechanism. Still great for all-round use but with a bit more pressure in the flush.

American Standard Power Assisted Toilet

This power-assisted toilet still has all of the great features of an American Standard Cadet with one difference. This one has a larger flush capacity at 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It also has a power-assisted flush, which helps remove waste more effectively. Take note; this toilet is not available in some States.

American Standard Two Piece Toilet

The American Standard Two-Piece toilet is a unit that comes in two pieces, the bowl, and the cistern. This system allows you to fit it into smaller spaces, but it is slightly trickier to install (although easy enough for a competent DIYer). Two-piece systems are a good investment for the future because should any part fail, which is unlikely with an American Standard, you don’t have to buy a whole new toilet, only replace the broken part. 


All in all, we think that the American Standard Cadet 3 is an excellent option for those that want to replace an older model for a newer one. The design is classic and will give new life to any bathroom. If you are looking for a more cutting edge designed toilet, then American Standard has a wide range of options. You can view all of their toilet range here: American Standard Toilet Range. Update your bathroom today with a new toilet and appreciate the investment for years to come! 

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